Book: Bought and Sold

Tessa Valmur

Bought and Sold

Chapter One

Zoe peered out of the tiny window, as the plane banked then began its descent. The city and its airport that she glimpsed below seemed surrounded by sea. On one side a sea of crystal blue water and on the other three sides by a sea of sand dunes that stretched away seemingly to infinity. One road, a thin thread of sand blown tarmac, stretched along the coast and into the distance. Her tourist leaflet told her that the Middle-East State of El-Saram was a small, oil-rich monarchy that had a warm, friendly culture that welcomed tourists. It offered miles of unspoilt sandy beaches, five star hotels, beautiful weather and an unspoilt hinterland that called out to be explored.

As the jet touched down, then rumbled along the tarmac towards the airport terminal, Zoe glanced out of the window again. Sunlight glared from the giant steel cylinders of an oil refinery that stood alongside the airport and the horizon shimmered in the fierce heat.

The airport terminal was not air-conditioned and by the time Zoe reached the customs desk her white cotton blouse clung damply to her, accentuating her generous breasts. She flicked her long, dark hair impatiently clear of her face as she waited her turn in the small queue. She rehearsed her story again in her mind: she was a free-lance journalist, writing a piece on the country's pearl divers. She glanced again at her passport. Zara Chambers, twenty-four years old, born West Sussex, journalist. The photo was her but the rest was a lie. She was Zoe Farquerson, twenty-six and her employer was the British Secret Service. Relax, she told herself as she moved another place closer to the customs desk, she'd done this plenty of times before.

When she showed her passport to the customs official she was asked to stand to one side and was soon forced to watch the backs of the last passengers passing through the doors that led into the arrivals lounge whilst she was kept waiting by the customs desk. She glanced at the security personnel who stood behind the plain table and in front of a large mirror that faced the customs desk.

'Your bag please Miss Chambers.'

'What? Oh yes, I suppose... of course.'

Alone now with the two uniformed customs officials the arrivals lounge on the other side of the barrier seemed suddenly a long way off. The concrete corridor stood empty and silent. Why me, thought Zoe, lifting her bag onto the inspection table. Was it possible they knew who she really was? She glanced past the security guard at the large mirror that she guessed to be a mirrored window. Was someone watching her? Her training and intuition began to tell her that something was already seriously amiss with her mission.

Behind the mirror window two men watched her silently. Ahmed Mosafa was a senior officer in the El-Saram internal security service. Rodney Stonefield, now the personal private secretary of the King of El-Saram, had until a year ago been a senior British government civil servant. Caught out selling secrets abroad he had been disgraced and once granted bail he'd fled rather than face trial.

'So she is one of your spies?' Ahmed Mosafa raised an eyebrow as he regarded the staggeringly beautiful young girl who stood impatiently before the customs counter as her bag was searched.

'Five years in the business, dear chap. Three as a desk girl at Head Quarters and the last two years as a field operative,' answered Stonefield.

'As agreed then we shall pay you your fee for this valuable piece of information directly into your Swiss Bank account. There will then just remain your wish to1/4'the Arab left his sentence hanging unfinished. The Englishman smiled maliciously as he watched the girl through the concealed mirror.

'To watch her suffer at your hands. That will be the most satisfying part of our gentleman's agreement.'

'This girl has angered you in some way? You wish to even a score with her, yes?'

'Absolutely. You see my dear Ahmed, she was one of the team the secret service used to spy on me once they suspected what I was up to.'

'I see.'

'Of course she'll tell you lots of useful things, though she may take some persuading. I dare say she knows the other agents that Britain has in your country and our links with your pathetic little pro-democracy movement and its plans to unseat his Excellency. It will be amusing to watch you coaxing the information from her. We must just make sure though that she never recognises me. Or if she does, that she never returns to Britain.'

'Once her interrogation is complete I shall have her moved to my little country retreat. You must come and visit me and we can take our time with her there.'

'Major Mosafa, you are too kind.'

* * *

Zoe glanced around her. Her heart was hammering and in her mind she was urgently running over what might happen next and how she could best deal with it. On the pretext of wanting to carry out a routine body search for drugs she had been led into a small, windowless room by two female security guards. In one corner there was a tiled shower but with no screen or curtain around it. There was a rough wooden table and chair, an old metal filing cabinet and an old tea chest up-ended to make a crude table which was scattered with little metal cups, a battered silver coffee pot and an earthenware bowl full of fruit. There was a large mirror on one wall which Zoe guessed again to be a concealed window and more disconcerting still was a broad, stout bench with leather straps fastened to each of its four corners. At the sight of the bench those alarm bells in Zoe's mind that hadn't yet gone off were now ringing out loudly. She was in deep trouble!

'Take your clothes off please,' ordered one of the women.

Zoe knew she couldn't really object; a strip search for drugs was almost routine in many countries. Reluctantly she began to unbutton her jeans.

'Can you tell me how long... only...'

'Search now, no problems then you go.'

The reply was peremptory but a little reassuring. Perhaps she was just worrying unnecessarily. She quickly pulled off her boots then removed her jeans. The sooner she could get out of here the better, she thought, handing her jeans to one of the woman who checked the pockets before tossing them onto a chair. Anyway, even if she was held for any length of time her contact would be trying to find out what had happened to her and the Embassy would swiftly become involved. Relax, she told herself, unbuttoning her blouse

'And your bra, take it off,' ordered the woman.

Zoe had just handed her blouse to the woman.

'But why? This is ridiculous!' she protested.

'We have to search you for drugs. We have to make a proper search... now remove the rest of your clothing.'

'Please can I...'

'Do it!'

The woman who was speaking stepped closer, one hand on the handle of her long truncheon. Zoe glanced from one of the uniformed women to the other. Both were in their late twenties or thirties. One was tall and powerfully built, the other slim and petite, though her short sleeved shirt showed well-muscled arms. Zoe herself was a petite 5'4". Her mother was Spanish and Zoe had inherited her olive skinned complexion and her slim build as well as her large, dark eyes and dark hair. Having been trained in unarmed combat she felt confident that she could look after herself in a tight situation. There was no point though in annoying these women. Get the search over and done with, she told herself, then get the hell out of here!

Having removed her bra and then her pants she glanced nervously at the women as they appraised her. Being naked made her feel acutely vulnerable and she anxiously eyed the women's long truncheons slung from their belts. She looked worriedly around the room, glimpsing her reflection in the large mirror. Her long, sable hair tumbled over her smooth shoulders, the ends falling far enough to partly cover her breasts, which were high and generous. Her taut stomach showed her fast, nervous breathing. She felt her cheeks crimson as the younger guard who'd taken her bra and pants, looked admiringly at the expensive silk and lace.

Both of the women facing her wore stout black leather boots with dark blue trousers tucked into puttees. They had on crisply starched, dark green, short sleeve shirts. Their dark hair was cut short and both wore dark green peaked caps with badges proclaiming the National Guard.

'Now, lie face down on that couch.'

'Why?' Zoe objected.

'Lie face down on the couch,' the woman ordered.

'I want to speak with a representative of the British Embassy,' Zoe demanded, glancing anxiously at the door and quickly assessing her chances of escape. The two young women made no answer but closed upon her, glancing as they did so at the large wall mirror, that Zoe was now certain must be a another mirror window.

'Lie down on the bench so that we can conclude our search of you, then you will be allowed to go.'

Like hell I will, thought Zoe, certain now that this was no routine search. Somehow they must know who she was? How on earth had that happened? Her thoughts were turning to what to do next when the door opened and a man in similar uniform to the women entered the room, quickly shutting and locking the door behind him. Distracted by the man, before she had time to respond, the two women seized her wrists, jerking her arms in opposite directions.

Immediately Zoe's training took over. She swiftly jerked her right arm free from the younger girl and aimed a karate blow against the other woman. The young girl though grabbed her arm again, spoiling her blow. A sharp punch to her stomach momentarily winded her and a hand chopping down on the back of her neck stunned her and she crumpled to her knees.

Before she could recover her senses properly the man briskly stepped forwards and pressed a thick pad of cotton wool firmly against her face. His hand clasped her hair at her nape and held her head forward into the cotton wool and an overpowering chemical smell assailed her. The two female guards pinned her arms and held her down, for a few seconds she struggled ineffectually, then her body went slack as she was forced to breathe in the chloroform.

When she regained consciousness she found herself lying on her back on the bench. There was the cool feel of leather tight around her wrists and ankles. Her arms were stretched out above her head and her legs were widely spread. Trying to move she realised, with dismay, that her arms and legs were held in place by taut straps clipped to the leather cuffs around her ankles and wrists.

'Are the British not looking for her yet, Major?'

'There was no-one waiting to meet her in the airport and she had a room booked at a hotel. The official story is that she was last seen leaving the airport by taxi. The British can hardly accuse us of lying can they? They're far too polite for that.'

Zoe felt her heart sink as she listened to the voices. Another man was in the room talking with the first.

'She's awake, look.'

'So Miss Farquerson, you are with us again. I trust you enjoyed your little sleep?'

'My name is Zara Chambers... I don't know who you think I am, but I'm just...'

'Please, spare us your fanciful story,' the man she'd not seen before laughed mildly. He was an Arab, short and rotund and wearing a western suit.

'Really, you have to believe me, I'm a journalist, my name's Chambers, haven't you seen my passport?' Zoe lifted her head from the bench so that she could get a clearer view of the man.

'We know the bitch is lying,' growled the other man, who wore the uniform of a Captain in the National Guard, 'let's see how long she takes to change her story.'

'Please... listen, you've got to believe me, my name is Zara Chambers.'

'I think it's time we help you remember your true name,' said the Arab in the western suit, 'tell your women to start on her.'

'Certainly Major. It will be a pleasure,' said the Guards Captain, 'the bitch will soon be begging to tell us everything she knows.'

As if in a nightmare from which she couldn't wake Zoe listened to the sound of the women's boots cross the stone floor.

'Please... I don't know anything...'

'Why are you looking so anxious, little English girl?' the small Arab asked.

The older of the two female guards reached out and stroked Zoe's hair clear of her face.

'You have to believe me... my name's Chambers...'

'There is still time for you to be spared suffering.'

As the man spoke, the woman stroked her hand down Zoe's chest, circling her breasts with her fingers. Zoe's breathing was coming in short urgent gasps as she glanced anxiously about her.

'Get your hands off me! You can't do this! You won't get away with this. I'm a British citizen, if you...'

'Spare us please your protestations,' the Arab in the suit smiled down at her with scarcely contained amusement, 'Firstly, let us say that you have been stopped as a suspect for drugs trafficking. Now, we are going to conduct a body search. Hardly something your government can object to, especially when carried out by two women. I assure you that the Captain and myself would not dream of touching your body. So Miss Chambers that is all that is happening. Of course, if you wish to admit to us that Chambers is not your name and that you are a British spy, then I should look favourably upon such a voluntary admission.'

'My name's Chambers and I haven't done anything wrong!'

'So you say, but I am afraid we are still obliged and entitled to search you. Do you know where some people hide drugs? I am afraid that in case you have swallowed some we will have to give you, umm, what is the English word... it escapes me for the moment. Let me put it this way, we will put a mixture into your bowels to make them empty.'

'No, you can't do this...' Zoe blurted.

'I am so sorry for you, I have been told that it can be a little uncomfortable,' the man smiled with blatant insincerity.

'Please... let me go...' Zoe looked around frantically from one face to another. The short balding Arab in the creased suit looked down at her, his sham smile of apology turning to a malicious grin.

'Of course, occasionally the mixture that is fed into the bowels through the anus is not correctly measured. It has to be hot to encourage the body to expel what it is holding. Sometimes, the girls mixing the spices for the paste we use put too much of something in and the effects can be quite distressing. Really quite distressing...'

'You bastard! If you torture me, then...'

'Good heavens! Who suggested such a thing? No, no, my dear girl. This is a civilised country which welcomes English tourists. All I said was we will have to search your body for drugs.'

'Damn you, I know what you're telling me!' Zoe jerked her arms against the leather wristcuffs and pulled angrily with her legs against the restraints.

'Dear girl, whatever we do to you, your body won't show any marks. And of course it would be your word against ours. Now, spare yourself what is about to happen, admit to us you are a British spy. I am Major Mosafa of the El-Saram Internal Security Service. I know who you are. Enough of this game, the time has come for you to co-operate.'

'No...' Zoe shook her head in denial.

The Guards Captain nodded to the two female guards.

'Go ahead, it's time to persuade the bitch to talk.'

There was an agonising pause, then fingers felt between her buttocks, making Zoe try to jerk away but the leather, closely fastened around her ankles, restrained her.

'What are you doing? Please... don't... I don't know anything1/4believe me, please... no...' Zoe craned her head back as she felt hands drawing apart the globes of her buttocks. The older woman saw her watching her work and she smiled with satisfaction.

'Come now, lie still... there's nothing you can do to stop us,' said the Major.

The younger female guard meshed her fingers into Zoe's long hair and pushed her head firmly back down.

'Uhh... no... please...'

Fingers were smearing something greasy against her anus. Instinctively Zoe tried pulling her legs together but the leather straps around her ankles kept them spread. She gave a whimper of protest as one fingertip began working the greasy substance into her rectum. Squirming and pulling against the leather cuffs that kept her arms held above her head, she gave an anguished groan as her sphincter muscle was coaxed with grease to admit the passage first of one finger then of several fingers together.

'Are you sure you don't want to co-operate?' the Major asked.

The fingers meshed in her hair dragged Zoe's head up, forcing her to see two short lengths of hose now held by the other woman.

'Go to hell!' hissed Zoe through clenched teeth.

The Major gave a nod for the women to continue. Zoe grunted as her head was pulled back down.

'Do you know what's going to happen to you English girl?' asked the older woman, 'This tube will be put deep inside you; then I shall force a paste through the tube into your delicate young body. It will give you much discomfort at first; then after a short time you'll be begging me to stop the torture. The heat inside you will get worse until you can't stand it and then you will answer our questions to save yourself.'

'She is right,' said Mosafa. 'Spare yourself this, co-operate with us now.'

'Like I just said,' Zoe hissed. 'Go to hell!'

'You will not be feeling so brave in a few moments' time,' the woman laughed softly.

Zoe screwed her eyes shut, whimpering as fingertips were exchanged for the cold hard plastic of the tube. She lay, her cheeks burning with shame, unable to believe what was happening to her as the tube was slowly forced up inside her.

'Listen to me, admit who you are and I can still stop this happening to you,' Mosafa offered.

'My name's Chambers...' Zoe gasped, twisting her head against the fingers that meshed into her hair and held her still.

'We're going to put a mixture through the tube, a paste that is mixed with hot spices it will make your bowels urgently want to empty... it is not a pleasurable sensation. After a few minutes you will feel as if you are burning up... you will be howling with discomfort. You only need to admit to me who you are...'

'Go to hell...'

Mosafa gave a reproving tut-tut then nodded to the woman to continue. For a few moments Zoe felt nothing as the woman fed the mixture into the tube, then satisfied that there was plenty of the mixture in the tube, she inserted a slightly smaller tube with a sealed end into the first and began pushing it after the mixture. She exchanged a knowing glance with her Captain who smiled with satisfaction.

The mixture was potently hot and as it emptied into her bowels Zoe threw back her head, crying out for them to stop. The woman drew out both tubes.

'Uhh... no... can't... bear... it...'

The woman, ignoring her pleading, took a rubber butt plug and smiling sadistically, pushed it firmly into Zoe's anus, ramming it home until the flared base was pressed firmly against her struggling body.

'Please, stop...' Zoe gasped. She could feel the sweat already pouring off her tethered body and the burning sensation inside her was already unbearable.

Pulling on black leather gloves the older woman moved to the head of the bench alongside the younger woman. Zoe looked up imploringly at the two women, shaking her head and sighing as the terrible sensation in her body got worse and worse. The older woman smiled down apologetically and stroked Zoe's perspiration soaked face.

'Hurts... please make it stop!' she begged, unable stand anymore, 'Please! No more!' she howled, begging then screaming for them to stop. The fingers meshed in her tousled hair tightened their grip, holding her head still and the older woman placed a gloved hand over her mouth and held it there silencing her. The burning sensation inside her wasn't getting any worse now and Zoe wondered what else they would do to her to try to make her talk. As she writhed and twisted against the restraints that held her down on the bench she stared up at her interrogators.

The two women were plainly enjoying watching her distress and the younger of the two was looking lasciviously at her naked body as she struggled helplessly, her skin now shiny with perspiration. She gazed at the two men, her stomach churning and her heart hammering as she thought about what they might do to her next to make her talk. She could save herself if she agreed to co-operate1/4but then if she refused what might she be made to experience1/4

'Would you like to tell us who you really are now?' asked the Captain as the woman abruptly removed her hand from Zoe's mouth.

She looked anxiously about her. There was no way she could hold out against them if things turned really nasty, but if they were afraid to actually harm her because of the possible political repercussions, then what was the worst thing that they could do to her? She had seen plenty of men being forcibly interrogated become sexually aroused and now she could understand why. There was a heady thrill at the thought of what these people might do to her next that made her reluctant to cave in just yet to their demands.

'Will you talk?'

'No.' Zoe shook her head in denial, reassuring herself that the moment they started to torture her in earnest she'd capitulate and answer their questions. Meantime, she'd see if their interrogation methods were anywhere as imaginative or effective as those the SES had taught her to use.

'She's very stubborn. She deserves to suffer. Gag her,' Mosafa ordered.

The words sounded alarm bells in Zoe's head and she was about to speak when the young female guard clapped her leather gloved hand down over her mouth. Zoe shook her head to pull free but the hand came down tighter.

'Looks like she's got something to say already.'

'No matter. Gag her then we'll soften her up. She shouldn't have been so stubborn in the first place.'

Zoe struggled frantically as the two women prepared to fit the gag. She tried twisting her wrists and thrashing her legs but the leather belts were snugly fastened around her ankles and wrists. One of the women held her thrashing head still, then the other taunted her with the gag, dangling its leather straps so they brushed over the her cheeks. All the time Zoe tried to tell them she'd co-operate but the gloved hand remained firmly across her mouth.

'Once you are wearing this, no-one will hear you, no matter what we do to you.'

Zoe stared in dismay at the ball gag and she tried ineffectually to shake her head free as one gloved hand prised open her jaws. The leather covered rubber ball was forced into her mouth before she could explain that she was ready to answer their questions. Tears rolling down her cheeks, Zoe shook her head as the leather strap, to which the ball was stitched, was buckled at her nape.

'Take her to the shower and clean her. Remove the plug from her arse and give her a water enema. Chloroform her first. I think it's time we give her some more persuasive treatment.'

Zoe watched, wide eyed with alarm, as one of the female guards prepared a cotton wool pad with chloroform then stood over her where she lay strapped down and helpless.

'Sweet dreams English girl...'

She grunted through the ball gag as the cotton wool was placed over her nostrils. Immediately her head swam and giddiness overtook her. Her eyelids closed, she felt herself sliding into darkness and the last thing that she was aware of, were voices matter-of-factly discussing her fate.

'Blindfold her while she is unconscious and not a word about the Englishman, understood?'

* * *

Zoe came to as she was being lifted from the shower and dragged across the floor. Her naked body was soaking wet, the butt plug had been removed from her and she felt strangely empty inside. With a jolt of shame she realised that they had given her an enema and she had voided herself in the shower. She groaned in protest but the ball gag made her cry all but inaudible. Her vision was completely obscured by a large blindfold of silk covered leather that was drawn tightly across her cheeks.

She felt too weak to offer any resistance as, once again, broad leather cuffs were fastened around her wrists. Blindfolded she was unaware of the leather straps being attached to each wristcuff then fed through the hooks secured to the ceiling until the straps were pulled taut and her arms were drawn up above her head. The sensation of being blindfolded and treated like this had her heart hammering but as well as that she found now that she was acutely aware of how vulnerable she was sexually. These people could do anything to me, Zoe thought, twisting her body against the pressure that kept her arms above her head and feeling the humid air against her naked skin.

The straps were then pulled down and fastened back to her wrists and by means of belt holes the straps were adjusted until they were taut and Zoe's arms were held at full stretch.

She hung, her arms drawn in opposite directions above her head, gasping what breath she could through her nose. The ball gag completely stopped her breathing through her mouth and combined with the blindfold she felt more exposed that she'd ever felt in her life. She had no way of knowing what would happen next to her and now she'd got the idea in her head that these men and women could do anything to her, she felt herself strangely aroused by the prospect.

She was just getting used to the discomfort of having her arms outstretched when hands grasped her ankles and jerked her legs apart. Leather cuffs were wrapped around each of her ankles and buckled securely. She could sense that it was women doing this to her. She imagined them, kneeling before her, binding her ankles, the men standing watching. She grunted in mild discomfort as her ankles were drawn apart and she heard the sounds of metal clips catching fast. Her guess that they'd fastened her ankles to something was confirmed when she tried ineffectually to draw her legs back together. The effect of having her legs forcibly held spread was to increase the pressure on her outstretched arms above her head and she groaned through the gag in dismay as she realised that she could get no relief from the pain her stretched limbs were suffering.

A hand touched between her legs from behind, fleetingly touching her vulva and making her squirm. To her shame she realised that her pussy was already slick with juice and that her body was responding sexually to the physical treatment she was being subjected to. Blindfolded, her awareness was focused on the sensation of touch and she was acutely aware of the leather restraints that were tight around her wrists and ankles. She could imagine how she must look, naked and struggling. The way her arms and legs were stretched would emphasise how slender and vulnerable her body was. When the hand stroked her again she tried jerking herself away but it was hopeless. She began imagining what they might do to her next, groaning through the gag in fevered anticipation as an arm circled her slim waist holding her still whilst the hand resumed stroking her. She was unable to contain a sigh of pleasure which even through the gag she was sure would have been heard.

'Are you ready yet to co-operate with us?' the Major's voice came out of the darkness, making Zoe shamefully realise that they had guessed how she was feeling. Zoe shook her head, part of her not thinking now about holding back secrets from them but aware that if she continued to refuse to co-operate, they would continue... she was already too aroused to be able to be able to resist...

There was a moment's silence, then the man's voice. What he said made her heart sink.

'Bind her breasts with cord.'

Soon Zoe was twisting and writhing as one of the female guards restrained her and she felt the other slip a noose of fine cord around her right breast. Zoe pleaded for them to stop but the only sound to emerge from the ball gag was as muffled sigh. A soft girl's hand held her breast, drawing it away from her chest while a noose of fine cord was slipped snugly over it and drawn tight.

'The cords are silk so they won't burn or mark your delicate skin. There will be no evidence of this.'

Zoe felt the cord tightening, tears pricking her eyes, she twisted her body frantically in an attempt to escape. She felt the cord biting tightly around her breast and she hung her head back, crying through the gag. Her protest though was all but inaudible and the cord was bound repeatedly around the soft orb.

When the two women had finished, Zoe could only imagine how her firm and shapely 34C breast must now look. She could feel the soft flesh, trapped and swollen as it hung gathered and bound. The sensation was too much... how tight had they bound the cord? Her fevered imagination pictured her generous breast now as a cone of swollen purple, bulging out from the mercilessly tightly bound cord. But, how could she tell, she was blindfolded. All she could do was to experience the sensation and to her shame that brought with it an arousal in her body, an ache between her legs, which the more she thought about, the more she felt. They had her trapped by more than ropes around her limbs, she realised with dismay: the more she imagined her torturers watching her body, seeing how aroused she was becoming the more aroused she felt.

Zoe shook her head frantically as the two women now set to work on her other breast. By the time they had finished she was choking back the tears and this time when the man asked her if she was ready to co-operate she nearly nodded her agreement. She thought of all she had been taught and all the expectations that had been placed upon her. She couldn't tell them. She had to hold out until they grew tired of questioning her. Wondering what they might do to her next, she again shook her head. The man laughed softly and she felt him touch one of her trapped breasts, squeezing it until she shook herself free.

'Clamp her nipples. The bitch just needs a little more persuading.'

Zoe shook her head in objection as she felt a clasp being slid over her right nipple then tightened until it trapped her tender nub. A few more turns on the screw and Zoe was writhing in pain as she felt the trapped flesh throb and burn. A moment later her other nipple had been dealt with in a similar fashion. Zoe hung, groaning through the gag in agony. She shook her blindfolded head in despair. Suspended from her outstretched arms, her shoulders now ached desperately. She could feel her feet just dragging on the stone floor. A thumb brushed over one of her trapped nipples making her gasp. She bit harder on the ball that gagged her mouth, squirming frantically as the thumb flicked across her nipple repeatedly until the delicate flesh was aroused so much her tiny erection pressed painfully into the metal that clamped it.

'So, would you like to answer our questions now?'

Zoe shook her head in denial, but the tears were pouring down her cheeks and she knew that she was on the brink of surrender.

'So delicate... just imagine what it would feel like if a weight was now hung from your poor little tit? Could you stand that English girl?'

Her heart hammering, her cheeks flushed, she fantasised how it might feel and her nipples ached in sympathy with her fevered imagination. The man asked her again if she was ready to co-operate and again she shook her head in refusal.

'Weight her nipples,' the man ordered.

There was an agonising moment's wait then she felt one of the women clasp hold of her breast. Zoe shook her head in protest, whimpering through the gag. When the woman removed her hand from her bound breast Zoe felt the clamp pull sharply at her nipple as it was dragged down by the unseen weight.

'Uhhh... UUHH!'

Her cry of protest was audible, despite the ball gag.

'And her other.'


'Look how she struggles now.'

'She is desperate to escape,' commented Mosafa, 'How long will you leave her like this?'

'Until she talks.'

'Often they faint,' observed the older woman, 'but we bring them round again.'

'If it looks like she is resisting the pain there is a simple way to enhance her suffering.'

'Which is?' asked Mosafa.

'Bring the whip and show Major Mosafa,' ordered the Captain.

'I hope you enjoy this, English girl,' the woman whispered, teasing Zoe's slender back with the cool, long coil of the leather whip.

'The whip will jolt her body and then the weights will swing and give her maximum discomfort,' the Captain commented.

Zoe shook her head vigorously, groaning through the gag, to try to make them realise that she would talk now. If only they'd give her the chance!

'I think the bitch wants to talk,' laughed the Captain.

'Are you ready to co-operate then?' asked Mosafa.

Zoe nodded her head in agreement; she couldn't take any more of their punishment. She'd tried to hold out, but she couldn't bear the thought of worse than she was already going through.

'Excellent,' said Mosafa.

'Shall we ungag her?' asked the Captain.


A moment later and the ball gag had been removed and Zoe was gulping air again through her mouth and flexing her aching jaws.

'Tell me who you are?' demanded Mosafa.

'I'm Zoe Farquerson... now please, let me go...' Zoe begged, breathlessly.

'Very good. Remove the weights and clips from her nipples as a reward for her honesty. Now tell me, who do you really work for?'

'The British Government,' Zoe admitted shamefully.

'And how would describe your work?'

'I gather information from overseas.'

'Excellent. Remove the cords from her breasts. She is becoming most co-operative and must be rewarded. So, you spy. This is what you are saying?'

'Yes, if you have to call it that,' sighed Zoe.

'So what are you doing in our country?'

'Collecting information about your dissident pre-democracy movement.'

'And I imagine you already know quite a bit about them? Names? Addresses? Plans?'


'You lie.'

'No. I'm here to find all that out. As yet, I know practically nothing,' objected Zoe.

'She has plenty more she can tell us. This is just a start. I will want more time with her. I shall return this evening and have her moved,' announced Mosafa.

'What do you want done with her in the meantime?' asked the Captain.

'Keep her here until tonight when I return. You may in the meantime enjoy her as a reward for your good work. Encourage her to talk if you can. Make a note of anything she says. If she co-operates, reward her with leniency.'

'Understood, Major. I shall see if I can loosen her tongue a little more.'

'Enjoy your work, Captain.'

Zoe listened to the sounds of receding footsteps and the door closing. It had sounded as if two people had left the room. Mosafa and who else? She supposed one of the female guards must have left as well, except that they were wearing heavy boots and the neither of those footsteps that had left sounded like that, both were too quiet.

'Please let me down... my arms hurt so much...' Zoe begged.

The Guard Captain gave a short, contemptuous laugh.

'Gag her,' he ordered. 'Gag her, then whip her. I want to watch her being whipped until she's half-senseless.'

'You can't whip me... if you mark my body, I'll be able...'

The man cut her short with a harsh laugh.

'You don't understand do you? Now that you've admitted you're a spy, you've sealed your fate! The Major will be taking you this evening to a place where no one will find you! So, it's time for you to taste the whip!'

'No! You can't! Please!'

'Perhaps you'd care to give me answers to some of the Major's questions then?'

'All right,' sighed Zoe, 'I'll tell you what I know, but I'm afraid it's not that much.'

Zoe proceeded to divulge some of the secrets that she'd been told, but those she considered least important. She hoped that if she fed them some facts they might be content and she might be spared more torture. At least for a while.

'Is that all you know?' demanded the Captain.

'Yes, honestly.' Zoe replied, praying that he might now at least let her down from where she hung. Her arms were aching so much!

'Good. Very good.' The captain nodded with satisfaction then spoke to one of the female guards. 'Now gag her.'

'But I've told you all I can,' protested Zoe.

'So there's no need now to leave you ungagged!'

'This isn't fair!' Zoe shook her head as hands caught hold of her face and stilled her. Fingers dug into her cheeks encouraging her jaws to open.

'No, let me go! Let... me... guhh...'

Zoe tried twisting her head as the leather ball was forced back into her mouth. It was hopeless though and a second later the gag was in place and she could feel the leather strap tightening at her nape.


'Cry all you want... struggle all you can... you can't escape what's coming to you now.'

Zoe closed her eyes, bracing herself for her first taste of the whip. Both the women had applied the gag to her, which meant that someone else must have left with the Major. So that's why they've blindfolded me, Zoe thought. Someone has been watching who I'd recognise. That could surely only be one person... Sir Rodney Stonefield!

She heard the woman take up her position behind her, heard the whip whistle once or twice through the air, then with a crack she felt searing white-hot pain against her legs. The whip hit her as it was almost fully extended and cutting through the air at its fastest. It lashed high across her thighs just below the swell of her rump making her jerk under the impact.

There was an agonising pause giving Zoe time to take in the sensation from the whip and time for her fear of the next stroke to gather itself. The impact from the second blow forced Zoe forward against her restraints. She grunted through the gag, her arms dragging down desperately against the leather that was tight around her wrists. Blindfolded, she had no way of knowing when the next blow would come, all she could do was hang by her arms, waiting nervously. She could feel the sweat trickling down from her armpits and throat around her breasts and down her sides. She was panting hard, the gag was forcing her to breathe just through her nose and her struggling had left her exhausted.

The woman brought the whip down again, this time harder still, making Zoe tug with her arms frantically. She tried closing her legs to protect herself but she couldn't. She could guess that the leather cuffs around her ankles had been clipped to either end of a leg spreader. Her own organisation used such devices. Two or three foot long metal poles with clasps at each end. She had helped strap a man's ankles to such a bar once. A spy they had been ordered to interrogate. She remembered how they'd drugged him then bound him for interrogation. The satisfaction she'd drawn from tightening the leather around his ankles then clipping each to either end of the steel pole so his legs were held wide for them. Naked and helpless he'd looked up imploringly at her and the other girl she was working with. After ten minutes he was begging them to stop, but for their own pleasure they had continued1/4 and now she was suffering just like he had. Zoe sighed through the gag then she was jolted from her memory by another stinging blow from the whip.

She implored the woman to stop but the rubber ball filling her mouth stopped any communication. Another blow sent a jolt like an electric shock through her. She heard the woman walk up behind her. Trembling uncontrollably, weakly, Zoe turned her head in the direction of the ominous boot-steps.

Zoe had always prided herself on her appearance and how in control of every situation she was. She felt confident she could charm or manipulate most people she came into contact with. Men especially were easy to control. But now she was helpless. She could imagine how she must look, panting through flared nostrils like some wild creature at bay. Her long hair tousled about her face, her naked body slick with sweat. She pleaded through the gag for the woman to stop but her begging sounded like nothing more than faint groaning. The woman laughed softly, then Zoe felt her delicately wipe the tears from her face, first one cheek and then the other.

Through the haze of pain Zoe listened to the woman's boots as she resumed her position some yards behind her. Zoe pulled down with her outstretched arms, the leather cuffs digging into the skin of her wrists, the dull pain needling through her shoulders as she pulled backwards against her bonds.

The woman aimed the next stroke lower than the previous, striking lightly but flicking her wrist in a way that made the very tip of the whip strike between Zoe's legs. Zoe grunted in pain as the whip tip cut against where her flesh was most tender and vulnerable. She pulled her arms against the restraints but all she could achieve was to twist her wrists within the leather cuffs. Another stroke struck across her back, the tip snaking around her ribs to lick, cruelly sharp at her breast.

Zoe felt herself fainting, resting her head on one shoulder she gave herself up to the escape, her arms hanging loosely from where her wrists were held. She couldn't take anymore; this was her body's way of freeing itself she thought to herself dazedly. Then suddenly she was mercilessly jolted back into awareness of what she was being made to suffer. The smell from the little bottle that had been waved under her nose was fiercer than smelling salts. A moment later and she was struck again with the whip. Again she fainted and once again the little bottle was held under her nostrils and she was jolted cruelly into awareness again.

Zoe lifted her head weakly, they'd stopped whipping her but now the man was passing his hand down her ribs then caressing one of her buttocks. She flinched as his finger traced the red lines that had been cut across her tender rump. His hands reaching between her buttocks, his fingertips drew apart the globes of lacerated flesh. When he touched her sex she could feel her own slickness as his fingers stroked her. She sighed through the gag as the touch intensified the ache her body felt there and through the haze of pain she realised that she was actually aching for sexual satisfaction.

'Looking forward to this, bitch?'

Zoe listened to the faint metal rasp of his trouser zip being pulled down.

'You know what's going to happen next don't you? I bet you're aching for it aren't you?'

Zoe shook her head, struggling to deny even to herself the truth that she was desperate for sexual gratification now. All the torment, all the pain, had left her body achingly aroused.

'You want this don't you?' growled the unseen voice.

Pulling weakly with what was left of her strength, the leather chafing her skin, she twisted her arms as she dangled helplessly. She tried again to draw her thighs together but her legs were kept spread and she could feel the man's hand stroking her bare skin, then his fingers were rubbing her pussy, probing her.

'So I was right, you're desperate for it aren't you!' the man laughed, as his fingers slid easily into her sex. Zoe hung her head and sighed through the gag. To her shame it was true; she was wet with arousal from the treatment they'd meted out to her.

She felt the tip of his shaft slide down into the canyon of soft flesh her buttocks formed and then along until it nudged her sex lips apart. Using his hand to guide it, he pushed his shaft up into her young body right to the hilt and she felt his pelvis grind against her scored buttocks. Then he drew back, her slender body convulsed; he pushed in again, harder. Zoe sighed through the gag as her orgasm suddenly overtook her; the exquisite feeling washing through her whole pain racked body. She felt the man forcing himself into her again and again and as a fresh wave of pleasure washed over her, as she abandoned herself to the gratification her body had been crying out for.

The man began driving his cock into her with increased urgency and she became momentarily oblivious to her surroundings, her mind focusing on the extreme pleasure of being used so forcefully. Her body felt awash with the sensation of being controlled and subdued by the ropes and leather restraints. She grunted through the gag each time his cock rammed into her and her stifled cries seem to incense him more and more. Another orgasm shook her tethered body and then she felt the cock ram into her one more time before jerking and throbbing madly as he came deep inside her. His hands gripped her exhausted body and she felt his breath hot against her neck. Dazed, her whole body aching deliciously, she sighed through the gag as waves of exquisite pleasure washed over her.

Chapter Two

The sound of voices woke Zoe. When she tried to swallow to relieve the dryness in her throat she realized that her mouth was still filled by the ball gag which held her jaws painfully apart. She opened her eyes but to her dismay found that she was still enveloped in the darkness of a blindfold. She guessed that she'd been strapped back down onto the bench. She tried moving her arms but they were pinned back above her head again by the wristcuffs that kept her arms spread and taut. Her legs were also bound and for a moment she twisted, testing her restraints. It was hopeless. She sighed, gave up struggling and concentrated instead on listening to the noises around her.

'Pull back the girl's flesh at the side of her mouth here.'

Zoe shook her head, trying to stop them as gloved fingers pulled back the corner of her mouth allowing an opening for the cold, hard plastic of a syringe to slip into her mouth. Zoe tried twisting her head away but hands restrained her, holding her head still as liquid was trickled into her mouth. Fingers pinched her nostrils, stopping her from breathing and forcing her to swallow, though with the ball gag forcing her mouth wide it would have been impossible for her to have spat the liquid out anyway. Reluctantly she gulped and felt the liquid trickle down her throat.

'Let her breathe again, she's swallowed it.'

'How long does it take?'

'A few minutes and she'll be docile enough. She's so slim that with the quantity I've given her she'll probably pass out in a few minutes.'

'Right, untie her. The sooner she's moved from here the better. The British Embassy is starting to ask too many questions.'

'Do you think they've guessed?'

'What does it matter? They can't prove anything and by tomorrow morning she'll be where no-one will ever find her.'

Zoe could feel one of the men stroking her naked body. His hand ran over her flank then her ribs and her stomach. She made a show of struggling then pretended to give up. A moment later she groaned through the gag then let her head slump sideways as if she'd lost consciousness. If she could just keep awake for as much of the journey as possible she might find out more about her abductors and where she was being taken.

She felt the pressure on her arms and legs slacken then several pairs of hands lifted her from the bench. She was laid on the cool stone floor and her arms pulled behind her back. The wristcuffs were then clipped together and a belt was slipped around her arms above her elbows. As the belt was tightly buckled, drawing her arms closely against her back, she felt the drug taking effect. She was only vaguely aware of her legs being bound together as a chemical-induced lethargy overtook her. When she was lowered into a crate though, her head knocked against the side and for a moment she recovered enough of her senses to catch part of the men's conversation.

'Take her back to the tower. No one will disturb you there. I must remain in the capital. You know how to deal with her?'

'I think I've had enough practice now, Major. The Australian girl, the teenage backpacker, she turned out well enough didn't she?'

'She was weak to start with, Sir Rodney. This woman is a trained Secret Service Agent. She will resist your efforts to subdue her will.'

'Don't worry Major, she'll end up like all the others.'

There was a heavy thud above her and Zoe guessed that they'd put a lid on the crate. A second later there was the sound of hammering. Zoe could feel the drug taking its full effect upon her now as she felt herself falling asleep against her will. She twisted her tethered body to try to find a more comfortable position and talked to herself in her mind, reminding herself of her mission and trying to formulate a plan for escape. The heat in the crate was getting worse though and the air was so close and dry it was hard to breathe. She felt the strength slipping from her limbs and then her body slid down until her head was resting on the floor of the crate. She groaned through the ball gag and tried to lift her cheek from the wooden floor of the crate but she had no strength left. Just got to keep awake, she told herself, mustn't fall asleep. Mustn't fall...

* * *

'Miss Farquerson, or should we say Miss Chambers, was definitely seen leaving the plane but none of the passengers we've checked with recall seeing her after customs,' the matronly lady swept into the office, a pile of books and papers under one arm, a mobile phone in her other hand.

The gentleman behind the broad, mahogany desk nodded. He took a final glance at the letter before him and just above where was typed, "Edgar R M Sutherland, Director of Foreign Operations, British Secret Service", he signed his name and carefully placed the cap back on his fountain pen.

'I had Stewart speak with their airport security,' she said, 'according to them she passed customs and was last seen getting into one of those unlicensed taxis.'

The woman sat herself down in one of the deep leather armchairs and gazed out of the window. Taxis, buses and cars formed a gridlock stretching down Falmers Street as far as Whitehall.

'Do you believe them?' she asked.

The man snorted contemptuously, standing up from his desk. He straightened his tie and shook his head. He glanced at the dossier in front of him.

'Of course not! It's pretty obvious what's happened. Stonefield has shopped her to the El-Saram security service. That bloody man has been nothing but trouble. Pity we can't just have the SAS grab him and get him on a Hercules back home where he can face the music!'

'Well at least you now know that he is out there, Director.'

'That was the whole idea behind sending the Farquerson girl out. She was the bait. We guessed he was out there, skulking around as some shadowy advisor to the King. This pretty much proves it. Stonefield obviously couldn't resist the chance to get even with the girl for her part in his downfall over here.'

'But we still can't prove he's there and now we've lost the girl,' observed the woman.

'Well, Miles reckons that the El-Saram Internal Security is holding her. Chances are Stonefield is watching her being tortured by Internal Security and he'll love every minute of it. All we need to do is find the girl and we should find Stonefield into the bargain. Miles thinks she's still in the airport and he's got the place under surveillance. Of course we can't be seen to have anything to do with what happens, so Miles has employed a local mercenary to steal her back.'

'And meantime; hope that the poor girl isn't suffering too much,' said the woman. 'What if she talks?'

'All the information and names we've fed her about the underground pro-democracy movement out there is a load of nonsense.'

'But that won't stop her being tortured.'

'Obviously. And I dare say when they find out she's been leading them up the garden path they'll not be too amused either. Let's hope by then we've got her back or else she'll really be in for a rough ride!'

The man glanced down at a file of papers lying open beside the letter. The topmost sheet gave a concise resume of the career of Zoe Farquerson to date. After three years as a desk girl with the British Secret Service she had been moved to SES. This unit, established quite recently, comprised a handful of young women from the ranks of the Secret Service who were all extremely attractive. They were trained to act under cover, seducing then extracting secrets from enemies of the state. Hence SES: Seduce and Extract Secrets. Attached to the sheet by a paperclip was a photograph of the young woman. He stared at the picture for a moment then flicked over the top sheet. More information about her followed, along with another photograph. In the first the petite, dark haired girl was shown demurely posing in a smart jacket and skirt. In the second photo she was wearing a tight mini-skirt and a skimpy dark blue top that exposed her arms and her stomach. The photo was drenched in sunlight and the girl was grinning, tilting her head to one side, pretending to be eating a bunch of grapes which she held one handed above her head. The Ambassador scrutinized the photograph more closely. The girl's long, dark hair was tousled about her face and bare shoulders. Grape juice was smeared down over her neck and collarbone. The look she was giving whoever had taken the photograph was provocative, to say the least. Her skirt was so short it barely covered the swell of her rump and her generous breasts jutted against the tight material of her skimpy top. Some notes in the dossier told him the photo had been taken by a boyfriend whilst she was on holiday a few years earlier. The file listed all her boyfriends and by twenty-six she had clocked up dozens. Zoe Farquerson was evidently an active young girl!

'Perhaps you'll excuse me Mrs. MacDonald, I have some notes to work on for tomorrow's meeting with the PM's Secretary.'

'Of course Director. I'll not put any calls through to you until you give me the all clear.'

Edgar Sutherland waited until the woman had shut the door behind her then he opened a desk drawer, took out a videotape and slid it into the player. Pressing a button on the remote on his desk, a panel of fake bookshelves slid away and a television screen flickered into life. He glanced again at the notes written on the tape box. "Surveillance film: SES: agent Farquerson/ Rodney Stonefield seduction. Hidden camera, Belgravia Hotel, Suite 17."

On the television screen the girl entered a large, lavishly furnished bedroom followed closely by a suited man in his late middle age. Edgar Sutherland fast-forwarded the tape, which he'd already watched all the way through once. Champagne, kisses and fondling led to the couple undressing each other and the girl, still in her skimpy underwear, encouraging the man to lie down on the bed. It took only a moment with fast-forwarding the tape. Even at real speed, it had happened quickly, mused Sutherland, as he watched his young agent persuading the man to lie still for her. Sutherland kept his thumb over the fast forward while the girl could be seen coaxing the man to allow her to tie him up. She used the sashes from two towelling bathrobes to tie his hands to the opposite corners of the bedhead and then she used her stockings to bind his ankles to the bottom corners of the four-poster. At this point Sutherland cancelled the fast-forward and pressed the play button.

The young girl looked down thoughtfully at the man tied spread-eagled on the bed before her. She wore delicate, ivory silk panties with a matching camisole that hung down over her large but firm young breasts and left her taut stomach exposed. Her long fingernails, varnished a deep burgundy, skimmed slowly over the man's thighs and he sighed in frustrated anticipation as her fingertips glided around his erect cock but carefully avoided touching him. Her dark eyes sparkled with amusement at his condition. She had on dark purple lipstick and her sensual, bow shaped lips smiled with satisfaction as she watched him pulling ineffectually against the restraints she'd fastened a few moments earlier around his wrists and ankles.

'Okay, now tell me your computer password,' the girl smiled, licking her tongue thoughtfully across her glossy lower lip as she watched the man struggling to free himself.

'I can't tell you that, come on darling, untie me, there's a good girl.'

'Oh, I think you can. With a little encouragement.'

The girl stood up and shimmied out of her silk panties. She picked up the man's discarded tie, forced her panties into his mouth and finished gagging him with the tie.

'When you decide you want to tell me your computer password, just nod. Okay?'

Settling herself between the man's spread-eagled legs she caressed his balls, then removing the ribbon from her ponytail she slipped the silk around his scrotal sac and pulled it tight. The man groaned through the gag, shaking his head in protest, his arms and legs pulling urgently against the bonds that held him stretched out on the bed.

The girl wrapped the silk ribbon several more times around his scrotal sac, drawing it tighter each time until his balls hung swollen and purple below his engorged cock.

'Now, are you ready to tell me your password?' she asked, idly toying with his balls and encouraging them to try to swell further and strain against the ribbon that was bound tightly around them. The man shook his head negatively. With a disappointed sigh the girl delicately picked up the trailing ends of the ribbon. She drew the remaining silk a few more times around his swollen balls, pulling the ends ruthlessly tight each time.

The man groaned, jerking his arms angrily in a futile effort to free himself. He looked up imploringly at her, his engorged cock twitching as she stroked his trussed balls.

Sutherland watched the girl slide from the bed and walk through to the shower. He fast-forwarded the film until the girl emerged, rubbing her damp hair with a towel. Glancing across to where the man lay tethered, she smiled. His cock was now semi-flaccid but his balls hung trussed like overripe figs, swollen and dark purple. When she asked him if he was now ready to tell her his password, he urgently nodded his agreement.

* * *

Zoe woke to find herself lying on a bed of cushions in a small, circular room of bare stone walls, with wooden floor and ceiling. There were no doors but an open flight of spiralling stone steps in one corner, going both up and down. Resting her head back on the silk pillows she closed her eyes. After all she had been through she was in no rush to venture from where she lay. Besides, her arms were still bound behind her back and her ankles fastened close against each other. At least they had removed the gag and blindfold.

She tentatively felt behind her and traced her fingers gingerly over her soft curves where she had been beaten so mercilessly. Her fingertips felt between her buttocks and she shivered, remembering how it had felt to have the Guard's Captain forcibly take her. To her surprise and shame, during her ordeal in the interrogation room she'd become deeply aroused. Being tied up and subjected to what they had put her through had given her a feeling of heady sexual gratification and as this truth settled in her mind her cheeks flushed with a mixture of guilt and excitement. As she'd been strapped down on the bench at the beginning she'd felt terrified. The mixture they'd put into her bowels had made the tears stream down her cheeks but something about being subjected even to that, she had found arousing. Her pussy had become wet and aching as the woman had whipped her and by the time the Arab had fucked her, her body was aching for it and she'd come repeatedly while he was using her.

Zoe dozed for a while and tried to think through her situation. The chances were the British Secret Service was actively looking for her. The question was, where was she and more importantly, what could she expect to be subjected to next? She'd survived a few hours of interrogation but had eventually been forced into admitting who she was. Now she knew they would continue to question her until they had answers to all their questions.

After perhaps half an hour of wondering what lay in store for her, she could lie still no longer. Swinging her legs together, she slid herself from the bed of cushions and with her legs constricted by the two anklecuffs that were clipped together she shuffled her way across the room towards an arched window.

She blinked, dazzled by the brightness of the shimmering blueness that confronted her eyes. Sunlight danced over water and a cloudless sky met the water without interruption from land. The sea and sky, two shades of stunning blue swept in every direction. The only sound seemed to be a lonely gull and far below her the sound of the sea. By gingerly leaning over the window edge a little, she could see waves pounding relentlessly on rocks below. She was in a tower, perched atop jagged cliffs that plunged hundreds of feet to glistening black rocks, around which the seawater foamed, throwing waves high into the air.

'So you're awake.'

The unexpected voice behind her startled her and Zoe glanced over her shoulder, shuffling her tied feet to turn around as quickly as she could manage without risking losing her balance and falling over. She stared at the man who stood regarding her.

'Sir Rodney Stonefield! I thought as much. But how did you get here?'

'The King of El-Saram kindly invited me to become one of his foreign advisors. I can't tell you how delighted I was to find out that you were coming here.'

'I would be lying if I said it was a pleasure,' Zoe answered tersely.

'Well let me say it has been a pleasure seeing how Major Mosafa has dealt with you so far.'

'So you were in the interrogation room when I was blindfolded!'

'The plan, to be honest with you, was for you to never know. Just in case you escaped. Now you are here though, it doesn't matter in the slightest. There's no escape for you from here and I felt it would enhance my pleasure if you knew that I was behind the torment and suffering that you will soon be experiencing. You see Miss Farquerson, what you went through yesterday was just a little taste of what lies in store for you and you will be kept here for my amusement until I grow bored with you.'

'Stonefield, if I ever get my hands on you...'

'Most unlikely, I think. Most unlikely indeed!'

Zoe backed away as best she was able to as the man approached her.

'Come now, there's nowhere for you to run to. Or should I say, to hobble to,' the man laughed scornfully, reached out and caught Zoe by her hair.

'Let me go!'

The man tightened his hold and encouraged her to shuffle back towards the bed.

'There's a good girl. Time for you to lie down and have a rest. Just a little further, that's it. Now down you go.'

Zoe was pushed forwards and she fell face first onto the bed of cushions. Lifting her head she was in time to see the man open a drawer on a tall chest that was placed against the wall and when he turned back to her she saw he was holding a riding crop.

'You know, it's difficult to know where to begin,' the man grinned. 'Mosafa has loaned me his private tower. We're miles from anywhere so we'll not be disturbed. He's kindly provided me with two very willing young lads to serve me. The tower is marvellously well equipped because he has a penchant for bringing young girls here for questioning. Well, to be frank, sometimes he doesn't even bother to question them. He's happy enough just to hear them crying and begging. Your sweet young body's going to receive a lot of attention from now on. They say a good thrashing and a little pain gives the sort of pleasure most girls are really after! Well, Zoe, my dear, you're going to learn to love the taste of the whip on your delicate bare skin. From now on you'll be fed a diet of pleasure and pain.'

Zoe made an attempt to slide away from the man across the bed but he caught her by the short chain that held her anklecuffs together. She grunted in discomfort as she was pulled backwards by the legs and the man brought the riding crop down hard against her thighs.

'Thought you were going somewhere?' the man laughed and landed another blow with the crop over her buttocks making her yelp with pain. Her eyes smarting from the blow, Zoe gasped in discomfort as her hair was caught and her head jerked back sharply. The riding crop was then held under her chin forcing her head back and making her splutter as she begged with the man.

'Please... don't hurt me... I'll do whatever you want... please...'

'Of course you'll do whatever I want. You haven't any choice!'

The hard leather under her chin was withdrawn abruptly and Zoe's face fell back into the pillows. Before she could lift her head the crop was pressing against the back of her neck and she found herself struggling to even turn her head.

'Can't breathe!' Zoe gasped, twisting her head urgently to pull her face clear of the smothering cushion under her.

'Raoul! Sayed!' the man shouted.

Zoe lay gasping as the man released the pressure of the crop against the back of her neck. She could hear the sound of footsteps ascending the stone stairs and glancing over her shoulder a moment later she saw two lean Arab youths appear through the open archway of the spiral stairs.

'Take the girl down to the interrogation room and give her a drink, she's probably thirsty after her spell in the crate.'

Zoe was seized by the two youths and lifted bodily from the bed by her arms. They quickly carried her down two flights of spiral stairs into a basement that had no windows and was lit by two exposed light bulbs that dangled from a wire across the ceiling. The room was humid, the walls rough stone and the floor sand. On one wall there were iron rings from which leather cords dangled. In the middle of the room there was an X shaped bench, each limb of which was draped with leather straps. She glimpsed a rough wooden table strewn with various devices that made her stomach churn as the two youths dragged her across the room to a narrow, circular well.

She was dropped to the floor and one of the youths lowered a wooden bucket into the well and after a dull splash, he pulled the bucket back up by the old rope that was tied to its handle.

'Tie her face down on the bench then make sure she has plenty to drink, for a westerner it's easy to suffer dehydration in the desert,' Stonefield ordered, as he leant nonchalantly in the archway at the bottom of the stairs. Immediately in response Zoe was seized by the arms and dragged over to the bench. One of the youths sat astride her waist once they'd forced her face down on the bench and the other quickly unfastened her wristcuffs and the belt around her arms.

'You've no idea how much I've been looking forward to this,' laughed Stonefield, scornfully, as Zoe had her arms dragged forwards and stretched along the wooden extensions of the bench. Leather cords that were fastened to the bench were quickly threaded through the D-rings on the wristcuffs and pulled tight then knotted fast.

With both her arms tied, the two Arab youths set to work to secure her legs. Zoe grunted with discomfort as her left leg was pulled down as far as possible then a cord slipped through the leather cuff around her ankle, drawn tight and knotted. Her right leg was then treated in similar fashion so that she was bound like a starfish on the wooden bench, her arms and legs widely spread and held forcibly stretched. Zoe felt a wave of panic rising over her and she was unable to help herself glancing in the direction of the table. Remembering the items of torture strewn over it, a shiver of fear ran down her body and although she knew escape was impossible she found she was twisting her arms and pulling with her legs in a frantic bid to get free.

'How does it feel, Miss Farquerson? Do you enjoy feeling this vulnerable? Does it excite you being so helpless?'

Zoe pulled urgently against the restraints and could feel her arm and legs muscles straining but she couldn't get herself free. Momentarily exhausted from struggling, she lay, recovering her breath, her slim body moist and shiny now with sweat.

'You look quite a picture, you know. Struggle all you want my dear, it's amusing to watch... most amusing.'

'You bastard... just wait...' Zoe panted, renewing her efforts to pull her hands free from the leather cuffs around her wrists. Twisting her arms and arching her head back so she could see her tethered limbs, she strained to extricate her hands from the cuffs but the broad leather was buckled too tightly around her wrists and she was forced to concede defeat. She felt her abductor stroke down her body, his hand travelling from her neck, over her back and down to the soft cheeks of her buttocks.

'Give her a drink Raoul, she looks thirsty.'

One of the youths grasped her hair and drew her head back and the other insinuated a wedge of rubber into her mouth to stop her closing her jaws. Zoe shook her head in alarm as a she saw a small tube dangling before her face. The hands holding her tightened their grasp and a second later the soft rubber was slipped inside her mouth. She looked up wide-eyed with panic as the other end of the tube was placed into bucket they'd drawn from the well.

Zoe spluttered and coughed as water ran down her throat. The youths watched her, their eyes bright with excitement and arousal as they made her drink. The water quickly filling her belly and still she had to gulp it down as fast as she could or she'd choke. Soon she was trying to shake her head to tell them to stop but there was no let up. When she tried to protest vocally the water ran down her windpipe making her cough and she quickly gave up and went back to obediently swallowing. Please, please, enough, enough... no more... she silently begged. Her stomach ached now it felt so full. At last she heard the Englishman give the order for them to stop and the tube was withdrawn from her throat and the rubber wedge prized free.

'Now she's had enough to drink I think she's ready for us to begin the first game. Sayed, get the riding crop and soften her up,' ordered the Englishman.

The older of the two youths eagerly darted across to the table and snatched up a leather riding crop. Zoe guessed he could be no more than twenty. He was tall and sinewy and like his friend dressed only in cut off jeans, an old T-shirt and sandals. He flashed Zoe a broad grin then without a moment's hesitation he brought the riding crop down hard over her thigh.


Zoe flinched; jerking against the tight leather around her wrists and ankles as the crop hit her again on the other thigh.

'The inside of her thighs, Sayed, but not too hard, not yet anyway. Let her get used to the feel of the whip first,' ordered Stonefield.

The youth obeyed and Zoe suffered two more strokes, one on each leg.

'Higher up Sayed, close to her pert little arse.'

Zoe grunted as the crop hit her several more times.

'Give her six more on each leg. Make all the blows close together on the inside of her thighs.'

'Ow! Stop! Please...' Zoe cried out shaking her head as a dozen blows rained down unremittingly on her thighs.

'How are we feeling now, Miss Farquerson?'

Zoe lifted her head and blinking back the tears, looked up defiantly at the man who stood over her.

'You better make the most of this,' she warned, 'when I get out of here, you haven't...'

'Get out of here?' laughed Stonefield scornfully. 'Dear girl, you will only leave this tower when I've become bored with watching you suffer. Then I shall sell you for a decent price to one of the desert nomad chieftains and you'll spend the rest of your days as a sex slave. You can forget about escape or your old life. You have no life now, except as a pretty young body to suffer for the gratification of whoever owns you. You've obviously enjoyed your time as an interrogator for the Secret Service; now its time for you to learn how it feels to be on the receiving end! Sayed, it's time to see how sensitive her thighs are now. She if she's ready for a gentle massage.'

Zoe glanced over her shoulder, through her tousled hair, as the youth discarded the crop and swung his body easily over hers, so he could sit down astride the small of her back. Zoe felt his hands settle over her thighs and then his thumbs began pressing deeply into the delicate inside of her thighs.

'Ooww! No! Stop, it hurts! Please!' she begged, the tears now streaming down her cheeks as his thumbs pressed into the muscles of her legs where the crop had repeatedly hit her.

'I think her legs need more attention,' mused Stonefield, 'Give her a dozen more strokes. Then after that we can try something more interesting!'

Zoe cried out as the crop struck her thigh again.

'That's it Sayed, get those shapely leg muscles of hers nice and soft. After all she doesn't need to be able to stand up for what we've got planned for her!'

'No! Stop... enough!' she begged as blow upon blow rained down on her thighs. The sharp cracks of leather on flesh and her answering shrieks echoed round the chamber. It seemed as if her inner thighs were on fire, white heat flaring up into her crotch and even as each blast of pain struck her she was aware of her pussy lips swelling and her vagina fluttering and moistening.

When the beating was finally over she was left too dazed, confused and weak to pay any attention to what was about to happen next.

'I think that's enough for now,' said Stonefield, 'you took your first thrashing well, Miss Farquerson; now it's time for your reward. Get her harnessed Sayed.'

Zoe pleaded in vain as one of the youths gathered up her long hair and held it with both hands while the other youth straddled her back, a long leather cord in his hands. Zoe choked back the tears as the youth holding her hair then spilt it into two handfuls and began to plait her hair, while his accomplice wove the leather cord into each twist and fold of hair.

When they had finished, the younger one danced around the bench with a childish satisfaction at what they'd accomplished. His slightly older companion, sat astride Zoe's back and pulled experimentally on the leather cord. Zoe grunted in discomfort as her head was drawn progressively further back.

'Well done lads, a nicely harnessed little filly ready to be given her first proper ride,' laughed Stonefield. 'Before we let her loose, I'd slip the dental gag into her pretty little mouth, just in case she tries to bite. Not all English girls appreciate being taken up the arse.'

'You can't do this to me!' blurted Zoe, as she heard with dismay what was to befall her next.

'Oh, we can, Miss Farquerson... and I think if you allow yourself, you may even find you enjoy the experience,' laughed the Englishman

Zoe swore and snarled in protest like a wild animal caught in a trap but she was unable to stop them carrying out their orders. Her head was reined back by one youth pulling on the cord woven into her hair then the other youth coaxed the sprung steel of the gag into her mouth. When he released his grip Zoe felt the metal bars expand in her mouth, forcing her jaws acutely wide. She was left with her mouth forced open; the pencil thick rolled steel forming an open circle and extending in two U-shaped lengths down each side of her mouth.

Zoe gurgled frantically for them to take it out, certain that she couldn't bear it a second longer as the sensation made her want to choke. The gag though made her pleading incoherent and brought only smiles of amusement from her tormentors.

'What a satisfying sound that is,' commented Stonefield dryly, 'a bitch on heat who's so excited she can't even get her words of encouragement out properly.'

Zoe looked imploringly at the man standing over her as he nodded affirmatively to one of the youths, who picked up a broad, leather collar from the table.

The leather was wrapped around her slim neck and the buckles fastened tight. The collar, which was very broad, pressed against her collarbone and up under her chin. She saw the gleam of excitement in the eyes of the young man as he secured the collar around her. She'd never had anal sex before and she knew she was about to experience no gentle introduction. The two youths were obviously madly aroused and the thought of them taking her in turn made her stomach churn and the sweat pour from her body. Part of her desperately wanted to escape what was about to befall her now but another part of her was eager with nervous expectation. Of course, she'd never admit to it, but the thought of being taken like this stirred some primal desire in her.

'Okay Sayed, clip her wristcuffs to the collar.'

Zoe grunted through the gag as each of her arms were unfastened from the bench in turn, then clipped to the steel rings fastened at either side of the collar.

'If I was you I'd give her a few more strokes with the crop just to soften her up a bit more for you.'


Zoe cried out as the leather crop came down hard again on her thighs which already felt so tender the slightest touch made her eyes smart with tears.

'Just a few more strokes Zoe then we're going to free you from the bench. I'm going to go upstairs for some mint tea and a rest. You'll be welcome to join me, if you would like to. Or of course if you'd rather, you can stay here and let the lads take it in turns to shaft that pert little rump of yours.'


The beating continued; a rhythmic pounding over her thighs and buttocks, until her whole body felt awash with the pain.

'If you don't follow me upstairs, I'll assume you want to stay and play with the lads. Doubtless a randy little bitch like you likes nothing better. Sayed, untie her and let her make her choice,' ordered Stonefield casually as he turned and walked away from the bench. Zoe watched him disappear up the spiral stone stairs as the cords that held her anklecuffs to the bench were unknotted and removed.

Zoe tried unsuccessfully to use the fingers of one hand to unfasten the bulldog clip that held her other wrist clasped against the leather collar. Her wrists though were secured at either side of the collar and it was impossible to reach behind her neck with her fingers far enough to work the catch on the clip free. Glancing up she saw that Stonefield had disappeared from sight. The stone stairs were no more than fifteen feet away so she slid herself from the bench determined at least make an effort to follow the man.

With her first step her leg buckled under her, her thigh unable to take any weight after its treatment with the riding crop. Collapsing onto the sand floor Zoe had to put her elbows out to break her fall as protect her face. Winded, her thighs aching and her legs feeling like jelly, she tried to haul herself back to her feet.

'Where you think you going, English girl?'

A sharp jerk on the cord that was plaited into her hair dragged her backwards off balance and she fell again into the sand as a voice called down the open stairs after her.

'Are you coming then Miss Farquerson, or have the lads persuaded you to stay?'

Zoe looked up at the Arab youths that were circling her. What would it be like, being anally fucked, she wondered, hauling herself to her feet and lurching towards to the stairs. After two stumbling steps her legs gave from under her again and she dropped to her knees. She remembered a girlfriend saying how she had got to enjoy it, surely then... a sharp pull on the cord in her hair sent her falling backwards, momentarily obliterating her thoughts as she came down onto the sand floor with a hard bump.

'Time for English girl to have good fuck!'

'Nuhh...' Zoe groaned in protest as she was dragged away from the stairs on her elbows and knees by the older youth pulling the cords that were knotted in her hair. The other, she saw, had already discarded his cut-off jeans and was grinning madly as he watched her being led like a dog on a leash by his friend.

'Bend down now bitch. Open legs!'

Her thighs felt so delicate she could offer no resistance as hands easily drew her legs apart. For a moment the two young lads hesitated and kneeling between them Zoe looked up, panting and wild faced as she waited expectantly for what she knew would happen next. She felt a hand touch between her legs and fingers sliding wetly over her sex and she realized that she was moist with arousal. She looked up, suddenly hungry eyed and stared at the youth silently encouraging him. The youth grinned and slid one finger deep inside her. Zoe sighed with pleasure, pushing herself back against his hand.

As one of them held her head down the other lifted her hips back and up and she felt his shaft grind up against her pussy. Without any hesitation the youth rammed his tool into her, then with her body impaled upon his shaft, he slid his hand between the globes of her arse, found her anus with his thumb and forced it remorselessly into her, making her howl in response.

'English girl do this before?'

Zoe shook her head negatively, as she felt the youth's thumb working around her rectum forcing the muscle to soften.

'You learn to enjoy this. We will do this now everyday with you!'

The thought poured molten through her imagination and Zoe sighed through the gag as she came, her orgasm taking her by surprise by its suddenness and its intensity. She gasped through the steel ring that held her jaws forcibly open as the youth's cock was pulled quickly out of her pussy. Without pause, the thumb was withdrawn from her rectum and she felt the head of his shaft pressing against her anus. With one determined and assured thrust the youth sunk the length of his shaft into her body.


'English bitch like it, yes?'

Zoe gasped as the cock was withdrawn then rammed into her again with even more determination. To her shame she felt her body responding, the heat quickly building again within her as she remained knelt and bent over, her buttocks obediently thrust high for the youth's pleasure.

'English bitch soft now. You like it. Raoul gives you good time. Real good time!'

'Uuhh... uhh...'

Zoe thrust her arse backwards, squirming as the cock sank into her again. She closed her eyes, panting hard through the gag as a fresh climax built inside her then erupted with an intensity that left her too dazed to care what happened next. She sank her cheek down into the sand, felt hands grasping her hips, felt her anus being filled again and again. A long shuddering sigh escaped her and closing her eyes she focused on the sensation of having her slim body being anally fucked and she wondered dreamily why she'd never consented to trying it before.

Chapter Three

Zoe gasped as she felt the Arab youth withdraw his cock from her body. Physically exhausted and emotionally in turmoil she knelt, bound and dazed from her ordeal. She'd always enjoyed being in control when it came to sex and her boyfriends always did as she told them. Now for the first time in her life she'd been anally fucked and to her shame she'd enjoyed the experience which had brought her repeatedly to orgasm. The youth stepped back, grinning with satisfaction and handing his partner the leather cords bound into her hair. Panting hard through the steel rods that gagged her mouth by forcing her jaws wide, she grunted in discomfort as the second youth tightened his grip on the leash that controlled her as he prepared to mount her. With her wrists clipped to the collar about her throat, her head forced down and her rump exposed for the taking there was nothing she could do stop him, even had she wanted to, she admitted to herself.

Her slender body ached terribly from the cruel whipping and the ruthless assault upon her had left her dazed and aching. But aching for what, a treacherous voice inside her asked.

The grip around her slim waist was tightened then she felt the youth's cock slide into the crevice between her cheeks. Finding her anus, the engorged shaft drove into her with one ruthless thrust. Zoe gave up struggling and knelt submissively while the youth took his time satisfying himself inside her. By now her rectum muscles were more pliant and the channel itself was lubricated with sperm so the cock slid in and out of her with a rhythmical ease that soon brought Zoe to a fresh climax that sent shudders of satisfaction through her body until she was awash with a mixture of pain and pleasure.

By the time the youth had finished with her, Zoe was half-senseless and lay helplessly before them. A pair of hands grasped the cords in her hair and lifted her from the floor. Another pair of hands lifted her by her ankles. Zoe groaned as they dragged her back across to the bench. She felt she had no strength left now to offer any resistance and soon she was on her back, strapped down onto the bench. Tears were rolling down her cheeks as she turned her head from side to side, gazing at her outstretched arms. She craned her head up, gazing disconsolately as she saw her spread-eagled legs; leather tight around her ankles, strapped down onto the bench.

'Nuhh...'Zoe shook her head in protest as a hand stroked between her spread legs and a thumb brushed over her swollen sex that ached now terribly to the touch, so continually aroused was she.

'English girl wet. Wet and hot. You like this?'

Zoe shook her head in vigorous denial, sighing and tossing her head from side to side as the older of two lads, massaged her vulva with his fingers. How could she deny it when her body betrayed her, she wondered? Already she no longer felt shocked that such torment sexually excited her and as she writhed helplessly, strapped down on the bench, she wondered shamefully how she could take such pleasure from what she was being subjected to.

'Look, English girl, see what we have for you.'

She opened her eyes and gazed up at what Sayed was holding. The shiny metal clamps made her stomach churn and through the gag she whimpered nervously, shaking her head and imploring them with her eyes not to go ahead with what they were about to do to her.

Writhing then struggling frantically Zoe felt the youth take hold one of her outer folds of delicate pussy flesh. With the fingers of both hands he stretched the exposed frond of pink flesh.

'Now, my brother, clamp her.'

Zoe gulped down the saliva in her mouth, raising her head and craning to see what was being done to her. The steel rods meant she could only manage a stifled groan of alarm. She shook her head in protest, gasping then whimpering as the clamp was tightened around one delicate fold of her labia, then she hung her head back, tears running down her cheeks as they fastened a second clamp onto her other outer labia. Raoul stroked down her slim leg, as she writhed helplessly against the sensation.

'You enjoy. You like, yes?'

Zoe tossed her head from side to side, her slim, tethered body twisting urgently against the straps that held her down as Sayed applied pressure, gently at first, then more forcefully, pulling the clamps and stretching her labia.

Satisfied with the effect they were achieving, Sayed proceeded to clip small weights hung from fine jewellery chains to the clamps. Zoe groaned with dismay as Raoul lifted her head so that she was made to see what they were doing. The weights lay with the coiled chains on the edge of the bench just beyond her crotch. Raoul exchanged a glance with his brother and he nodded his encouragement. Sayed then brushed the weights off the edge of the bench.


Zoe gave an agonised cry through the gag as she was forced to watch the weights fall from the bench. Her legs tensed then twisted frantically as the weights dangled down between her spread thighs, the sensation of her labia being pulled made her frantic and as she jerked and twisted her body she felt herself coming to orgasm.

She shook her head in denial but already her back was arching, her arms twisting as the sensation in her sex washed over her whole body. She pulled desperately against the restraints around her ankles as her orgasm continued. Raoul was stroking his fingers over her swollen sex lips and her hips bucked madly, her head tossing from side to side, as she came repeatedly. Her long hair was tangled over her perspiration soaked face.

She looked imploringly at the two youths standing over her, groaning feverishly as one tapped the weights lightly, making the fine chains swing back and forth and increasing the sensation of her labia being pulled. She craned her head up to see her breasts rising and falling and looked imploringly at the youths leering at her. Please stop this, she begged in her mind, certain that she couldn't bear anymore.

'You like, yes?'

Zoe shook her head frantically but it was too late; her body had already betrayed her. She glanced down at her tethered body, her slim arms and slender legs tightly bound with leather restraints. If she wasn't rescued, she could be here forever, subjected to this sort of treatment every day... she shook her head in dismay at the thought, telling herself that she had to escape. There was no way she would let herself become a slave to this.

Her sex was slick with her juices running down the stretched folds of her labia. Zoe closed her eyes, her back arched and she moaned faintly through the gag. She had to escape, she wasn't going to accept this as her fate. She forced her mind to remember who she was and what had brought her to this country. She was a British Secret Service agent, she wasn't going to end up as some sex slave, bound and gagged for the amusement of some man! She would get her revenge on Sir Rodney Stonefield, there was no way she would allow herself to accept this as her fate!

'Enjoying yourself, English girl?' Sayed asked, 'then we give you more pleasure, yes?'

Zoe opened her eyes and focused on the youth in front of her. Dragged from her thoughts by the voice, she felt with renewed sharpness the tugging sensation upon her sex as the smaller, inner folds of her sex were now caught between finger and thumb and teased and tormented. She shook her head and snarled in protest but Sayed laughed and continued toying with her sex, encouraging the flesh to swell under his fingers.

'Get two more clamps, chains and weights, brother. The bitch obviously wants it.'

Zoe tried to thrash her legs in objection but they were held at full stretch and her efforts only served to make her tormentors laugh. The bastards! Just wait till she could get even with them! She would have them begging, she vowed.

All her anger and protest amounted to nothing though and a moment later Zoe felt two more clamps being tightened around the delicate folds of her inner labia. The sensation was too much and she writhed desperately, her body soaked in perspiration, her legs quivering, the muscles straining as she pulled ineffectually against the restraints around her ankles.

A second set of weights were brought and clipped onto the clamps. Zoe lifted her head and stared in dismay as the weights were then flicked over the edge of the bench.


She screwed her eyes shut against the pain, bucking her hips and arching her back, her arms and legs twisting frantically. After a few moments her body slumped exhausted and she was left experiencing the sharp pull against her delicate inner labia. Her sex now forcibly aroused it took only the light touch of a thumb against her clitoris to bring her to a fresh orgasm. The tears flooded down over her cheeks and just as she felt her orgasm was subsiding, her clitoris was stimulated again until another orgasm shook her young body.

Zoe looked up beggingly at the young men stood tormenting her. Her hands twisted above the wristcuffs that held her arms out-stretched. Her legs slithered over the polished wood of the bench, the leather about her ankles creaking dully as she struggled. Her chest was heaving for breath, her firm breasts rising and falling as she gulped air through her nose and the steel ring in her mouth. Her belly was taut, her flanks smooth. The dark hair between her legs was wet below the swollen lips of her sex. The outer lips were heavy with the stretching they were being given. Her clamped inner lips glistened, firm and pink, the tiny folds drawn out fully from her body by the dangling weights.

She shook her head, her slim body bucking and writhing again with renewed vigour as she realised that they were going to leave her like this to suffer. She couldn't bear it anymore...they had to stop...

She saw them stand back and regard her, their victim, with satisfaction. She craned her head to see the lips of her vulva were acutely distended now; the pink folds a darker purple where the steel clamps bit into the delicate flesh.

'English girl feels good, yes? Okay, now we give you real good feeling.'

Zoe lay passively, aware now that there was no escape and strangely mesmerised as Sayed stroked her cheeks, flicking strands of her damp hair clear of her face.

'English girl enjoying this, yes? You want more of this...'

As Sayed spoke he continued stroking Zoe's face with one hand while with his other he gently rubbed her sex, stroking the distended folds of her labia, which hung swollen and heavy from the dangling weights. Zoe sighed, whimpering as she became aroused again. Sayed stroked her cheeks and bent over her, taking her completely by surprise when Raoul handed him a fine silk scarf and he began to feed the silk through the ring of steel into her mouth. She shook her head in objection as she found that she could now only breathe through her nostrils and began to panic.


More of the scarf was fingered into her mouth and now Zoe thrashed her head in alarmed protest. Raoul quickly moved to the top of the bench and caught hold of her hair then Sayed resumed feeding the silk into her mouth.

Zoe tried frantically to shake her head free from his grasp. She used her tongue to desperately try to push the material back out of her mouth. She saw Sayed grinning as he kept feeding more of the scarf through the steel ring until the tongue became submerged under the folds of silk. Sayed put his hand between her legs and pressed his thumb against her clitoris. Immediately Zoe felt herself orgasm, her back arched, her legs and arms going taut and she groaned feverishly.

Sayed laughed, lifting his hand to show the glistening juice that now covered his palm. Raoul grinned at his brother then glanced back at Zoe who was urgently forcing the silk from her mouth with her tongue. Her slim body heaved for breath, her breasts rising and falling rapidly.

'You enjoy it, yes?' Sayed pulled the remainder of the silk scarf from her mouth and proceeded to shake it out back into a square. It was soaking wet. Zoe was gulping air and looking dazedly at the two youths. Sayed was tying the silk scarf around itself into a succession of knots. When he'd finished the scarf was like a knotted rope.

'Okay, Sayed give you good feeling now.'

Zoe lifted her head weakly as Sayed fingered the scarf into her anus; the silk disappearing knot by knot into her body until there was just a tiny corner of the scarf left protruding.

As the knotted silk was slowly withdrawn from her body Zoe groaned feverishly, the sensation was so intense it was almost unbearable. As the first knot slipped from her rectum she came, crying out through the gag, so intense was the sensation. As each successive knot made its way out of her body a fresh wave of her climax shook her. As the fifth and last knot, which was larger than the others, forced its way through her rectum, she screamed through the gag certain that if she had to experience any more she'd faint.

Dazed, exhausted and bathed in sweat from her multiple orgasm, Zoe lay, too exhausted to care what happened next. Hopelessly aroused again now themselves, Raoul and Sayed hurriedly unbuttoned their jeans. Standing over their victim they masturbated until their spunk sprayed over Zoe's face.

'We can leave her like this for a while,' Sayed announced, discarding the silk scarf and wiping his palms on the back of his cut-off jeans. 'Let's go and have a cold drink and see what the Englishman wants us to do.'

'What about the weights?' Raoul glanced at the girl's swollen sex lips and the tiny chains that hung taut over the edge of the bench. 'Shouldn't we take them off now?'

'No, the bitch can stay like that,' Sayed replied. 'So much for the English spy! She's just like the other girls, give them pain with their pleasure and they love it! We'll come back in an hour and water her.'

'Bye bye, English girl. Enjoy your rest!'

* * *

A warm breeze was blowing off the shallow, crystal clear water, where a handful of fishing boats bobbed gently, tied with long, old ropes of hemp to the crumbling stone wall of the harbour wall. A few seagulls circled lazily above the early morning fishermen and pearl divers who prepared their boats with no sense of urgency. It was already close to a hundred degrees and by midday it would be far, far hotter. In such heat, those who had to work, worked slowly and those who did not have to work sat in the shade and sipped mint tea or treacle sweet, thick black coffee.

Two figures stood on the harbour wall, a dozen yards apart, casting shadows over the sapphire water. One of the figures tossed a date stone into the water and a dozen tiny fish darted towards it. He then turned, and satisfied that no one unwanted was paying him any attention, he walked up to the other man.

'The Honourable Miles Kingston, I presume?' the Arab asked, in a near perfect Oxford English accent.

'Sheikh Auda bin Yasel. I've heard much about you. It's a pleasure to meet you.' They shook hands.

'Just Auda, is sufficient, please. And how might I be of assistance?'

The two men talked for ten minutes, the Arab listening mostly and nodding with agreement as the Englishman spoke.

The Arab was lean and very tall; his face intent and with his hooked nose and intense eyes he reminded the Englishman of a hawk. He wore high leather boots and traditional Arab garb, in loosely flowing black silk. As well as a headdress he had a long cloak of silk that was slung over his left shoulder. A scimitar hung from at his left hip from an ammunition belt that held dozens of rifle bullets. A rifle was slung over his right shoulder and partly concealed by the folds of his tunic, there was a sheathed dagger at his waist.

'Very well, half now,' said the Englishman, 'I don't suppose you can provide me with a receipt can you? We are supposed these days to be accountable.'

'I will write one out for you later. Meantime...' he gestured for the Englishman to give him payment.

'Of course, here's your advance then,' the Englishman drew an envelope from his safari suit jacket pocket. 'You will start straight away? Only time is of the essence, you understand?' As he spoke he thumbed through the money in the envelope, withdrew some then handed the envelope to the Arab.

'Your English expression has an Arab counterpart. Don't worry Englishman, I shall start straight away.'

'There's half. You'd better check it.'

The Arab glance at the envelope then slid it into the folds of his tunic without bothering to open it.

'Rest assured I trust you. That is a great difference between our peoples. We naturally trust until it proves provident not to. You on the other hand are instinctively mistrustful. Besides,' the Arab flashed a smile, 'do they not say that English gentlemen are men of honour?'

'They might, but I wouldn't recommend that you count on such an assumption'

The two men parted company, the Englishman walking back to a parked RangeRover; the Arab going to the end of the harbour wall and calling down to a muscular, young black man who was sat lounging in a sleek sports boat that was tied up to the harbour wall.

'Use some of that to fill the fuel tanks and stock us up on ammunition. Buy enough food for two days as well. I am going to the airport to meet my guest.'

The Arab tossed the envelope that the Englishman had given him down into the cockpit of the boat and the youth caught it. He was bare chested and wore tight, faded jeans and sandals. From a heavy belt around his waist hung a sheathed diver's knife. He grinned and nodded, showing several gold fillings amongst his gleaming white teeth, as he smiled. He wiped the perspiration from his shaven head and swung his legs down from the map ledge where he had them stretched out and crossed.

The Arab had turned and was walking back down the harbour wall when the Negro youth drew silently alongside him.

'What have we got to do?' he asked, not bothering to look at the Arab, his Ray-Ban-shielded gaze fixed on the land ahead.

'The Englishman wants me to find an agent of theirs, who went missing on arrival at the airport. He suspects Major Mosafa and a renegade Englishman, Sir Rodney Stonefield of abducting her. While I am at the airport, I'll see what I can find out. I'll meet you at the souk at six. Look for me around Abdullah's spice stall. You know the one I mean?'

'Yes Auda. I know it.'

The two men parted company at the end of the harbour wall, the youth crossing the palm tree lined boulevard, the Arab turning left and following the paved track beside the beach in the direction of the gleaming steel and glass buildings of the modern quarter of the capital.

* * *

Major Mosafa was sat in his leather swivel armchair, half his attention on the reports before him on his desk and half his attention on the queue of passengers at the airport customs desk. Having access for security purposes to all the passenger lists he had scanned them and found amongst the passengers one possible victim: a nineteen year old English girl who was travelling alone to El-Saram for two weeks. Mosafa glanced up at the queue. There was no single, young girl in sight. He looked back at the reports before him.

The pro-democracy movement was still carrying out their peaceful demonstrations outside the compound of the American managed oil-refinery. There was no cause for alarm there; allowing such activity even suggested that the King was tolerant of people who opposed him. What was more troubling was that the pro-democracy movement was now gaining support amongst the desert nomads. These camel riding, tent living tribes had never been incorporated satisfactorily into modern El-Saram and whilst they were taxed, they were given nothing back. Naturally enough they had little sympathy with the King.

Mosafa glanced up again at the secret window concealed as a mirror just in time to see a slim, tall girl standing at the customs desk. She had a mane of blonde hair, smooth, tanned skin and large blue eyes. A white T-shirt tucked into jeans clung tightly around her full breasts, showing the outline of her bra. Mosafa glanced at the name that was being keyed into the customs computer by his security staff. It was the English student. Mosafa pressed one switch on his desk and a discreet green light came on behind the customs desk. Seeing their signal, the female customs officer, smiled apologetically as she asked the girl to step to one side, whilst her backpack was checked. Mosafa leant back in his chair and smiled to himself. He wondered how Sir Rodney was getting on with the English secret agent.

Ten minutes later Mosafa had his desk cleared of all pressing matters except for one. This was a report from one of his Captains at a remote garrison in the west advising him of a local rumour that the garrison was to be attacked and its arsenal of weapons seized by the rebel activists. Mosafa tried phoning the Garrison Commander to question him about this but found the number was out of order. He then tried to call the local army barracks in that region but found that its number too was unobtainable. Wondering what his security staff had done with the English girl, he irritably punched into his phone the number for the Police station in the town nearest to the garrison. This number he found engaged so he slammed the phone down, cursing and telling himself he would sort it out later.

Finishing his coffee with one quick gulp Mosafa let himself out of his office and went briskly down the corridor to the interrogation room. There was a mirror window from the corridor that gave him a view of the room and he paused to glance in and see what was happening. The English girl was kneeling on the floor, her arms drawn backwards, her wrists bound together with cord. She was naked except for her white briefs and bra. One of the female security officers was holding her by her hair and had her head pulled back. The other was holding a small glass bottle under the girl's nose.

Mosafa let himself into the interrogation room. The English girl, turning her head in the direction of the door when she heard it open, looked imploringly at him. Her mouth was opened wide, her jaws forced apart by a dental gag of plastic coated steel. Saliva was trickling over her chin as she shook her head begging the two women guards to let her go. Her body jerked, her head thrashing from side to side as she was forced to inhale the contents of the phial.

The girl's struggling quickly diminished as the glass bottle was kept under her nostrils. As Mosafa walked across the room he watched her eyes droop shut then her head rested slackly on one shoulder.

'Don't give her any more. I want her aware of what's happening to her. It's more satisfying to see them struggling. Put her face down over the table.'

* * *

Vanessa tried to swallow against the rising feeling of sickness caused by her forced inhalation of the chemical. Swallowing with her jaws forced wide by the steel gag felt almost impossible and she groaned with despair. The two female guards dragged her by her arms across to a table and forced her to bend across it. She had looked for rescue by the man who had just entered the room but now, with dismay, she realised he was here to participate in her torture.

The two female guards freed the cord from her wrists. One pulled her arms out above her head from the far side of the table while the other grasped her long, blonde hair and drew her head backwards so that she was being pulled from both directions. How could this be happening to her? God, why had she ever accepted Auda's invitation to visit him! Of course, her insatiable sex drive had encouraged her. Now she was in deep trouble, if not for the first time in her life. The previous summer, a spell as the model of a painter of submissive females had introduced her to a whole new world of sexual experience. Some of it had been painful, some frightening, all though had been deeply satisfying, though it had taken her some time to come to admit this to herself.

'Hold her like that, I'll put the cuffs on her,' ordered the man.

Vanessa struggled weakly as a leather cuff was wrapped around her wrist. She looked unhappily at the stout leather as the man tightened it around her slim wrist. Feebly she pulled against the hold of the female guard who held her arm outstretched from the opposite side of the table, but the slender nineteen year old girl stood no chance against the two women and man ranged against her. The chemical they'd made her inhale had left her feeling giddily weak and her three assailants worked together with practised ease. The younger female guard held both Vanessa's arms, whilst the older woman grasped her hair and drew her head back, making her eyes smart with pain as her hair was pulled. The man buckled the leather cuff around Vanessa's wrist then felt under the table until he found a strap dangling there. He fed the canvas strap through the steel ring of the wristcuff then slipped the end back into the buckle. Drawing the strap tight he then flicked the toothed buckle back over the webbing and the strap was now held taut.

Vanessa shook her head, looking wildly at him, her blonde hair damp with perspiration and tangled about her face. The chloroform was starting to wear off, and aware that if she didn't get free now, she would probably not have another chance, Vanessa threw herself into a determined struggle.

'Come on now, don't pretend you don't want this,' the man smiled down at her as he took hold of her other wrist and folded a leather cuff around her skin.

Vanessa glowered at him and gave up struggling, well aware now that with both her wrists secured, escape was impossible. The man was gazing appreciatively at her near naked body. His gaze lingered on her breasts, rising and falling with her efforts to pull free, they heaved provocatively under her flimsy bra. The large, dark areoles were clearly visible under the fine cotton. She could imagine how aroused he was and she wondered if he had been watching all the passengers disembarking from her flight, in the hopes of finding one worth abducting.

Vanessa knew, in fact she was arrogantly aware, that she had the sort of perfect body men went crazy for. Her breasts were high and firm and she loved wearing tight T-shirts that showed them off to good effect. She had a narrow waist and deeply tanned skin from a summer spent in the south of Italy. Her long, blonde hair hung in very loose curls half way to her waist and was bleached by the sun to a golden straw colour.

'Shall I tell you what's happened to you?' the man smiled at her and Vanessa looked back abjectly, her blue eyes wide and baleful. Her head was being held back and pulled down sideways by a firm grasp on her long hair. She was panting hard through her open mouth, her generous bow-shaped lips forced wide apart by the sprung steel arms of the dental gag. Her mind was racing. What was planned for her? Why had she been abducted? Surely Auda was not involved in this? She had been introduced to the Arab Sheikh by the painter for whom she'd modelled. Vanessa had been loaned, bound and blindfolded to the Sheikh for his pleasure and she'd discovered that he was very well endowed and their brief liaison she had found deeply pleasurable.

'We found a bottle of vodka in your hand luggage. Now, you know that such things are not allowed here, but you're just a naughty girl,' the man gave a scathing laugh.

Vanessa shook her head in denial, her protest of innocence was made into nothing more than an incoherent gurgling by the cruel gag that kept her jaws widely prized. The man walked back around the table and stroked his hands down her bare back. She flinched under his touch then when he slipped his hands inside her pants she kicked out at him.

'Bad girl!'

He pinned her squirming body with one hand, dragging her pants clear of her bottom with the other.

'Now, keep still, or you'll only make things worse for yourself.'

She whimpered through the gag, her slim body trembling as the man slid his hands between her thighs and encouraged her to part her legs for him.

'Come on now, you're keen enough for a fuck when it suits you, I bet. How many boys have you enjoyed? You probably can't get enough of this, can you?'

Vanessa shook her head in denial, tears pouring down her cheeks as Mosafa slid one hand between the firm globes of her buttocks and slipped two fingers into her sex. Of course she couldn't admit to him that she couldn't begin to count how many men she'd slept with but in a second she knew he was going to discover something that would give him all too clear an insight into her sexual temperament.

'So what have we here?'

Vanessa closed her eyes and held her breath as she knew he'd found the clit ring that she wore. When she had become a submissive she'd been forced to wear the ring by one particularly cruel girl, who had controlled her for a while. Initially Vanessa found the device abhorrent and humiliating but as her submissive nature was encouraged, she'd come to enjoy the feel of the fine steel ring nuzzling between her legs and constantly arousing her sex.

The man grinned as he felt the ring under his fingers then pulled experimentally on it.


Vanessa renewed her struggling with more determination, all too aware that the clit ring was acting as a tacit invitation for her to be sexually tortured.

'Strap her legs!' Mosafa ordered, stepping back clear of her kicking feet and rubbing his knee where she'd landed a blow against him with her heel.

The two female guards approached Vanessa from both sides and slid broad leather straps around her thighs, which they buckled then pulled on, forcing her legs apart. The straps were then secured around the table legs and the Vanessa was now not just forced belly down over the tabletop, but her legs were widely spread and held.

'I think this little girl isn't so innocent as she seems. I think I'll take her to the tower. She can keep the other English girl company. They'll make a pleasing contrast. What was her name again?' Mosafa asked, unbuttoning his trousers and drawing out his engorged cock.

'Vanessa Richardson. Art Student from London. Nineteen years old.'

Mosafa nodded with satisfaction, drew apart the cheeks of Vanessa's arse with his hands and slid his cock into her sex. She was tight but moist and he sighed with the pleasure of forcing himself into her. The suddenness of his assault had taken her by surprise and now Vanessa squirmed ineffectually as the man partially withdrew his cock then pushed it back into her.

'Well, from now on Vanessa you're going to learn to submit to me whenever I want you. Then I'll train you to submit to whomever I chose to give you to. Something tells me you're going to enjoy being treated like this, which is excellent. A young blonde like you will sell well, once properly trained.'

Vanessa sighed as the man drew his cock back until she could feel the engorged head nuzzling at the opening of her sex.

'I think if you like wearing a ring through your clitoris, you'll enjoy everything I have planned for you!'

He pushed his cock back hard into her.

Vanessa shook her head, her legs and arms twisting and pulling against her restraints. The man took hold of her long hair with one hand, holding her head back and still, whilst with his free hand he stroked her cheek and traced the line of her mouth, feeling the metal that prised her jaws open.

'Enjoy it young girl...enjoy it and life will be easier for you.'


Vanessa's breath was coming in short urgent gasps as the man rode her harder. She gazed at her outstretched arms, her wrists bound by the leather cuffs and she remembered how she'd felt the first time she had been tied up. Each time there was the knot of nervous anticipation in her stomach. Often she felt the fear welling up, as she realised that she was completely helpless. But she'd learnt to take each new experience as it came to her and soon she'd come to find the whole thing deeply intoxicating.

Now though, she was in no bondage game. She had no idea what lay in store for her and she guessed that this man's assault on her young body was only the beginning. There was nothing she could do to stop him. She felt his cock using her, harder and harder, faster and more determined. She sighed through the gag, twisting her arms in a futile gesture of objection. Her legs were held so firmly by the heavy straps around her thighs that she couldn't move them at all. Despite being taken against her will, or perhaps because of it, she felt her pussy soak with arousal and desire.

She gave a choked whimper as she came, her juices bathing the man's cock and triggering his own climax he gasped with satisfaction, clutching her slim waist as he came, ramming his cock into her one last time.

'Good girl... very good...'

Vanessa lifted her head weakly as the man hauled himself back from her tethered body. He gazed appreciatively at her as he recovered his breath then he turned to the two female guards.

'Prepare her for transportation to the tower and destroy all her clothes and possessions. She won't be needing any of them from now on!'

* * *

Auda bin Yasel wandered across to the tinted plate glass window of the airport waiting lounge and gazed across the smooth tarmac to where a Boeing 747 was being loaded with supplies. Beyond the perimeter fence of the airport the desert began abruptly, except to the east where the sea sparkled invitingly. Glancing back at the arrivals board, the flight from Heathrow, England was still shown, although the arrival time was half an hour ago. There were only a handful of passengers milling around who might have been from this flight. Where was Vanessa? He had told her to wait here for him and on no account to leave the airport. With suspicions already aroused in his mind he sauntered across to the information desk. The smiling Arab girl behind the desk confirmed that the flight had come in thirty-five minutes ago and that Miss Richardson had been on board. When he asked if he could go through to baggage reclaim and the passenger arrivals lounge, he was told politely that was not possible. Accepting this, he left the airport, first collecting his weapons from the security desk where he had been obliged to leave them.

Once back outside in the fierce light and soaring midday heat he slipped his sunglasses on standing in the shade of a palm tree he used his mobile-phone to call the airport and ask for the number for security. Calling this he then asked in English for Major Mosafa. The girl who answered asked him his name and he told her Sir Rodney Stonefield. A few moments later and Mosafa came on the line.

'Sir Rodney, I trust everything is all right with you?'

Auda bin Yasel smiled to himself and muffling the phone with a fold of his cloak and assuming his best Oxford English he answered.

'Fine. Absolutely.' Auda then hissed into the phone, feigning interference, and then said, '...hear me?'

'What did you say, Sir Rodney? Can you hear me? There's a lot of static on the line. Are you still at the tower?'

'Yes but listen...' Auda hissed and crackled again before finishing, 'come here, can you?'

'This bloody line!' Mosafa swore, 'Sir Rodney, I have taken possession of another English girl: very young and wild. I shall bring her with me to the tower. Can you hear me?'

'Just...hang up, think... cheerio then Major.'

'Yes, goodbye Sir Rodney.'

Auda ended the call then dialled another number while looking back at the airport. After a few seconds his call was answered.

'Yo man, it's me, how's it going?'

'Change of plan Basil, hire us a jeep and bring it with the supplies to the airport as fast as you can.'

'Hey chief, what's going down?'

'Just be quick. Look for me outside the airport. Not the main entrance, just wherever security or airport staff would go in and out by.'

'Give me half an hour Sheikh and I'll be there.'

'Basil, you have five minutes.'

Auda heard his servant give a melodramatic sigh before he switched his phone off. Shouldering his rifle, he set off at a quick walk.

Chapter Four

Zoe felt herself slowly trying to surface from a deep and pleasurable dream. She opened her eyes and looked up, twisting her bound arms behind her as best as she was able. Her muscles ached and her arms were stiff from being forcibly restricted. A leather belt was tied in a figure of eight around her upper arms, pulling them tightly against her back between her shoulder blades. The wristcuffs she seemed fated to wear constantly now were clipped together and they had even bound a rope around her arms at the elbows to keep her arms under a constant tension and to almost completely prevent her flexing them. She lay trying to find a tolerably comfortable position whist her mind worked backwards as she tried to piece together the last events of the previous day.

They had let her sleep on the bed of cushions in the living quarters of the tower, although this she realised had been merely for the comfort of her abductor, Sir Rodney Stonefield. After her ordeal at the hands of the two Arab brothers in the basement, she had been left alone for a few hours. They had then returned and after her making her drink more water had dragged her upstairs and thrown her down on the bed. Stonefield had then inspected her swollen labia. The clamps and weights still in place, he had forced her to squirm and writhe for an hour or more while he had tormented her, pulling on the weights until she was delirious with the sensations he was forcing her body to experience. If she was truthful, the ordeal had been deeply pleasurable, in some perverse way, as she was made to lie helplessly and become worked up into a sweat of lathered feverishness. But what had happened then? Zoe groaned, struggling to remember. Her brain felt hopelessly muddled, like she had a terrible hangover.

She remembered he had then dripped some medicine into her mouth, still clamped wide open. She'd coughed and spluttered as the mixture had trickled down her throat and soon after that she remembered feeling drowsy. Then what? She forced herself to remember; for a moment her mind was blank than it came back to her.

First he had removed the gag from her mouth and then he had rubbed some cotton wool against her arm, where a vein ran close to the surface of her biceps. She had felt the faint prick of a needle and she'd gazed up dreamily in time to see the syringe emptying. She'd been vaguely aware that the man had stripped off his clothes and was climbing astride of her bound and defenceless body.

Zoe sighed, closing her eyes as she recalled what had happened next.

She had been sliding in and out of a fevered dream world and was only dimly aware of his hands running over her defenceless body.

'Now you have to tell me the truth Zoe: you see the drug will make you tell the truth; you understand that don't you?'


'But you feel sleepy don't you?'


'That's the medicine you've swallowed. You're going to be very sleepy now but you'll still tell me what you feel and what you want. Do you like it when I stroke your body like this?'


'Good girl, good girl...'

She felt his cock slide into her aching sex. His hands stilled her wriggling body and she sighed as his cock pumped her, harder and harder.

'Does that feel good? Is my little tart enjoying that?'

'' she sighed, drifting into sleep again, hardly aware that she was being flipped over like a rag-doll and now made to lie face down. Her legs were encouraged wider apart. Zoe moaned, the mild ache in her thighs forcing her to surface from sleep again.

'What are you doing to me?' she sighed. 'What's tired...'

'It's time for me to fuck your lovely little arse, Zoe. You'd like that, wouldn't you?'


'Does that feel nice?'

She squirmed sleepily on the bed as a finger insinuated itself into her anus.

'You can't help yourself now, can you? You don't care as long as your body gets attention, do you?'

'No. Don't care.'

Hands drew apart her buttocks apart and she felt something thicker than a finger pressing its way into her rectum.

'Does that feel nice?'

'Mmm... tight...hurts...please...'

'But you like it don't you? You can go to sleep when you tell me if this feels good.'

Zoe sighed feeling her anus being forced to widen and admit the man's cock.

'Nice... nice...'

'Good girl; you can go to sleep now, just as soon as I've finished with you...'

Now Zoe struggled to come to her senses as her reverie was abruptly broken and she was hauled up into a sitting position. The two youths had come into the room while she was sleepily trying to piece together the fragments in her memory from the previous night.

With her arms bound behind her she had no way of supporting her weight and if the collar around her neck hadn't been so wide she would have been choking by now as they forced her up into a kneeling position.

Her anklecuffs were clipped together, restricting her leg movement and her thighs now ached acutely from the beating she'd been given the previous evening as she was dragged across the bed.

'Uh, please, give me a chance... my legs ache...'

'Okay, we have a look at you.'

One of the Arab youths caught her by the hair and pulled her head back. Zoe forced herself not to object as he then cupped her chin with his other hand and examined her face.

'These new gags really good. No cuts, no bruises. Your pretty face looks fine, English girl. Now let's see...'

Zoe watched as his hand lifted and examined each of her breasts in turn. The only evidence of the torture they'd given her was a faint bruising of her nipples from the clamps. Satisfied, the youth pushed her down onto her back. Her anklecuffs were unclipped and hands grasped her ankles and pulled her legs apart.

'Her lips look only little swollen; no bruising. Okay, time you come down to the cellar again. This time we use heavier weights. You get used to it. Each day your sex is stretched until lips are full and juicy and then you sell for better price. You understand?'

Zoe glared angrily from one to the other, defiance welling up inside her.

'It's time for your arse fuck girl, so be good girl and come downstairs. It's playtime. You come quiet or we drag you.'

'I'll come quietly,' Zoe mumbled reluctantly but aware that resistance was futile.

The basement was cool but it was more from the fresh memory of what she'd suffered here that Zoe shivered. The two Arab youths drew her across to the cross-shaped bench and then unfastened the restraints around her arms. Zoe stood passively, quickly assessing her chances of taking them by surprise and trying to overpower them. Her legs felt weak but she had managed to walk down the spiral stairs. How stiff her arms would be though, she could only guess. She had seen the outer door of the tower as they'd passed the ground floor landing and there was a key on the inside. Unfortunately though, a stout beam of wood was also slid in place across the door, which she'd have to slide out of the way before making her exit. There was no sign or sound of Stonefield. The youths seemed arrogantly confident now that they felt they'd subdued her not just physically but mentally. They doubtless imagined that even with her arms free, she was no threat to them. Her mind churned over her choices: bide her time, learn her enemies' weaknesses and familiarise herself more with the location or act as soon as she had a chance. Would they give her another? As long as she played weak and defeated, the chances were that she could lull them into a false sense of security.

'Okay, lie down on the bench. Face down.'

Zoe made a snap decision; she'd bide her time for now. With her arms and legs free she did as she was told and lay down across the hard wood. Before she had any time for second thoughts the brothers fed straps through the hooks on her wristcuffs, pulled them tight and secured them. Well, that's it, Zoe thought, her arms now tethered. She lay passively while her ankles were dealt with in a similar fashion. Then as if she wasn't already helpless, they put broad leather belts around her thighs and tightened them, pulling her legs wide and pinning them tightly against the wooden surface she was stretched across. She was now secured spread-eagled and felt the sickening sense of vulnerability again. One of the youths ran his hands down the insides of her thighs making her flinch. As long as they didn't gag her again, she thought. She'd survived yesterday's ordeal and surely they couldn't do anything to her now that was much worse?

'Bring me the clamps brother. You looking forward to this, English girl?'

Fingers explored her pussy, stroking her then toying with her labia until she was sighing and squirming. To her shame, despite being forcibly subjected to the treatment, her body was getting itself aroused again. Is this why I didn't try to escape just now when I had the chance? Zoe wondered to herself. Did I want to go through what I suffered yesterday again? She shook her head in denial as she felt the cool steel of the clamp slide around her labia. No, she didn't want this, she told herself, whimpering in nervous anticipation then gasping, before having to stifle the urge to cry out as the toothed metal closed around the delicate flesh of her sex. A second later and she felt the second clamp bite hold of her. He had clamped both her inner labium and now he was stroking her clitoris and sliding several fingers back and forth over her vulva. Zoe shook her head, murmuring for him to stop, begging him not to hurt her then she just lay almost passively, gazing at her outstretched arms, the leather cuffs jammed around her wrists, as the heat of arousal built quickly inside her and her whole body began writhing urgently.

'That's so good...please...don't...stop...' Zoe sighed, lifting her head and looking dreamily over her shoulder when the fingers abruptly left her sex.

'You see, you learn to enjoy. Now let's see how you like it with weights. Keep still, there's a good girl.'

There was a moment's agonising pause then Zoe experienced the stomach twisting sensation of the weights distending her labia.

'Can't take it... stop, please...'

She tossed her head from side to side, twisting her arms and legs. The relentlessly stretching of her labia was unbearable; the weights they'd clamped to her were too heavy! She'd remembered the pleasure she'd experienced but she'd forgotten the pain she'd had to experience as well.

' it hurts too much...please stop...'

The next thing she knew was oil was being dribbled between her buttocks and a thumb was lubricating her anus before working its way into her. Hands settled over her hips and she tensed, knowing what was going to happen next. God, Zoe thought, he's going to take me up the arse again...she held her breath as she felt the youth's engorged cock slide up the crevice of her rump and find the delicate crater of her anus. She squirmed, sighing with pleasure as the youth pressed his thumb back into her and twisted it around.

'Please...fuck me...'she begged, unable to contain her eagerness any longer.

The youth withdrew his thumb and promptly drove his cock into her anus with a single assured thrust. Zoe gave a shocked gasp as her anus was forced to widen to accommodate his rock hard cock. She felt him pull out of her almost completely then he forced himself back into her, drawing a gasp of pleasure and discomfort from her.

'Not so hard... please...'

She closed her eyes and tried to relax her body as the youth began driving his cock in and out of her. The sensation of his thick shaft deep inside her tight passage was excruciating at first but soon her body grew compliant to the demands made upon it and as her rectum muscle was softened she felt herself being fucked harder and harder.

'Uhh, good...' she panted breathlessly in encouragement. When the youth came Zoe had already climaxed and was content to stop but she realised the other youth was now to have his turn.

'Oh, please let me have a rest,' she begged, crying out and shaking her head as the second youth moved between her tethered and spread legs and stroked his hands appreciatively over her rump.

'Good girl... you just lie still and enjoy...'

Zoe groaned as the youth tapped the dangling weights and a sudden exquisite pain shot through her labia. She shook her head, gasping as the youth forced the head of his cock into her now aching arse. The sensation suddenly brought her arousal back to fever pitch and as the youth settled into a rhythmic pounding of her arse with his cock, Zoe moaned as she felt herself nearing another orgasm.

'English girl having good time, yes...'

'Yes!' she cried out as an unbearably intense climax shook her whole body. Still shuddering from the aftershocks, she gasped then screamed as the youth drove his cock deeply into her, pulled back then rammed it again into her aching body.

'Uhh, please...enough...'

Ignoring her pleading the second youth continued driving his cock into her while his friend now walked across to the table of gruesome accessories and return; a ball gag dangling from his grip.

She recognised with dismay the type of gag they were about to place upon her. The SES held stocks of them, regarding them as the most efficient design available.

'Oh please guys, come on...don't gag me, please.'

The youth who was screwing her withdrew his cock from her behind and grasped her head with both hands, holding her still. Zoe shook her head, swearing then gurgling in protest as they forced the gag upon her. The ball was soft rubber and slipped easily into her mouth, the leather strap around her cheeks was buckled at her nape then a slimmer strap of soft leather was Velcro fastened under her chin. A tube and hand pump dangled from the rubber ball and the older youth grinned at her as he closed his hand around the pump.

She stared with fascination at the device, well aware that the pump would inflate the rubber ball that was now in her mouth. Her mind flashed back to a mission where she had subjected a man to such a gag and now she could clearly remember his anguished look as the gag had been inflated.

Zoe felt the soft rubber ball in her mouth start to expand. The Arab youth smiled mischievously as he gave the pump a couple more squeezes. She shook her head, gasping in alarm as rubber began pressing against the roof of her mouth and forcing her lower jaw downwards. Her mind flashed back to the man, gagged like this and begging her with his eyes to stop. She had taken advantage of the ruthless effectiveness of the gag and had inserted the catheter fully into the man while all the time he was frantically, silently begging her to stop. She had quickly glossed over any qualms she'd had about her actions when she saw that the man had come whilst being subjected to the catheter. He must have been enjoying it really, she convinced herself.

Now she gazed at her outstretched arms, the leather cuffs tight around her twisting wrists. The ball in her mouth expanded again, pushing behind her teeth, flattening her tongue onto the base of her mouth. She shook her head in objection, jerking her legs ineffectually against the stout belts that held her thighs widely spread. Oh God, thought Zoe, how much more are they going to inflate the gag? The realisation that she could do or say nothing now to stop what was happening made her stomach churn. Her labia stung with pain from being clamped and weighted and her clitoris was swollen again with arousal.

She thrashed her head from side to side, tears trickling down her flushed cheeks as the ball expanded again, forcing her jaws painfully wide. Just as she told herself she couldn't take anymore, the youth discarded the pump, satisfied with her condition. The lad behind her grasped her waist with both hands and pushed his cock against the now aching crater of her sphincter muscle. With one hard thrust he sank his cock back into her. Zoe howled in protest but the gag silenced her completely. As the youth withdrew then rammed back into her all she could do was shake her head in protest. Gazing at her outstretched and tethered arms she resigned herself to her fate. The youth who was standing watching her was already becoming aroused again as he watched his friend using her. She was going to get fucked senseless, Zoe realised, tears rolling down her cheeks as the youths continued their remorseless assault on her helpless young body.

She lay dazed and breathless, hardly caring what happened to her next once the youth had shot his load into her bowels and pulled his still erect cock abruptly out of her. She felt hands drawing apart the globes of her buttocks.

'The bitch is learning to enjoy it.'

'We keep working on her then.'

Zoe glanced dazedly over her shoulder in time to glimpse a butt-plug in the hands of one of the young men. Shaking her head in objection, she could do nothing as the device was pushed into her tender anus. The rubber shaft slid easily into her, her rectum muscle closing around its neck, then before she could attempt to squeeze it from her body she felt the device expand inside her. She craned her head sideways to see one of the youths holding a rubber pump and she glimpsed with dismay a tube dangling from the pump and disappearing between her legs. Oh no, thought Zoe, he's pumped up the butt plug so I can't get it out. She shook her head in despair as the device inside her body began to vibrate. The sensation was intensely arousing and she felt herself being quickly propelled rapidly to another climax.

The two young Arabs now contented themselves with watching her distress. The butt plug made her squirm and her writhing made the dangling weights swing and pull on her labia. A few moments later and she was jerking and twisting against the restraints as she came again. Of course there was no let up. The butt plug continued vibrating relentlessly and the pulling on her labia kept her continually aroused. To her dismay Zoe felt herself being quickly brought to yet another climax. The youth who had been first to use her, stood over her, grinning with satisfaction. Zoe gazed despondently as she watched him stroking his cock, coaxing it back to hardness.

'You like the plug or you prefer the real thing?' the youth demanded, laughing as he circled her. Zoe grunted through the gag as the weights dangling from her aching labia were tapped and her swollen sex lips felt a sudden increase of downward pressure. God, they had to take them off... she couldn't take anymore, Zoe thought, certain that she'd faint before long if this torture was sustained.

'Okay then English girl...'

The butt plug was deflated and withdrawn from her aching rectum. Zoe groaned in dismay as two thumbs slipped inside her anus and applied sideways pressure to her now tender muscle. She knew what was going to happen next and was certain that her body couldn't take another battering. She lifted her head weakly, gazing pitifully over her shoulder. The youth flashed a grin of white teeth and Zoe felt her anus being forced wider as a cock head was slowly but relentlessly driven into her.

Please, no... she thought, no more...

The cock eased back almost completely from her exhausted body then with a sharp thrust it was rammed back into her to the hilt. Zoe dragged her arms and legs against the straps that restrained her. She shook her head vigorously and looked up imploringly at the other youth. The assault on her body continued, mercilessly hard and when she thought she would certainly faint under the constant battering from pain and pleasure, her head was lifted by a hand clasping a fistful of her tangled hair and her face slapped until she recovered her senses.

'Come on now English girl stay awake. After my brother, I give you another good fuck!'

Her head was kept held back now, so that the youth could watch her distressed expression. When she closed her eyes, he slapped her cheeks and she was forced to watch as his cock recovered its hardness while the agonising shafting of her tender rectum by the other youth continued relentlessly.

* * *

Major Mosafa climbed out of his RangeRover, stretched his legs and wiped the perspiration from his face with his navy blue silk neck scarf. He then poured water from a flask over the silk and retied it loosely around his neck. He gazed down at the punctured tyre and took a long swig from the water bottle. He glanced back down the track the way he'd come. The dust thrown up by his RangeRover still hung in the air. The track stretched into the distance, void of any signs of life. Removing his sunglasses for a moment he ran his damp hand over his face, blinked and peered down the track in the direction he was heading. The horizon blurred into a shimmering heat-haze where the track climbed a ridge and disappeared from view, perhaps a mile or two away. Even though it was late evening now it was still exceedingly hot. He swore quietly then picked up the mobile phone that lay on the front passenger seat. A moment later he heard the smooth, rather bored tones of the Englishman, Sir Rodney.

'Sir Rodney, it is me, Major Mosafa. I have a puncture. I don't think I can be more than about three miles from you. Send the boys in the Mercedes. They can change the tyre for me. It's too hot to be out here working. Just wait till you see this young girl I've got.'

'What girl?'

'The one I told you about, when you called me at the airport.'

'Sorry old chap, but I never called you.'

'Then someone else did who was pretending to be you, Sir Rodney!' Mosafa glanced anxiously around him. 'Tell the lads to get their arses down here fast and to come armed! And keep the tower bolted as soon as they leave!'

Mosafa finished the call and slid the phone into his jacket pocket. He glanced inside the RangeRover.

The young English girl lay stretched along the back seat, her ankles and wrists bound with hemp rope, adhesive tape across her mouth. She was still sleeping from the injection he'd administered. She'd looked as slim and vulnerable as a gazelle he thought, as two of his guards had carried her to his car slung under a pole by the ropes around her wrists and ankles. She was still lying in the same position as they'd left her, naked except for her bra. She had magnificent breasts, the Major thought, staring down at the sleeping girl. High, full and firm, her nipples and areoles were clearly visible under the fine white fabric. He imagined her chained against the wall of his tower as he stroked her breasts, her young body writhing obligingly, arms and legs twisting and struggling as he stroked her, hardening her nipples in preparation for them being clamped. He looked at her sleeping face, her slender features looked calm now but soon her eyes would be wide with distress, her generous mouth would be twisted as she howled and cried, begging him to stop. That was the beauty of working on the girls at the tower. Miles from anywhere there was no need to gag them and their breathless crying was music to his ears. He would have this bitch begging him for mercy soon enough, he smiled to himself, dragging his eyes reluctantly from the girl's prone body.

Looking around the lifeless sand dunes for reassurance that he was alone he yawned and stretched. It was good to be out of that suffocating airport. He glanced back down at the punctured tyre and wondered how the Englishman was enjoying the British agent? He smiled, recalling the look of terror on her face as she had been smothered by the chloroform soaked handkerchief brandished by the Guards Captain. Mosafa had watched through the observation window as the young woman had been subdued. Her slim body had tensed, writhing for a moment before she'd lost consciousness. His cock had pressed, aching with arousal, inside his trousers as he'd watched her being dragged across to the interrogation bench by the two female guards. It hadn't taken long to make her confess to who she really was. The Guards Captain was good at his job, he had to admit. A bit heavy handed perhaps, a bit over zealous, but he got results. Mosafa himself was content to work more slowly, more subtly. He imagined the Guards Captain enjoying the girl after he'd left him with her in the airport interrogation room. Doubtless he would have taken her, as Mosafa had given him permission. He himself had strolled around to his favourite coffee shop, taken some coffee and had a smoke then he had visited a woman he used for massage when he wished to completely relax. The talented Arab girl had diligently massaged every inch of his body with almond scented oil then she had obligingly sucked his cock with her skilled and generous mouth until he'd come. All in all, up until now, the day had been unfolding quite pleasantly.

The sun was now a ball of orange shimmering as it began to dip over the hills on the horizon. As soon as it went down the temperature would drop quickly. Mosafa swung around, a noise making him jump. Deciding it was nothing, perhaps just an animal behind the nearest ridge, he relaxed. Then, in the last rays of the sun, something glinted, catching his eye. Maybe forty metres behind the vehicle he saw that the light was catching a dozen shining small items that littered the track. He picked one up and turned it in his hand. Crude metal, spiked and twisted, each one no larger than a coin, but each one effective enough to bring his RangeRover to an abrupt halt.

Mosafa's left hand dropped to his hip and he slid the catch free on the leather holster of his 9mm automatic. He pulled the pistol out, released the safety catch and drew the barrel casing back so the first bullet in the magazine was loaded into the chamber. Slowly releasing the casing he lightened his hold on the weapon, aware that he was clutching it unnecessarily tightly. Perhaps with the increased rebel activity it would have been prudent for him to have some bodyguards, he thought, chastising himself mildly, now he found himself stranded and alone. Of course he was anxious to keep his tower's location a closely guarded secret. It wouldn't do if everyone got to hear about what he used the place for. Still, maybe the time had come for him to keep some loyal men close by him as guards. The two young lads who served him were to be trusted and they were keen of course, but they were no soldiers.

He walked briskly back to the RangeRover, slid his pistol back into its holster and opened the boot. Reaching inside he snatched up a pair of binoculars with one hand, with the other a compact machine-gun. He then quickly shut the boot and climbed back into the front seat. Closing the door he glanced at the inside of the modified vehicle. The doors had been refitted with bulletproof panels and the windows were even supposedly now bullet proof. He reached inside the glove compartment for a paper bag of Turkish delight. Hearing a muffled sigh from behind him he looked over his shoulder to see the young English girl looking around her in dazed confusion. Just nineteen years old, he mused, smiling to himself as he watched her testing her restraints. She soon gave up struggling, realising it was hopeless. What a tender looking young thing, he thought. Yet interestingly her sex had been pierced and ringed. She was obviously not as sweet and innocent as she looked. He had found her deliciously tight when he'd sunk his cock into her slender body. How pleasant it was going to be to have her for his amusement.

* * *

Zoe had lost all track of time; her suffering seemed to be continuous now. She lay, exhausted and strapped down over the bench; the butt plug was back inside her anus again and widely inflated. One of the youths had started to whip her with a riding crop. Every time the crop struck her, she involuntarily jerked, making the weights dangling from the clamps fastened to her sex pull her labia that little bit more. They weren't whipping her hard, but enough to make her rump sting and worse it kept making her jerk which kept up the tormenting stretching of her swollen labia. She couldn't bear it anymore but the expanded ball of rubber in her mouth silenced her objection, the straps held her submissively still and the punishment continued relentlessly.

She closed her eyes and tried to shut her mind off from her torment. She had been in some tight situations before during her time with the SES, she would survive this and she would get her revenge upon Sir Rodney Stonefield, she vowed to herself as the riding crop struck her tender rump yet again. Through the haze of pain that washed over her tethered body, she lifted her head weakly as she heard the man who had brought her all this torment descend the stone steps.

'So how are you getting on with my young assistants, Miss Farquerson? Any objections to how they're treating you?'

Zoe looked up at the Englishman as he stood regarding her with obvious satisfaction at her distress. In her mind she formed words to express her contempt for him, but she was unable to even form the words in her mouth; her tongue remained held down and her jaws forced wide by the expanded rubber ball that filled her mouth. All she could do was to glare with unconcealed loathing but another blow from the riding crop turned her glare to a grimace of discomfort. The man watching her laughed softly then turned his attention to the two young men.

'Raoul, Sayed, Major Mosafa wants you to go and assist him. His RangeRover is stuck a few miles down the track. You had better hurry and take some weapons with you, he sounded rather worried.'

The two youths dashed obediently up the stairs, leaving Zoe alone with Sir Rodney who strolled around the bench where she lay strapped down.

'What have we here?' Sir Rodney asked, tracing his fingertip around the butt plug where it disappeared inside her.

'My, my, the boys have done well in encouraging your sex to flower to its full ripeness, haven't they?'

Zoe flinched as she felt the man touch the distended lips of her vulva, then she shook her head in objection, sighing then groaning as he pulled experimentally on the tiny weighted chains that dangled from the clamps that were tight around her delicate folds of flesh.

'You see Miss Farquerson, once I have become bored with your company here, you will be sold to one of the desert nomad chieftains. They appreciate white girls, especially ones as pretty as you.'

The man stroked her vulva, making Zoe squirm.

'They will pay handsomely for the right sort of girl. They want obedience and they like a girl who is physically well endowed but like their thoroughbred horses they want sleek lines, no spare fat.'

Zoe shivered as the man ran his hands down her ribs.

'Major Mosafa tells me they will pay generously for a girl who displays her sex well.'

Zoe jerked as the dangling weights were tapped again.

'Luscious lips and generous breasts make for an easy sale. By the time I've finished with you, you'll fetch a good price. Do your future prospects excite you, Miss Farquerson? Surely a life spent in the sun, being used for sex each day is a more satisfying prospect for such a randy young bitch as you rather than working in London for her Majesty's Government?' As Stonefield talked, he flicked on the switch which made the butt plug vibrate. Zoe squirmed and writhed. Stonefield turned the switch to maximum and she groaned through the gag as the intense vibrations deep inside her aching rear quickly brought her to another climax. The man standing over her laughed softly.

Zoe thought about what the man was saying. The butt plug was still vibrating deep inside her anus and along with the constant pull being exerted on her labia, it was enough for Zoe to find that she was being brought to another orgasm even as the one she'd just had was subsiding. What would it be like to be like this everyday, she wondered, then she shook her head in alarm at the prospect. How could she even contemplate being a sex slave! She had to escape! God, she'd been a prisoner for only a day or two and she was already beginning to resign herself to the existence! Swearing through the gag she stared angrily at the leather cuffs that bound her wrists. If she could only manage to twist her hands out from under the leather...

'Struggle all you want Miss Farquerson, you can't escape what's happening to you,' Stonefield laughed derisively and Zoe wondered whether he had guessed what was going through her mind. The man gave a low laugh of satisfaction as he stroked one finger deeply along the entrance of her pussy. She writhed under the sensation and with shame that flushed her cheeks scarlet, she knew she was going to come again. The realisation that she was actually getting off on being treated as a sex slave made her furiously ashamed and she cursed her wanton response to the torment she was being subjected to.

'I think you're ready to come again, aren't you, my dear?'

She shook her head in denial, then in protest as she saw the man pick up the pump that dangled between her spread legs and was connected to the butt plug. She watched in fascination and alarm as he squeezed the pump and she felt the soft rubber device in her anus expand even more. Sweat beaded her brow and she shook her head vigorously as he gave the pump another squeeze. She could feel the butt plug widening her channel, forcing the walls of her rectum to part to accommodate it. She watched in disbelief as the man squeezed the pump again. He had to stop... stop... more...

'Time, I think, for you to come again,' Stonefield announced dryly, smiling with satisfaction as he watched her writhing become more and more frantic. Zoe felt the vibrations from the butt plug slow then increase as Stonefield toyed with the dial. The pressure from the little weights dangling from her swollen labia increased and Zoe gave an agonised groan as a violent orgasm whipped through her body, leaving her gasping for breath.

She was still struggling to recover as the man removed the clamps and weights from her labia. She felt his fingers stroke her sex and then he showed his hand to her, his fingers shiny and dripping with the juices from her pussy.

'It looks like you're enjoying all this attention, doesn't it?'

Zoe shamefully closed her eyes, sighing as his hands stroked over her rump. She felt the vibrations from the butt plug stop but the device remained inside her expanded so much she felt she was in danger of being split to accommodate it. She was just thinking that if it got any bigger she would faint from the excruciating feeling when she realised that the man had moved to directly behind her and was standing where her legs were spread by the two lengths of the cross shaped bench.

'You'll have to forgive me my dear, but the sight of you enjoying yourself so much is too much...'

She craned her head back to see the man unzip his trousers and allow his cock to spring into view. She remembered how she had bound her hair ribbon around his scrotum, how he had struggled against the ties she'd spread-eagled him with. Now she was bound spread-eagled and he was taking his revenge upon her.

'We are very tight aren't we?'

Zoe grunted in discomfort as she felt the man's cock trying to force its way into her pussy. Of course with the butt plug expanded in her anus, her sex was now being pressed from two directions. Tears of anguish pricked her eyes and she jerked her arms and legs in protest as the cock was relentlessly driven into her.

'Very tight...' the man gave an appreciative gasp.

She grunted through the gag as she felt the cock push deeper into her and she was certain she was going to faint, so intense was the sensation. The man drew back; all she could do was whimper, tensing herself for his next thrust.

'Feels so good doesn't it...'

The man rammed his cock back into her, Zoe jerked against the leather that held her limbs outstretched, tears blurring her vision.

'Struggle all you want Zoe, it just gives me more satisfaction to know how this makes you feel!'

The man pulled his cock almost out of her and again he drove it back into her. She writhed helplessly.

'Don't tell me you've had enough sex for one day already?' the man asked, his tone of voice mocking her distress. Zoe looked back over her shoulder at him, begging him with her wide eyes to stop.

'Well that's such a pity you want to stop, because you see, I've hardly begun...'

Smiling sadistically the man rammed his engorged cock back into her body. Zoe gave a howl of gag-muted protest as she grimly remembered the man who had suffered the catheter. Silenced just like she was now, he had implored her with his eyes but she'd ignored him, intent on her own pleasure taken at his expense. Now it was her turn... she was completely at this man's mercy and he was showing her none.

Chapter Five

Vanessa lifted her head weakly and looked at the man sitting in the front of the RangeRover. She was desperate for a drink and felt giddily weak, not having eaten since the in-flight meal which seemed ages ago now. She gave a groan to attract the man's attention and when he swung around she looked beseechingly at him.

Having spent a summer as a submissive model being passed from one master to another, Vanessa had quickly learnt that anger and a bad temper got her nowhere. She'd been attracted to the idea of modelling nude and when she'd seen an advert for a model to work for a painter who specialised in submissive females she'd jumped at the chance. But what had started as modelling bound and gagged had quickly developed into something far beyond what her imagination had prepared her for. At first she'd rebelled, trying to convince herself that she hated being treated in such a way. Soon enough though she became a willing victim and she'd quickly learnt how to behave to ensure that she pleased her masters. Vanessa now looked hopefully at the man and moaned faintly through the gag.

'Shut up and lie still!'

She let her head slump back down. The man was gazing at her now, watching the rise and fall of her breasts. She twisted her wrists experimentally against the rope. It had been tied in a figure of eight around her wrists, which she knew was the most effective way to prevent escape. She had lost track of how many times she'd been tied up but the truth was that wriggling against her bonds had become a curious comfort for her. After all, once she was bound and helpless there was nothing she could do to protect herself. She was effectively absolved from any responsibility for what happened to her from then on.

Once, after flirting at a party, she had allowed herself to be coaxed into a car full of young men. They'd taken her back to a flat and no sooner was the door locked behind them than Vanessa found herself dragged across a bed and forcibly stripped. They had taken turns to screw her and since she'd been gagged and held down, she couldn't stop them. She'd struggled obligingly but the truth was that she'd loved it and ever since then, the feel of being forcefully restrained had made her pussy wet with eager anticipation.

She heard another vehicle approaching and lifted her head so she could glance out of the window. A Mercedes saloon drew up in a cloud of dust and two young Arabs sprang from the car brandishing the type of machine guns that every terrorist and freedom fighter around the world seems to wave. The man in the front seat glanced back at her. She looked sorrowfully at him. Since he was obviously responsible for her abduction she had to somehow ingratiate herself with him. Whilst she was bound and gagged that was a bit difficult but at least she could look pathetically vulnerable and dutifully docile. She hoped that sooner or later he'd give her the chance to suck him off. She'd become accomplished at that and all men seemed to respond favourably to a girl who gave them a good blowjob. However the man left her in the car and she settled back down to wait the next turn of events.

She had been bought her return flight to El-Saram by Sheikh Auda bin Yasel, who had invited her to spend some time with him. He had told her he owned a villa and a yacht and that in El-Saram at this time of year she could be assured of beautifully hot days. Vanessa had jumped at the chance of a free holiday, the opportunity to top up the tan she'd acquired in southern Italy as well as the chance of some more sex with the Sheikh. She had a naturally slightly olive complexion, her mother being French. Her father though was Swedish and she had his blonde hair and blue eyes. With her slim waist and generous breasts she knew and loved the fact that she drew lascivious gazes from men wherever she went. She gazed down at her body stretched the length of the back seat of the vehicle. The white rope wrapped tightly around her ankles and wrists contrasted pleasingly with her deeply tanned skin. She could see the faint gleam of metal through the soft thatch of her pussy hair. She had suffered having her clit pierced against her will. How she had howled when she'd been subjected to that! The pain was short lived though, then she'd been forced to watch, with a curious sort of detached feeling as the young women who were tormenting her had slid a fine silver ring through her clit and fastened it. It wasn't long before she'd become attached to her new piece of body jewellery and the feeling of it being pulled or weighted made her feel deliciously vulnerable.

Craning her head she glanced up to satisfy her curiosity as she felt the vehicle move. They were changing the tyre; he must have had a puncture, which was why they'd stopped in the middle of nowhere. It was quickly growing dark now but it took only ten minutes before they were ready to drive off again. The man climbed back in, seeming more at ease now, Vanessa thought. A moment later and they were driving quickly down the desert track, the Mercedes following behind them. Vanessa laid back and pondered this latest turn of events in her life. Modelling had led her into the world of bondage and submission. She'd been taken to Italy and now here she was in the desert somewhere in the Middle East. She assumed she was still in El-Saram, but of course she couldn't be certain. How long had she been drugged, she wondered, surely only for a few hours? At last civilisation and help couldn't be too far away? She twisted her body, lifting herself up as the RangeRover drew to a halt. It was dark outside, but she could see the faint yellow gleam of lights from one lone building. When the man opened the door the cool air against her bare skin made her shiver.

The two Arab youths appeared and dragged her legs first out of the vehicle. A pole was slid under the rope binding her ankles and wrists and they lifted her easily, taking the weight from the pole across their shoulders. Hanging upside down she could see that she was being carried to a narrow tower of stone and somewhere in the distance she could hear the sound of the sea, waves breaking on rocks, a distant but relentless pounding noise.

The heavy door to the tower, framed by an archway of flaking stone was opened as they approached, light flooding out. Vanessa was gazing down at the sand and saw a scorpion suddenly caught by the light freeze for a second before it scuttled away into the shadows. The two young men carried her quickly over the threshold, the man who had abducted her following close at heel. The door was swung to and closed with a resounding thud.

'So what have we here?'

Vanessa looked up to see a slim, late middle aged man in creased beige, white shirt and coloured silk cravat looking down curiously at her.

'She's called Vanessa. She's English. Nineteen. An interesting acquisition,' said the Arab as he gestured for the two young men to take her down a narrow flight of twisting stone steps.

'So what do you make of this mystery phone call?' asked the Englishman.

'I've no idea, but it spells trouble, I'm certain,' the Arab answered with a dismissive shrug.

'Raoul,' he called down the stairs, 'give her a wash in the well then bring her up and put her in my bed. Give her a drink and some food but keep her tied.'

The youth leading Vanessa called back up the stairs.

'Yes Major. We take good care of her. Food and water and wash, yes, very good.'

Vanessa was carried down into a cool and sand floored basement. Removed from the pole she gave a sigh of relief. The pain of being hung upside down by the arms and legs was something she could only suffer for so long... She glanced around her at the room, shuddering as she took in the chains dangling from the walls and the stomach churning equipment scattered across one table. Then she saw the second table. Through the adhesive tape that was secured across her mouth she gave a gasp of surprise. Strapped down over a cross-shaped bench was a naked young woman.

Vanessa sat obediently still as a rope was tied around the one that already bound her ankles.

'Time for your wash.'

'You enjoy.'

'You ready for wash, yes?'

Vanessa looked at the two youths questioning her. Suddenly the gleam in their eyes made her deeply unsettled. She glanced back at the other girl. There was something protruding from her backside and Vanessa could guess what it was. The poor bitch had been left with a butt plug in her. She was wondering for how long she'd been strapped down over the bench like that when the girl lifted her head and looked at them.

She had long dark hair and a beautiful olive complexion but her mouth was forced cruelly wide and filled by a ball gag. Her eyes were moist with tears and her hair was tousled over her perspiration soaked features. Vanessa could see faint marks across her exposed rump where she must have been whipped. Her thighs were spread wide and strapped with broad belts that were tight around her legs. Poor thing, Vanessa thought, wondering to herself how long the girl had been a prisoner here.

'Time for your wash,' one of the youths announced cheerfully.

Vanessa gave a grunt of discomfort as she was dragged by her legs across the sand to one corner of the basement. There was a circular low wall of stones and before Vanessa knew what was happening she was being lowered head first down the well shaft by the rope tied to her ankles. She felt cold water soaking her hair and she lifted her head up in alarm. She felt herself revolving slowly, and then her shoulders went under the water. A second later and the water came over her head and a few seconds after that she was completely submerged. Almost immediately though she felt herself being lifted up again. Shaking with cold and fear she was hauled right up out of the well and into the waiting hands of the two youths who were laughing at her discomfort. With a bar of soap the younger of the two lads quickly washed her from head to toe whilst the other unfastened and discarded her bra then stroked her breasts appreciatively. Once covered in lather from her hair to her feet she was then lowered back into the icy well water. Having been rinsed she was hauled up again and she was then carried back up the narrow stairs. Vanessa saw the other girl was watching her and they exchanged sympathetic glances.

* * *

Auda moved stealthily around the wall, brushing the flaking old masonry with his left shoulder. There was no way in except for the one door. Solid heavy wood, studded and recessed into the stone arch it would not be easier to force an entry that way. He circled the tower once more, surveying the windows. There were none on the ground floor, only slim arrow slits, too narrow to admit a person. On the first and second floors the windows were larger but they were all shuttered except for two which were barred with iron rods. Auda stepped back and looked up at the battlements of the roof. Perhaps that was the best way?

Drawing his long cloak around him he retreated back the way he had come, trudging slowly up the sand dune to where Basil sat waiting.

'What's the verdict chief?'

'Difficult,' Auda slumped down and accepted a tin mug of steaming coffee from his servant.

Basil had appeared at the airport a quarter of an hour after he'd summoned him. He had an old, open top jeep, the back of which was piled with supplies. The young man was flustered and out of breath and spent the next ten minutes explaining how hard it was to do what had been expected of him in so short a space of time. Auda had not seen the Major leave the airport and was beginning to think he had somehow slipped past him when he saw a RangeRover come speeding around the corner of a distant storage building and race across the deserted tarmac. As the vehicle paused at the security gate he recognised Mosafa at the wheel, seemingly alone. Guessing he probably had the girl stashed in the boot, Auda waited until the RangeRover was a good distance down the road before he gestured for Basil to follow.

Since it was late in the afternoon and the roads were busy with people heading home from their work it wasn't too hard to follow the Major's vehicle without becoming obtrusive. As usual the few traffic lights in the city weren't working and the police performing traffic duty, in their starched white uniforms and peaked caps, looked the part but were actually creating more confusion with their meaningless arm waving. Auda smiled to himself. Despite the modern high-rise buildings and the newly constructed roads of the capital, El-Saram was still medieval at heart. The King, a despot and a fool in Auda's opinion, had imported from the western world what he imagined his country needed but generally it was useless and served only as window dressing to give the right image for tourists, whose presence and money he welcomed. The police, for example, looked good in their immaculate white uniforms and smiled at every tourist or businessman but they served only to distract the critical eye from the real police of El-Saram: the secret police, who wore no uniform but wielded all the power.

Auda had settled back, allowing Basil to drive. Following the Major's RangeRover they had weaved their way around cyclists, camels and clapped out old buses until they left the city behind them. Auda unfolded and surveyed an old map of the area from when it had been a British colonial province. The King had banned all maps and map-making except for ones that he authorised, maps that carefully omitted his military bases; the inland oases and old towns of the hinterland that the King wanted to become forgotten. These places were still controlled by local Sheikhs and if he could reduce their trade he would reduce their wealth. Turn his opponents into beggars and how could they stop him, was his reasoning.

The perfect new tarmac swept across the sand with bold confidence for five kilometres to an inlet where there was the main oil-refinery. After that the road, which followed the coast, was nothing more than gravel. Basil allowed the RangeRover to increase its lead and the dust that it threw up acted as an efficient smoke screen enabling them to follow unseen. After a few more kilometres the main road swung inland but the RangeRover carried on down an old track that was marked on Auda's map but seemed to lead nowhere except out to a peninsula of land that thrust out into the ocean for several kilometres. Auda thought his map showed nothing but then scrutinising the map more closely he saw that almost hidden amongst the zigzag ink lines representing the cliffs was the tiny outline of a tower marked on the cliffs at the furthest point of the peninsula. The map showed that the track took a circuitous route to the tower and that if they could get the jeep along a wadi, a dried out streambed, they would effect a short cut and rejoin the track half way to the tower.

So the diligent British Empire mapmakers had even come here, Auda thought to himself, staring down the sand dune into the dark. The faint lights of the tower were the only things as far as the eye could see to show the mark of man on the wild landscape. Apart from the distant sound of the sea grinding over the rocks and against the cliffs, there was an eerie silence. The tower, he guessed must have been built as a lighthouse or a watchtower many centuries ago. And now it was being used by a Major of the secret police as a dungeon for helpless foreign girls to be held in and tortured for his amusement.

The short cut had worked and Auda had scattered a few tyre spikes across the track where they rejoined it. Basil had suggested that they ambush the Major but Auda had merely wanted to lure out from the tower whoever was in there. They had then driven the jeep across country to the tower and arrived in time to watch two young men hurry from the tower and drive a Mercedes down the track at reckless speed. Auda had then hoped to find the tower unguarded but he hadn't banked on it being so impregnable. He was quietly walking around the high stone walls when he heard a voice from inside. Even with one man still in it there was no way they could force an entry quickly enough to surprise him. So it was that they'd settled back to watch the arrival of the Major and had seen Vanessa being carried into the tower by his two servants.

* * *

The sound of footsteps made Zoe blink back the tiredness that had stolen over her. How long had it been since she'd seen the two Arab brothers bring that other girl down here? She was losing all track of time and in the cellar there was no natural light, which made matters worse. Where the hell were the SES or even the SAS! She needed rescuing, surely the British Secret Service must have worked out that something had gone wrong with her mission? She looked up as she felt a hand settle over her rump. Stonefield had left the butt plug embedded in her and hadn't deflated it so her anus was kept acutely stretched. At least he'd switched the thing off so that it wasn't vibrating.

'So how are we feeling Miss Farquerson? Nice and comfortable?'

Zoe felt the man stroke his hand down her leg, feeling the tightness of the strap around her thigh. It was the Arab again and from the tone of his voice and his smug smile she guessed he was well pleased with himself. No doubt because he'd just kidnapped another poor girl. She wondered who she was. She looked very young and was, Zoe grudgingly admitted, outrageously sexy. She had the sort of busty figure that would make her good money as a pin up model. No wonder Major Mosafa had abducted her.

'Would you like a rest, you don't look very comfortable where you are? Finding it difficult to sleep are we?'

Zoe glowered at the man as he taunted her. What did he think! Strapped down over a hard wooden bench, her arms held outstretched and her legs spread wide, of course she was in agony! Just wait until she got even with him! She would have him begging for mercy.

'Poor thing, you look rather distressed.'

Zoe sighed with relief as she felt the ball gag being deflated. Coughing and spluttering she shook her head as the man unfastened the strap and prized the ball from her aching jaws.

'Does that feel better?'

'Uhhh...mmm...'Zoe nodded appreciatively, her mouth too stiff to speak.

'I have brought you some food, here, eat.'

The man held a bowl containing rice mixed with small pieces of meat and slices of apricot and dates in front of her head.

'Aren't you going to untie my hands?' Zoe asked despondently.

'No, of course not! You can learn to eat like this or you can go hungry. The choice is yours.'

'You bastard!'

'Temper, temper.' the man shook a reproving finger at her. 'Very well, you can learn the hard way.'

Zoe swallowed to relieve the dryness in her throat and bit back the tears that pricked her eyes as the man took the bowl of food and placed it on the floor below her head where she could see it but of course could not reach it.'

'Oh, no... this isn't fair...please...' she begged.

'My dear girl, you have to learn that you are the author of your own distress. You have to realise that you are a slave now. You do as you are told and are grateful to the hand that feeds you. Now, let's try again.'

This time the man held out a bowl of water for her. Zoe didn't hesitate, straining her head forwards she gratefully drank from the bowl, lapping up the water as quickly as she could in case it was taken away before she'd drunk enough.

'You see, it's not that difficult is it?' the Arab laughed and when Zoe lifted her head back having drunk her fill he tipped what was left over her head. She gasped; shaking her head as the cool water ran through her hair and down over her shoulders.

'Please can I have some food now?' Zoe begged, looking pleadingly at the man standing before her.

'Raoul!' the man gave shout then walked around her, looking critically at her.

'Perhaps you need to lose a little more weight?'

'No!' Zoe protested, 'I'm slim enough, if you starve me I'll just look skinny.'

'You called, master.'

'Come here Raoul, stand in front of the girl, we have some more training for her.'

'English bitch look so sad,' laughed the youth. 'You have to learn to enjoy your new life. It's all you have to look forward to now!'

Zoe tried to pull her head away as the youth caught hold of her tousled and soaked hair.

'Let me go!'

'Stop tormenting her, Raoul,' ordered the Arab.

The youth who'd been lifting her head by her hair released her and stood back, grinning.

'So you want to be fed then?' Mosafa smiled condescendingly at her and Zoe nodded, looking hopefully up at the man who she realised held her completely in his power. Maybe now he had the other girl to play with he wouldn't care if he lost her. She quickly decided that whatever he was thinking, she'd get nowhere by going hungry.

'Please feed me, please...'she gazed hopefully up at him, smiling to show him how sincere she was.

'After you've performed your duties my dear girl. Raoul, you know what to do.'

Zoe watched as without any further encouragement the youth unzipped his cut-off jeans and drew out his cock, stepping close in front of Zoe and taking hold of her hair again with both hands.

'After you've swallowed everything that Raoul has to give you then I'll allow you to eat.'

Zoe stared at the semi-flaccid penis then glanced down at the bowl of food.

'Come on English girl...come on, you want it anyway!' Raoul laughed.

Zoe forced down the urge to swear at him. Choosing to do this with a guy she'd decided to sleep with was one thing but having to do it for some young brat who'd been torturing her...

'Come on, time to drink!' the youth laughed and tightened his hold on her hair, encouraging her mouth towards his cock.

Zoe closed her lips around the tip of his shaft and flicked her tongue against the glans. The youth grunted appreciatively. Perhaps, if she gave him a good time she could win his sympathy, she thought. She gave the tip of his shaft a few generous licks with her tongue and felt it twitch, the shaft thickening, the youth sighing contentedly.

Of course she enjoyed a good fuck and never tired of letting men get into her pants but the truth was what she found deeply arousing was taking control of a man. She guessed that was why she'd joined the SES: to have the chance to bring men under her heel. She glanced at the youth's cock, now fully erect as she bathed it with long strokes of her tongue. Having to do this was alright, but how much more satisfying it was to have some guy helpless and begging her to stop while she tormented him. Of course, deep down they loved it, she was certain, even when they were in pain. It was just interesting to see how much pain they could take. Now though, she was being subjected to whatever this man Mosafa chose to put her through. She could see her wrists bound with the leather cuffs and feel her legs helplessly spread and tied. She had to suffer the butt plug being in her delicate, young body; the inflated rubber forcing her arse so wide she ached. And now she had to suffer having this youth force his cock in her mouth. She felt a piquant ache in her pussy, as she became clearly aware of her situation. Though she hated to admit it, even being treated like this she found satisfying.

Zoe strained forwards a little further until she could lick the youth's scrotum and she managed to encourage one of his balls with her tongue towards her lips. Curling her tongue around the little stone of flesh she sucked it into her mouth and partially closed her teeth, trapping it in her mouth. She felt the fingers in her hair tighten in alarm. Don't worry I won't hurt you, she thought, although if it was Mosafa or Stonefield I might feel differently. She sucked hard on the testicle and the youth groaned loudly. You like that don't you; she smiled to herself and gently tugged the testicle pulling the sac taut where it joined the base of his cock. The youth gave a shuddering sigh. Is that too good? Too intense? She sucked harder, warming to her job and heard the young man give a deep groan. She released the testicle from her mouth and drew back. The cock was ramrod hard and dribbling viscous liquid from its shiny tip. The youth looked dreamily down at her, stroking his fingers through her hair now rather than clutching her forcibly. She glanced sideways at Mosafa who was watching intently. She could see the telltale bulge in his trousers and she smiled with smug satisfaction.

'Don't you wish you were in his place, Major?' she asked tauntingly.

The man was about to answer when there was a shout of alarm from upstairs. For a second the Major and the youth both seemed rooted to the spot. Then came the sound of gunfire. The youth looked wide-eyed with alarm. For a second the Major hesitated then he barked out an order in Arabic. Zoe saw the youth dash across the room and vault up the stairs.

'You don't think you've perhaps got a problem?' Zoe asked sarcastically, momentarily forgetting the fact that she was helpless, her mind now full of an imagined rescue bid by a crack team of British agents.

'Shut up, bitch!' the Major walked across to where she lay strapped down and his gaze swept over her naked and bound body. Zoe saw his eyes fall on the pump dangling between her legs and a second later he had snatched it up, grinning sadistically. There came another shout, or more of a cry, from upstairs which, she thought sounded like Raoul. There was another burst of machine gun fire and then a single muffled shot, scarcely audible and an agonised cry, which again sounded like Raoul.

The Major glanced in the direction of the stairs then looked around the room. Zoe could see that he had discarded his belt with its gun holster and he was obviously cursing the fact that he had no weapon to hand to defend himself with.

'Aren't you going to go and help your servants?' Zoe taunted.

The Major growled something in Arabic and squeezed the pump in his hand.

'No!' Zoe shook her head, her body writhing then bucking as the already well inflated butt plug expanded even more inside her. Shouting for him to stop, she didn't hear the footsteps on the stairs and neither did her tormentor.

'Stop right there Major!'

Zoe lifted her head back and saw a tall man, dressed in black with what she thought at first glance was the protective leather clothing of a biker. Her impression was reinforced by the fact that he wore what looked like a biker's crash helmet, black with a black glass built in visor. Then she realised from her SES training that what she was looking at was state of the art body armour.

'Who the hell are you?' Mosafa demanded.

'Put that down and move away from the girl.'

The man raised a revolver, which was fitted with a silencer. Zoe heaved a sigh of relief as the Major let go of the pump and stepped away from the bench.

'Uhh... please help me... hurts...' Zoe gasped.

The man advanced into the room as he heard someone behind him.

'Hey chief, can I come down?'

'Be my guest Basil.'

Zoe watched a handsome dark young man descend the stairs with agile grace. He was dressed in frayed jeans and a sleeveless olive green combat jacket.

'What next chief?' the young man glanced around the room, raising an eyebrow when he saw Zoe strapped down over the bench. He had an automatic pistol jammed in the waist of his jeans and slung from a belt about his waist a large knife. A sheathed dagger was strapped to one of his boots and in one hand he held what Zoe recognised as an Uzi 9mm machine pistol. These were definitely not SAS, she told herself, unable to take her gaze off the lean but well muscled young man who'd just appeared.

'Release the girl, I'll watch the Major.'

'No sooner said than done.'

Zoe smiled to herself at the young man's cheerful, easygoing manner. He seemed to be treating this as no more of a day's work than a barman shaking cocktails.

'Please, can't take anymore... take it out...' Zoe looked imploringly at her rescuer who stroked one hand reassuringly down her flank as he took in her condition.

'Relax, we're gonna take good care of you.'

Zoe felt the butt plug abruptly deflate.

'Can you force it out?'

'Too tired... help me...' Zoe sighed, happy for the young man to look after her. She closed her eyes as she felt him prise the rubber plug from her anus. A second later and he was releasing the straps that held her thighs spread.

A few moments later and Zoe found herself slumped on the sand floor, nursing her aching but freed wrists. The man in black had waited in silence whilst she had been freed and now he ordered the Major to lie on his back on the same bench to which Zoe had been strapped down.

'Who are you? What's happened to the others? He had two servants and there's an Englishman with him as well. They brought another girl... who are you? Uh, my legs feel like jelly, I can't stand!' Zoe found herself stumbling then she sank to her knees.

'Basil, I'm going to see if Vanessa is okay. Finish securing the Major to the bench then help Miss Farquerson upstairs.'

'You know my name! You have come to rescue me! Oh thank heavens!' Zoe felt tears of relief prick her eyes and a surge of joy well up inside her. At last, her nightmare was over! She watched as the young man finished securing the leather cuffs around the Major's outstretched arms and legs.

'Okay Miss, can I help you or can you walk?'

'I can walk,' Zoe smiled gratefully and hauled herself to her feet. She stared down with unconcealed loathing at the Major of the secret police who had made her last few days such a misery. She wondered what had happened to Sir Rodney. Perhaps, he'd been shot, maybe killed. She wondered fleetingly about the two young Arabs. She imagined them firing away madly at the man in black, his body armour absorbing all their fire. Had he gunned them down? Whoever the British Secret Service had sent to rescue her they had chosen someone obviously equipped for the task.

'Let's go then.'

'I'll follow you up, I just want a few moments first with the Major.'

The youth looked at the man tied spread-eagled over the cross-shaped bench.

'Sure thing, I'll wait for you upstairs.'

He grinned at Zoe who smiled back then waited until he'd left and she was alone with the Major. She went across to the table of accessories and scanned them. She could feel the Major's gaze on her back. He had this coming to him, she told herself, picking up the items that she wanted.

'Listen, Miss Farquerson, let me make a deal with you...'

'Be quiet, there's a good boy.'

'You won't get out of this country unless... no... nuhh...'

She felt him shaking his head defiantly but he couldn't stop her from forcing the smooth metal rods of the gag into his mouth. She adjusted the tension of the rods, increasing it until slender shiny metal was forcing his jaws widely apart.

She watched him shaking his head in objection, his arms pulling aggressively but ineffectually against the leather cuffs around his wrists. Zoe took a deep breath to settle herself and she looked down at the man who was helpless before her. She unhurriedly unbuttoned his trousers and drew them and his pants half way down his thighs. His cock was thickening as she watched.

'Feeling excited are we, Major?' she smiled down at him, watching, not even having to touch him as his cock became more and more engorged with blood, swelling and hardening until she could see the veins standing out down its length and the head becoming a rich purple colour.

'Now, I wonder if you can guess what happens next?'

'Leave him. It's time to go!'

Zoe swung around, glowering at the man who had silently descended the stairs and stood watching her. He had discarded the visored helmet and she found herself meeting the stern gaze of an Arab. There was something about his bearing that was compulsively commanding. Zoe guessed that he must have noble blood, his manner suggested he had been born and bred to giving orders and commanding men.

'I want my revenge on him!' Zoe pointed to the man spread-eagled on the bench.

'You sound like the immature daughter of some petty tribesman. Perhaps you have already forgotten who you are?'

'I know perfectly well who I am! What about if you tell me who you are?' Zoe demanded indignantly.

'I haven't time to stand here her engaging in idle chatter with some ungrateful girl. Follow me.'

'I'm not ungrateful. But before we leave, can't you give me ten minutes with this bastard, now...'

'I won't tell you again Miss Farquerson, follow me, before I lose my patience.'

Swearing under her breath Zoe left the cellar, hauling herself with arching arms on wobbly legs up the stairs. The door to the tower stood open and the cool night air spilt into the hallway. The stonework was scarred by bullet holes and on the wall at the foot of the spiral stairs leading upwards there was a smear of blood that made Zoe shudder.

'I'm sorry; I don't know your name, but thank you for rescuing me. I presume the British Government sent you?'

'My name is Sheikh Auda bin Yasel. You are right in your assumption, I am being paid by the British Secret Service to recover you.'

'But, he would have come to rescue me anyway,' came a girl's voice from around the curve of the spiral stairs.

The blonde girl that she'd seen earlier came into view. She grinned with pleasure as she saw the man named Auda and gave Zoe only a cursory glance.

'You have no idea what I've been through since arriving in your beastly country!'

Zoe watched as the blonde girl jumped eagerly down the last steps into the arms of the Sheikh. She had on a pair of cut-off jeans, which Zoe guessed she must have appropriated from one of the Arab youths but otherwise she was naked.

'So how are you feeling after your little ordeal?' she turned to Zoe and smiled sweetly, eyeing her up and down critically, while pressing her own body up against the man's. 'So who is she Auda? Surely you didn't really come here to rescue her?'

'She's a British spy who got herself caught by the El-Saram secret police. Mind you, the Major of the secret police who abducted both of you is more interested in furthering his own aims than serving his masters.'

'And what were his aims?' the girl asked.

'He would have sold you to one of the desert chieftains as a slave for his harem. First he would have broken your will and through relentless discipline made you submit willingly to whatever was demanded of you.'

'What's happened to Stonefield?' Zoe asked.

'The Englishman? He's alive.'

'He should be taken to Britain to face charges,' Zoe announced.

The Sheikh gave a derisory laugh, shaking his head.

'He's none of my concern. I'm leaving him here. Without transport he faces a long walk to find help and in the meantime I'll let the rebel movement know about who they might find in this tower if they pay it a visit.'

'So what happens now Auda?' the girl asked expectantly.

'The British have paid me to rescue her. I suppose I should now deliver her, as expected.'

The young blonde girl looked thoughtfully at Zoe then slowly licked her lips before reaching forward and whispering in the man's ear. Zoe felt a knot of apprehension tighten in her stomach. The man gave the merest conspiratorial nod then announced that they needed to make swift preparations to leave the tower.

Zoe wondered how long it would be before she would be back in civilisation as she was ushered quickly out of the tower to a waiting jeep. She found the desert at night was bitterly cold and she was unbelievably grateful when the young girl appeared and tossed her a handful of clothes.

'I found these in the tower. I guess they belonged to some of his earlier victims.'

'Thanks,' Zoe smiled at the young girl, who was now wearing a T-shirt and some low boots as well as the cut-off jeans.

'I hope these fit,' said Zoe pulling on a short red skirt that she'd been given.

'These boots are a bit big for me,' the other girl admitted, 'but at least they're better than nothing. There was an old chest full of clothes. I wonder how many girls that bastard had abducted?'

'You were lucky your friend arrived so soon. I couldn't have taken much more of the treatment I'd been given,' Zoe confessed, wriggling to get into the skirt then pulling on the T-shirt she'd been given. The top was too small and dug under her armpits and squashed her breasts. She tugged on the red Lycra but it barely stretched half way down her stomach. Whoever the girl had been who had originally owned it must have been really skinny, she thought. She glanced at the girl sitting on the jeep bonnet, wondering about what had bought her out to El-Saram and what her relationship was with the man named Auda. Smoothing the tight skirt down over her hips she watched the two men leaving the tower. And seeing the younger man jam something into the hinge of the open door.

'Get down behind the jeep for cover!'

The men jogged quickly across to where the girls were waiting and they barely had time to duck behind the vehicle before the stick of dynamite jammed in the door exploded, blowing it off its hinges and sending a shower of splinters into the air.

The Sheikh stood up and smiled with satisfaction.

'Well done Basil. Right then, blow all the tyres on the Merc' and lose the keys. We'll take the Major's RangeRover and the jeep. You drive the jeep; I'll drive the RangeRover. The girls can come with me, at least they'll be warmer in the RangeRover.'

'How long will it take us to get back to the capital?' Zoe asked.

The man exchanged glances with the blonde girl and Zoe sensed that they were holding something back from her.

'Go on Auda, there's nothing to stop you,' the blonde girl blurted out excitedly, her blue eyes glinting with a mischievous eagerness.

'What the hell have you two been discussing?' Zoe demanded angrily.

The man gave an enigmatic smile and opened the RangeRover, silently suggesting that Zoe climbed into the car.

'No, hang on a minute; I want a reassurance from you that we're going straight to the British Embassy. You told me that you were paid to free me.'

'That is true and I have already been well paid. Vanessa here has pointed out that it might be more rewarding for me if I sold you on the open market.'

'What the hell are you talking about?' Zoe demanded, backing away from the man defensively.

'The truth is that what the British Government values you at is a lot less than I could get for you as a harem slave here in El-Saram. Or indeed if I sold you on the international market, you would fetch an even more attractive price.'

'You unscrupulous bastard!'

Zoe turned and fled, driven by the one immediate thought of escape. Should she try to get to the tower and find a weapon or should she try to run into the dark and hope to escape under cover of dark. At least she was free, for the moment!

She hadn't covered more than a few yards though when she was knocked sideways by a rugby tackle from the Sheikh's servant. Using her training from the SES she lashed out at the young man catching him by surprise with the ferocity of her attack. A sharp blow from the edge of her hand knocked him backwards and she scrambled back to her feet. She felt his hand grasp her ankle and she kicked out with her other foot. The youth rolled sideways to evade her attempted kick and clasping her ankle with both hands he pulled back fiercely throwing her off balance.


Zoe landed in the sand, momentarily winded. She twisted her body, stumbling to her hands and knees only to feel a hand clutch the waistband of her skirt and jerk her backwards.

'Let me go!'

Before she could recover herself the young man swung his weight over her chest then pinned both her arms with his hands. Zoe was about to kick out at him when she felt someone drop their weight onto her legs.

'I've got her legs,' the blonde girl laughed, 'Auda, bring us a rope!'

Zoe struggled frantically but with two people pinning her down her efforts were futile. She looked up to see the sheikh come striding towards where she lay held down, a coil of rope in his hand.

'You can't do this to me! Damn you! Let me go!'

She felt the rope being tied around her ankles, her legs being pulled together and she thrashed them furiously but the girl had her weight on them whilst the man bound the rope tighter and tighter until her ankles were secured together. She was then rolled onto her chest and her arms were pulled behind her back. The men held her arms still while the blonde girl bound her wrists together.

'Tie another rope around her arms above her elbows, Vanessa,' Auda ordered.

Zoe grunted with the discomfort of having her arms drawn close behind her back as the girl wrapped a rope in a figure of eight around her arms, binding them above the elbows as instructed.

'You'll never get away with this!' Zoe hissed angrily.

'Who's going to stop me?' the man asked arrogantly. 'The British Government believe you're held prisoner by the El-Saram secret police. What will they think when I say that I couldn't find you? How can they prove otherwise?'

Zoe sighed with dismay as the men lifted her onto their shoulders and carried her across to the RangeRover. A moment later she was lying along the back seat and the engine roared into life. From the front passenger seat the blonde girl turned and looked smugly at her, her generous bow shaped lips curved into a sadistic smile, her large blue eyes glittering with mischief.

Chapter Six

Vanessa leant back in the leather seat and pushed her sunglasses up from the brow of her nose until they rested in her hair over her eyes. The tinting of the RangeRover windscreen meant she didn't have to squint, though outside she could see the fishermen now shielding their eyes from the sun as they gave up repairing their nets and moved to the shade. The outside temperature gauge on the dashboard read 34c then even as she stared at it, the little green figures flicked to 36c. Same as me, she thought, smiling to herself, stroking her hands down over her breasts. Her T-shirt clung damp with sweat, hugging her generous curves. She idly picked at the loose strands on the cut-off jeans where the denim finished high up her thighs.

She flicked through the radio stations on the car radio but there was nothing in English with a clear enough reception to make it worth listening to. She picked up her can of coke and shook it experimentally. There was still a little left but when she put it to her open lips the fizzy drink was disgustingly warm from where it had been sitting on the dashboard. She peered out of the car but there was no sign of Auda. She gave a bored sigh and glanced back over her shoulder. Their prisoner looked up at her expectantly.

'Comfortable?' Vanessa asked, cynically.

The girl tried to say something but her words were incoherent, muffled by the folds of silk that filled her mouth and were held in place by a scarf drawn tightly across her mouth. Vanessa watched as the girl wriggled, struggling to lift herself up so she could see out of the door window. With her arms pinned behind her, she had to struggle for a moment before managing to haul herself up into a sitting position. Vanessa observed her as she looked anxiously out of the tinted glass. I've got a pretty good idea how you're feeling, she thought. Well, you can just lie there and enjoy the feeling of helplessness.

Vanessa looked out of the rear window of the RangeRover. Auda's luxury cruiser, sixty-four feet of state of the art marine technology lay quietly at anchor, dominating the tiny and primitive fishing port. They had reversed the two vehicles right up along the jetty and Basil had set to unloading their equipment. With a high tide Auda had been able to bring his cruiser into the harbour and his sleek little speedboat was now being winched up behind the cruiser.

By the time Auda signalled to her that he was ready to take their unwilling passenger onboard; the jetty stood deserted of activity. The nearest group of fishermen sat clustered under an open sided tent of brightly woven fabric that had been erected on the beach and which lay surrounded by nets, wicker baskets and vast sails of white cotton awaiting repair.

Vanessa opened the RangeRover door and swung her legs around, sliding her bare thighs off the sticky leather seat and dropping her feet down onto the stone cobbles of the jetty. The heat rolled over her like a wave. Auda's servant was stacking the last of their equipment up against the side of the jetty. Seeing her he waved and walked across to where she stood gazing down at the emerald water.

'What an amazing place,' Vanessa gazed around her. Out at sea she could see small islands of golden sand dotted with palm trees, then looking behind her she took in the immense sweep of the sand dunes that swept down to the shore. On the horizon some camels moved in convoy, laden with goods, a man sat on the leading one, his head sheltered from the sun by a fold of his cloak held above him by a stick. Looking down the coast in the distance she could see the shimmering steel on the oil refinery.

'We're ready to take the girl on board.'

'Okay,' Vanessa nodded and turned back to the RangeRover.

She saw Auda moving along the side of the luxury cruiser, dressed now in traditional flowing Arab garb. He jumped down onto the jetty and walked past them, waving a wad of bank notes in one hand.

'I'll be back in a few moments. Basil, get Miss Farquerson on board and then get these vehicles moved.'

Vanessa watched him stride past them before turning to his servant.

'Where's he going?' she asked.

'He is going to give the fishermen a gift.'

'A bribe?' Vanessa asked.

'No, a gift,' the young man corrected her, mildly but firmly. 'They are of the Marik tribe. Auda is Chief of the Safaleme tribe. The Safaleme and the Marik ware joined by alliance. Now, we are on Marik land so Auda gives them a gift. All of this coast is Marik territory.'

'I don't suppose they own the oil refinery though do they?' asked Vanessa cynically.

'No, but when the time comes Auda will return it to them.'

'What are you on about?' laughed Vanessa.

'When the King's overthrown Auda'll make the Americans who own the oil refinery lease the land from the Marik tribe. The oil refinery stood on the sit of their own fishing port but no compensation has ever been paid to them for what they lost.'

Vanessa shook her head in disbelief as she watched the figure on the beach sit down crossed legged with the fisherman under their canopy of silk.

'I wouldn't laugh if I were you, that man is pretty damn serious. He may seem like some Arab playboy to you, idling his time in London or Paris, cruising around on his big boat and frequenting the casinos of Monte Carlo. That's for a reason Miss Vanessa. He's keeping out of the way, there's a price on his head here and if he's in Monte Carlo or London you can bet it's on a fund raising mission.'

Vanessa stared at the young man as he spoke with her, then seeing Auda stand up she shook herself out of her trance.

'Hadn't you better get her on board?' she asked, gesturing with her thumb to the girl who lay gagged and bound in the back of the RangeRover.

'Sure thing and you can help me.'

'Hang on Basil, we just can't go dragging a bound girl out of the back of here in view of all those fishermen,' said Vanessa.

'Of course we can: they're Marik. None of them have seen anything today. As far as they're concerned, we haven't even been here and neither has that boat.'

'Cool craft, huh?' Vanessa glanced over her shoulder at the gleaming white hull, the ranks of smoked glass windows and the high flying cabin which its slowly revolving radar and massive aerial masts.

'Just wait till you see inside.'

Vanessa helped Basil haul Zoe from the RangeRover and they carried her to the boat and down into a cabin where they tossed her down onto a double bed.

'This room is where Auda likes to have his fun and games; you'll find plenty of things in the lockers to experiment with. We'll remove the rope from her ankles and get her skirt off first. After I've untied the rope I'll hold her legs still while you whip her skirt off.'

Vanessa did as she instructed. She looked down at the girl pinned by the muscular young man and remembered how if felt to be in such a situation.

'Learning to enjoy your time as a slave?' Vanessa ran her hand up the other girl's bare leg. 'Quiet sexy isn't she?'

'She sure is. Though I prefer blondes myself.'

'Well Basil, let me congratulate you on your good taste. Blondes are always more fun.'

'We can still have some fun with this one though before Auda sells her. Look in the lockers, you'll find some straps to secure her with.'

'Says who? I don't see why I should have to do any more to help you. It's too damn hot anyway and I want a drink!' Vanessa protested sulkily.

'Are you forgetting who you are? You're here at Auda's pleasure and it's his wish that you help me, so get your ass off the bed and do some work!'

'Alright, since you asked so nicely!' Vanessa answered sarcastically.

The first locker that Vanessa opened contained a mixture of girls' clothing, mostly swimsuits, some unopened boxes of underwear and some soft packages of folded tissue paper which she could guess by feeling them must contain lingerie. She glanced over her shoulder at Basil and grinned.

'Please my I try some on?' she asked meekly, giving the young man a cheeky grin that she hoped would make him agree to her request. She knew she'd come to El-Saram for Auda's pleasure but she had convinced herself that she'd enjoy being with him too. Now there was this other English girl they'd got hold of, Vanessa reckoned that she'd have a cushier time. If Auda wanted her bound and gagged, she didn't mind, but it would be fun as well to see how he treated this girl.

'Come on, we've not got all bloody day!' Basil complained.

'Okay Basil, no peeping,' Vanessa grinned and quickly discarded her borrowed cut-off jeans and T-shirt.

The young man sat on the bed, one hand over his eyes but his fingers widely spread so that he could watch her. Vanessa saw the gleam of his white teeth bright against his dark skin. She giggled to herself as, opening another drawer, she found it neatly stacked with boxes of unopened toiletries and along side these boxes of vibrators and sex aids.

'This guy's got everything a girl could ever want!' Vanessa laughed.

She made a circuit of the room opening every locker and pulling on every handle. She found a wardrobe hung with an array of leather straps and belts, PVC outfits and boxes of shoes and boots. One full-length door swung open to reveal a walk-in shower cubicle and another pair of doors slid aside to reveal a television and video.

'Hey come on! Are you gonna get dressed and get us some straps or what?' asked Basil.

Vanessa rummaged through the swimsuits and found a turquoise bikini with a halter neck, which she quickly pulled on. She picked up a leather strap from the wardrobe and found that at both ends it had stout chrome bulldog clips and that its length was adjustable.

'Any good?'

'Yeah, great. We'll need two like that. Chuck it on the bed.'

In a box on the wardrobe floor she saw a pile of leather wrist and anklecuffs and she eagerly picked up two anklecuffs. These were not only larger than the wrist cuffs but had thin leather straps designed to slide underneath the heels of shoes. Vanessa tossed the leather cuffs down onto the bed and now inspired she began opening up the boxes of shoes. Finding a pair of gold, high-heeled sandals she brought them across to the bed.

'So how can we tie her up?' she asked.

'Look at the edges of the bed.'

Zoe looked and found large brass rings fastened to the mahogany panels at each corner of the bed.

'Great, let's do it!' Vanessa pulled one flimsy gold shoe from the bed and slid it on Zoe's foot. She quickly laced up the sandal then proceeded to fasten anklecuffs around the girl. Their prisoner shook her head in objection, trying to say something but the gag rendered her words into a muffled groan.

'Hey, chill babe, surely you know we're just going to play some harmless games with you?' Vanessa laughed.

The anklecuffs were made of exceptionally soft leather but Vanessa knew they'd be no less effective for that. She slipped the extra, thinner strap underneath the shoe's instep, then drew it up tightly and buckled it back to the thick leather collar that was snug around Zoe's ankle.

'You know, you kind of get to enjoy being on the receiving end of this sort of attention. It just takes time to come to turns with how you really feel.'

'So you reckon she's enjoying this?' Basil laughed.

Vanessa grinned at Basil as she set to work on their victim's other leg.

'Oh sure, she'll be turned on big time by this.'

Vanessa clipped one end of a strap to an anklecuff, loosened off the strap until it was fully extended, then she clipped the other end to the brass ring at the corner of the bed. Vanessa then dealt with the second strap in the same way and once both straps were clipped in place, Basil swung his lithe frame from pinning Zoe's legs and he stood up.

'Cool. Okay Vanessa, you do her left leg, I'll do her right.'

Simultaneously they picked up the leather straps and pulling hard on them with both hands they tightened them, forcing Zoe's legs abruptly apart. A second later and the straps were buckled and Vanessa was looking down with a broad grin on her face as she saw the other girl pulling helplessly against the straps. Try as Zoe might to close her legs, they were now held widely spread.

'Arms next.'


They unroped the girl's arms, removed her T-shirt and fastened wristcuffs upon her. Vanessa thrilled to the feel of the girl struggling under her as she sat astride her waist, pinning her arms. She knew so well what it felt like and while a part of her wished that she was on the receiving end of the treatment, she was enjoying herself immensely.

With the wristcuffs clipped to the straps, Basil drew the leather straps taut and Zoe's arms were stretched above her head. Vanessa stroked the girl's chest, circling her breasts with one fingertip, brushing her fingernail against her nipples until they stood to attention for her.

'I'd best go and help Auda cast off, he'll be wondering what we're getting up to. You'd better come with me,' Basil announced.

Vanessa followed the young man from the cabin. As she drew the door closed behind her she paused to watch Zoe wriggling on the bed, testing the restraints they'd secured her with. She could barely flex her arms or move her legs; her limbs were drawn so taut. Vanessa could see all her muscles straining against the tight straps. The girl's dark hair was spread across the white cotton sheet as she tossed her head from side to side, gazing despairingly at the tight leather cuffs around her slender wrists. The silk gag that was tight across her mouth was soaked with saliva. She was gasping and sighing as she writhed helplessly. Vanessa knew just how Zoe felt; a heady mixture of fear and arousal, Vanessa had never experienced anything so intoxicating or addictive. She gazed at Zoe and felt a sharp pang of jealousy.

* * *

Trapped in the cabin Zoe had no way of knowing where they were or what time it was. She could just feel the movement of the boat and guessed they had been sailing for a couple of hours when she glimpsed the curve of a hill through the cabin window. The gentle thrumming of the powerful engines diminished. Palm trees came into view as the boat drew closer to the land. Then it felt as if it had weighed anchor.

She had been left alone for nearly all of this time. The young man had returned briefly to remove the silk scarf that had gagged her and had given her a drink of mango juice. Then she'd been left to lie and contemplate her fate. Mercifully he'd slackened the straps that held her outstretched, so she could at least flex her arms and move her legs a little. Curiously, she was not as afraid of her fate as she imagined she perhaps ought to be. Maybe, having coped with the ordeal of being Stonefield's prisoner in the tower, she'd come to terms with what suffering might now lie in store for her.

'Wakey, wakey.'

Zoe opened her eyes with a start and saw Vanessa staring down at her. The girl then sat herself down on the foot of the bed and appraised her prisoner, smiling with satisfaction as Zoe instinctively tried to close her legs as she reached to touch her sex.

'You know,' Vanessa spoke slowly, thoughtfully, 'I can't help wondering just now, which of us is the more aroused?'

Vanessa's hand moved over Zoe's leg, her fingertips stroking up her thigh towards the dark thatch of soft hair that spread around her sex. Zoe's attempt to deny how she felt dissolved at the first delicate touch of the other girl's fingertips against her vulva, which to her shame was swollen and slick with arousal.

'Auda has been telling me what he's got in store for you.'

'Uhh... don't...please...' she begged.

'Don't tell me that doesn't feel nice?' Vanessa teased.

'Get your hands off me!'

Zoe drew her legs together as much as the slackness of the straps permitted, glaring defiantly at the girl reaching over her defenceless body.

'Okay then,' Vanessa smiled, 'if it makes you feel better, I'll make it impossible for you to stop me.'

Zoe sighed as the straps that held her were pulled taut, spreading her legs forcibly wide. The tension in her thighs was acute and Zoe groaned as a hot ache in her sex grew. She found herself craning her head and gazing down at her tethered body and the sight of her own helplessness she found deeply arousing.

'Now, where had we got to?' Vanessa asked dreamily.

Zoe shook her head, sighing as the other girl's fingertips resumed their teasing exploration of her sex. Delicately the folds of her vulva were drawn open and she moaned feverishly.

'Oh yes, I was going to tell you about what Auda had planned for you. Well, it's simple really; he's going to auction you on the open market as a sex slave, then he'll give the money he makes towards the rebel cause in El-Saram. Did you know that there was an international black market for girls like us?'

'I'd heard it existed...' Zoe sighed, the tension in her arms and legs making her eyes smart with pain which contrasted exquisitely with the delicious ache in her pussy.

'Auda's going to sail us to Karunga, on the African coast. There's a thriving market there for the white slave trade. The military ruler is corrupt as hell so he encourages the market and takes a cut of the profits. Something for you to look forward to Zoe.'

Zoe no longer cared what the other girl was saying. Her back arched responsively, her arms twisting against the restraints as a skilled finger stroked and coaxed her to orgasm. She sighed, moaning louder then closing her eyes and biting down hard on her lower lip as Vanessa stroked her, teasing her until she ached unbearably.

'Feels good, doesn't it?'

'Uh, huh...'

'That's it Zoe, just enjoy it...'

Zoe sighed, closing her eyes as the delicious feeling between her legs increased. She felt Vanessa's fingers slide right into her sex then slowly twist before withdrawing.

'We're going to take some photos of you looking your best Zoe and we'll shoot a little film. Then they'll be uploaded onto the Internet to a secret website. Then whoever fancies you can bid at an auction and we'll see how much money you'll raise for those poor rebels back in El-Saram.'

Zoe opened her eyes and gazed at the blonde girl sitting over her, stroking so calmly but so skilfully between her legs.

'But how can you condone it?' Zoe asked, struggling to keep her thinking clear despite how dizzily aroused the other girl had made her.

'Oh come on, it's not that bad. I've leant to be submissive and it's cool. You'll learn to enjoy it sooner or later.'

'No, never...'

'Never?' Vanessa smiled, 'That's a very long time, Zoe. A very long time to fight against what's probably a basic instinct. Now, there's an El-Saram naval patrol boat out there, so we just have to wait here for a while. Auda's picked it up on the radio, so he's tucked us into a little bay in amongst some islands until it goes past. You've learnt how to wait haven't you?'

Vanessa stopped stroking Zoe who looked up, unable to conceal her expression of frustrated disappointment.

'Please...' she begged, ashamed of how pathetic she must seem, but unable to help herself now.

'Very wet aren't you? Would you like me to make you come?'

'Yes, please!' she begged.

'Well, since you've asked so nicely.'

Zoe squirmed on the bed, the sweat trickling from her armpits and down the crack between her firm buttocks as the other girl stroked two fingers firmly across her aching sex, rubbing her from her clitoris downwards in gradually quickening and progressively firmer strokes.

'Uhh... uhh...'

'That's it Zoe, good girl...'

Zoe gazed up at the young blonde girl knelt between her spread legs. She bucked her hips frantically, dragging her arms down hard against the tight leather that held her wrists high above her head. To her disbelief the feeling of resistance from the leather tight around her wrists increased her arousal. She lifted her head and gazed down at her spread and tethered legs and the sight of her helpless body excited her even more. Then, just as she was about to come, Vanessa stopped masturbating her and Zoe gave an agonised cry of frustration.

'Please... please Vanessa...don't stop...'

Vanessa, leaning back on her heels, smiled apologetically as she lifted her hips a little and slid her hand under the waistband of the turquoise bikini pants. Zoe watched as the girl looked dreamily at her, her lips parted slackly, her breathing quickening as she stroked herself.

'Something wrong darling? Nothing worse than having an itch you can't scratch, is there?' Vanessa smiled, tauntingly.

Zoe ground her teeth in frustration and anger as the blonde girl slid herself from the bed, kicked off her bikini bottoms and took a vibrator from one of the lockers. She waved it at her teasingly, then, leaning her arched back against one wall, she slid the tip of the vibrator along the inside of her thigh towards her sex.

'Just what a girl needs at a time like this,' Vanessa sighed as she flicked the vibrator on. She then slid the tip into the thatch of blonde hair between her parted thighs.

'Oh yes, just right... mmm...'

Zoe was unable to drag her gaze away as the young girl taunted her, slowly sliding inch after inch of the shiny gold and black tube into her sex. Vanessa hung her head back as she slid the vibrator into her until Zoe could only see its end, the tip of Vanessa's middle finger pressed over it to keep it in place.

She watched in frustration as Vanessa brought herself to orgasm, pumping the vibrator harder and harder, her legs wide apart and her stomach clenching as she thrust herself down onto it at each inward plunge, and then arching convulsively as her climax hit. For a moment she slumped contentedly then withdrew the vibrator from her body. With the device glistening with her sex juice and still humming, she crouched over the foot of the bed and stroked up Zoe's spread thighs with it.

'Uhh, please, fuck me with it Vanessa, I beg you!'

'Okay then,' the younger girl laughed softly then rubbed the tip of the vibrator over the crater of Zoe's anus making her squirm and sigh. Slowly the vibrator was insinuated into her body, her rectum being relentlessly widened until the shaft could be admitted. Zoe sighed, tossing her head from side to side and writhing against the straps that held her arms and legs outstretched.

'Too tight...' Zoe gasped, breathlessly.

'Shall I stop?'

'No... no...'

The need to come now was too great and Zoe wanted the vibrator inside her body desperately. She moaned softly, closing her eyes as the device was pushed deeper into her arse and the vibrations rippled deeply through her.

'You enjoy that Zoe, while I find myself something else to wear.'

Zoe looked up to see Vanessa slide herself from the bed. The blonde girl slipped the bikini top from her breasts and tore open some of the tissue paper parcels until she found a gossamer fine black G-string that pleased her. Zoe moaned softly as she felt the vibrator bringing her closer and closer a long awaited climax.

'Don't you think this suits me, Zoe?'

Zoe opened her eyes again and looked up to see Vanessa fastening a delicate lace edged bra that barely contained the swell of her generous breasts.

'Uhh... yes... yes...'

She tried to arch her back, the vibrations rippling through her body were so last... she sighed dreamily, gazing at Vanessa who was wriggling into a black Lycra mini skirt.

Zoe gasped and bucked on the bed as the vibrator brought her to climax. Exhausted and dazed, she gazed up at the lithe, blonde girl looking down at her.

'Nice to see you enjoying yourself so much while you're tied up and helpless, Zoe. You'll be well appreciated at the slave auction!'

Zoe watched in dismay as Vanessa left the room. So they were going to sell her as a sex slave. She knew only too well of the rumoured white slave market in Karunga.

The daughter of a British diplomat in a neighbouring country had been abducted and smuggled across the border into Karunga only last year. Whilst negotiations went on with the kidnappers, the SES had been put on standby and a plan had been formulated for some SES agents to get themselves abducted. Once in the slave market they would break out, find the girl, rescue her and be airlifted out by the SAS at a pre-arranged rendezvous site. The rescue plan had been launched but it had gone disastrously wrong. The four SES agents had posed as innocent young girls on a hiking holiday in the neighbouring African State. They had been ambushed by a group of heavily armed bandits and a tracking device one girl had hidden on her showed that they were taken across the border into Karunga. But then the signal from the tracking device had stopped and the military satellite tracking them by infrared lost them in the dense rainforest. A month later a United States CIA team reported that a bondage and torture web-site run from a location in a South American country was showing pictures of a girl who was confirmed as being one of the lost SES agents.

Zoe was still anxiously wondering about what fate lay in store for her when Auda, Basil and Vanessa came into the cabin.

'Okay, let's get her ready for some shots,' said Auda, matter-of-factly. 'Dress her first.'

'Vanessa's told me what you're planning!' Zoe blurted. 'For pity's sake, listen Auda, the British Government will match any price you might get for me there. Please, don't do this...'

The Arab caught hold of Zoe by the jaw, holding her head still so that she had to meet his gaze. She had been untied and hauled from the bed, Basil grasping her wrists behind her back.

'I've little affection for the British Government,' Auda announced, 'They've done nothing to save my people from a cruel dictatorship. They practically condone that tyrant who styles himself as King! No, I'm sorry, you'll be sold at the Karunga slave market and I'll put the money I get for you to a worthwhile cause!'

'For mercy's sake Auda! Look, the British Government will pay a ransom for me! Don't send me to the slave market, please!' Zoe begged.

'I've heard enough from her,' Auda growled, 'Vanessa, gag her.'

'What shall I use, Auda?' Vanessa asked.

'You choose, anything just as long it silences her!'

Zoe tried to back away as a moment later Vanessa approached her, a rubber facemask dangling from one hand. Basil tightened his grip on her arms and nudged her forwards.

'No... please...'

'I think this suits you,' Vanessa laughed, pulling the rubber snugly around Zoe's head.

The thick latex came across her mouth, moulding tightly under her chin and around her throat. She felt it stretching tautly over her cheeks, leaving just her nose and around her eyes exposed, except for two strips of latex that ran from over her mouth, up either side of her nose then joining above the bridge of her nose and stretching across her forehead.

'Pull her hair out of the way, she'll look better with her hair loose,' Auda ordered.

Zoe grunted in objection as her head was tilted forwards, her hair dangling around her face, the blood rushing to her head as the latex was drawn tightly around the back of her head.

'Now, just keep still while I get some of these straps fastened,' Vanessa told her.

Zoe tried to thrash her head as she felt the rubber pressing hard against her mouth and tightly around her cheeks.

'That's one. Now for the other.'

The strips of latex running up her face from above her mouth were pressed more firmly against her skin and she felt the strap that stretched over the top of her head being pulled taut.

'There, nice and snug. How does that feel, Zoe?'

All she could manage was a muffled groan and Vanessa laughed with delight at how effective the gag was.

'What can we do to her next, Auda?' she asked, her eyes sparkling with excitement.

'She looks good in the high heels but give her something else to wear. At least to start with.'

'Leave it to me,' Vanessa replied and she quickly searched through the clothes until finding something that suited her purpose. A moment later and Zoe was being forced into a leopard print tank top and matching G-string

'That's fine, now strap her face down on the bed,' Auda instructed, 'Vanessa you can whip her while I take some photos.'

Zoe was tossed down onto the bed and her arms and legs spread-eagled and bound. She saw Vanessa move behind her, a short leather whip in her hand, her eyes gleaming with eagerness. Zoe's heart hammered with excitement and she had only a second of nervous expectation before the whip cracked down against her bare skin.

She howled in protest through the gag. The sadistic bitch had brought the whip down against her rump with all her strength!

'Not so hard Vanessa,' Auda cautioned. 'Bring her to tears by all means but do it slowly.'

The whip cracked down over her rump again making her jerk frantically against the leather that bound her ankles and wrists and held her spread-eagle.

'Maybe a bit harder,' Auda suggested. 'Keep that up until her body is bathed in sweat and she's too exhausted to struggle any more. I want her looking nice and compliant for the next set of photos.'

Zoe shook her head, twisting her arms desperately as the whip struck her again.

For the first dozen or so blows she struggled, cried and thrashed against the straps that held her spread. Vanessa at first concentrated on whipping her rump but she then turned her attention to her thighs. Each searing burning sensation of the whip made Zoe jerk and twist frantically. When Auda lifted her head by grasping her tangled hair, the tears were running down her cheeks and over the shiny black latex of the gag. The man felt between her legs, stroking his fingers across her vulva. Zoe groaned through the gag.

'She's very aroused, poor thing,' the man laughed contemptuously.

The whip came down again across Zoe's thighs making her buck and jerk her arms against the straps and leather cuffs that bound her wrists.

'You can't escape this, you may as well resign yourself to the fact.'

Again the whip struck her, less hard but across her buttocks where they curved into her thighs. Zoe felt the leather brush close against her sex and she whimpered plaintively. The man stroked her again and when his fingers slid inside her, Zoe pushed her body back against them, aware of what she was doing but unable to control herself. She couldn't help it if they'd made her hopelessly aroused. She was desperate to come now.

'Basil, time for you to service her.'

Zoe just had time to see the young man's face light up in expectant pleasure before the Arab released his hold on her hair and her head dropped abruptly back onto the bed.

A broad leather belt was fastened around Zoe's waist and buckled tight. They then clipped a strap onto a ring on the belt above her spine. The other end of the strap was then clipped onto a hook screwed into a steel plate that was bolted onto the cabin's low ceiling. As Basil tightened the strap Zoe groaned, feeling her waist being lifted.

'Vanessa, slacken the straps to her ankles a little,' Auda ordered. 'We don't want to strain the girl and hurt her. You can have a play with the camcorder while Basil services her.'

Zoe watched fearfully as the young man began to strip off his jeans and Vanessa picked up a camcorder and set to work to film the unfolding scene. Zoe looked around her and saw Auda leaning nonchalantly against the wall, watching and she looked pleadingly at him. He merely gave a faint shake of his head as if to say, "No, I won't stop this happening to you." Vanessa who had been fiddling with the camcorder glanced up and gave a loud gasp of amazement making Zoe look around. Vanessa was gazing at Basil, who was now climbing onto the bed behind Zoe's spread legs and forcibly raised bottom.

Zoe glanced over her shoulder and saw what had made Vanessa gasp; Basil was massively hung. His thick dark cock was flaccid but still as long as any male organ that Zoe had ever taken in her pussy. She stared wide-eyed in alarm and shook her head with disbelief.

'Christ Auda! And I thought you were well hung!' Vanessa gazed at the young man, licking her lips as she began to salivate in excitement. 'But doesn't having some girl tied up before him get him excited?' Vanessa asked, 'I should have thought watching this any guy would be rock hard by now.'

'He's seen it all too often,' Auda smiled, 'He just needs some warming up. You can do that.'

Vanessa discarded the camcorder and skipped across to behind the young man where he was kneeling, poised on the end of the bed.

Zoe felt the young man rest his hands on her raised hips, she looked back and stared mesmerised by the cock dangling between the youth's muscled thighs. She saw Vanessa move behind the young man, her blonde hair contrasting vividly with his dark skin, as she looked over his shoulder.

'Don't worry Zoe; I'll make him as thick and as hard as I can for you! I can see you're dying to have this up your sweet little pussy!'

Zoe shook her head and looked imploringly across to Auda but he studiously ignored her. She felt her gaze being dragged back to the giant cock and saw that Vanessa's slender fingers were now stroking slowly up and down the shaft. Her long fingertips were lightly sliding over the dark skin and even as Zoe watched she saw the shaft ripple and thicken, moving like some snake coming to life as she stared at it in breathless disbelief.

Sure, she'd fantasised about being fucked by some amazingly well hung guy, but never in her wildest dreams had she imagined something this size! Always being avid for sexual gratification, even in the temporary absence of some man, Zoe had stocked her bedroom with a handful of vibrators, but she'd never even contemplated buying something the size of what now faced her. She knew she had a satisfyingly tight little pussy. Plenty of guys had gasped with pleasured surprise, as they'd had to force their cocks into her tight little sex.

'Does that feel good, Basil? Is that nice?'

Vanessa was cradling the heavy sac of wrinkled skin that hung below the young man's cock, rolling his testicles between her fingertips, gently squeezing, stroking, and teasing. Zoe watched, wide-eyed as the cock continued to thicken and now, even more alarming, she could see it lengthening as well. She craned her head sideways, staring with fascination, her pulse quickening, her armpits drenching with sweat as she saw Vanessa caress the head of the cock with her fingertips. Almost immediately in response, the thing that had been hanging down and semi-flaccid now reared up, blood rushing to fill it. She saw the head widening, engorging with blood until the skin was stretched tightly. The shaft swelled, thickening until Vanessa was unable to close her fingers around it and still it thickened as she went on stroking it.

'Don't excite him any more Vanessa or he'll come too quickly,' Auda cautioned.

'I know how to stop that,' Vanessa laughed, 'Here we go Basil, this'll keep you from shooting your load too soon.'

Vanessa quickly ripped open the wrapping of some perfume and shook the bottle out from its glossy little box. First splashing some into her palm she then caressed Basil's scrotum. The young man let out a loud gasp of surprise.

'Hell that stings!'

'It'll really inhibit ejaculation. I reckon you can fuck her for as long as you please now,' Vanessa told him smugly.

Zoe looked at the massive ramrod hard cock, gleaming as it swayed behind her bound legs.

'Go on Basil,' Vanessa encouraged. 'Give it to her as hard as you can!'

Zoe pulled against the leather cuffs around her wrists and ankles as the young man grasped her hips. He pulled the flimsy G-string aside and pushed the head of his vast organ up the crack between buttocks. Zoe felt it grinding its way between the mounds of soft flesh and then sliding relentlessly into the delicate folds of her sex. She shook her head vigorously as the cock slid into her sex, driving into her body with the relentless onslaught of a battering ram. It forced her sex wider than she imagined possible then ploughed into her, taking her breath away. She struggled to drag herself free but it was impossible. Her limbs were pinned. Her waist was forcibly lifted so her bottom was held aloft. Strong hands clasped her hips and her whole body already felt exhausted from struggling against the relentless whipping that she'd suffered.

'Okay Basil, time for you to fuck her senseless,' Vanessa urged him.

Zoe shook her head in disbelief as she felt the cock going still deeper into her tight, young pussy. The sensation quickly so intense she struggled madly.

Panting hard through her flared nostrils and gazing at her outstretched arms that ached where she'd fought against the leather cuffs and straps that held her, Zoe groaned through the gag. The cock was now completely inside her. Zoe glanced sideways and saw the Arab watching her with amused satisfaction. He then gave the merest nod to the young man.

Zoe tried to shout through the gag but the latex smothered her mouth so completely that she couldn't make more than a faint murmur of protest as the cock slid back out of her. Her body seemed to contract, her legs went soft, her head spun as she was rushed into a violent orgasm. The cock ploughed back into her, driving itself into her sex in one relentless motion. Again the cock pulled out and even faster this time it was rammed back into her. Zoe howled through the gag but little noise escaped the snugly fitting latex mask. The cock withdrew and was again thrust into her. She grunted, fresh tears pricking her eyes. Again and again and again it was rammed then withdrawn then rammed into her until she imagined she would die if she had to experience it one more time. But still the torment continued: relentlessly, remorselessly, her delicate young body was pounded until the ache in her sex spread through her arse down into her legs and up her heaving chest to her breasts. She shook her head in despair and with what strength she had left she made one more pathetic attempt to free herself from the straps and cuffs that bound her to the bed. Feeling her helplessness and the relentless shafting her aching pussy was taking she came again. Her slim, sweat soaked body writhing madly as her orgasm came in waves, leaving her feeling so dazed she would have collapsed but for the belt around her waist holding her shattered body up so that it could be subjected to a continued assault from the man behind her.

'I've got enough on film. I'm going to check the bridge.'

Zoe hardly registered what Auda was saying. The door unlatched then latched shut again as he left. She lifted her head and through her tousled, perspiration drenched hair she could see Vanessa watching her, her expression now showing perhaps a hint of sympathy as well as excitement at her predicament.

The young man paused for a moment, the head of his shaft resting between the swollen folds of Zoe's vulva.

'Don't you feel like coming yet?' Vanessa asked the young man.

'Nope, I reckon what you did sure worked well.'

'Well, what a lucky girl you are, Zoe!' Vanessa laughed.

Zoe looked imploringly at the young blonde girl to try to tell her that she couldn't bear any more.

'I reckon she's had enough, Basil,' Vanessa announced, seeing Zoe's desperate expression. 'Maybe you should stop, I think she needs a rest.'

'Too bad, 'cause I ain't finished yet.'

Zoe groaned in dismay as the cock was shoved back into her sex, tears running down her cheeks and over the latex gag as the cock resumed its assault on her aching pussy.

'Come on Basil, give her a rest,' Vanessa coaxed, 'What about if we ungag her and she gives you a blowjob?'

'Fancy that then girl?' Basil lifted Zoe's head and met her gaze. She nodded her consent and gave a sigh of relief as Vanessa unfastened and removed the latex gag mask.

'Ready to suck cock then?' Basil demanded, laughing as he lifted Zoe's head by her hair.

'Yes...yes...' Zoe gasped.

With his balls dangling under her chin, Zoe licked along the length of the shaft that swayed before her face. She wondered whether it was only her self-esteem that was objecting to being used like this. If she repeatedly came whilst being taken like this, surely deep down she was enjoying it? She'd always had an insatiable sexual appetite. She'd imagined that the extreme sexual practices used by the SES would have satisfied her, but always she'd craved more. Now, since she'd been abducted and had been forcibly put on the receiving end she had discovered another side to herself.

She gazed at her outstretched and tethered arms, the all too familiar leather cuffs tight around her slim wrists. Basil's cock was far too large to take fully in her mouth but she enjoyed sucking cock and had developed a good technique. Soon, she felt the huge shaft beginning to twitch and throb. She drew her head back to recover her breath. Looking sideways she saw the young blonde girl watching her. Vanessa was sitting on a chair, her slender legs up in front of her, her ankles crossed and resting on the corner of the bed. Zoe could glimpse the delicate black silk briefs underneath the tight black Lycra mini-skirt. The girl's excited breathing made her generous breasts rise and fall, her nipples pressing erectly against the flimsy bra. Her piercing blue eyes glittered with excitement and her generous lips were parted slackly, her sensual mouth opened as she softly panted in arousal at what she was watching.

'Okay honey, suck and swallow like a good little bitch,' Basil ordered.

Zoe slid her mouth over the broad cock tip and flicked against the head with the tip of her tongue. She licked all over the smooth dome and then, tightening her lips around him she sucked. Basil groaned. She sucked harder as the organ in her mouth throbbed. Basil gave a long low sigh and she felt his fingers tighten their hold in her hair. Hot come splashed against the back of her throat. Zoe sucked avidly and Basil groaned deeply. The milky fluid poured in a long stream from his cock and Zoe felt it filling her mouth and trickling down her throat. She saw Vanessa watching the spectacle, her hand between her legs and felt strangely proud of herself and oddly content. Maybe, just maybe, she could get used to this new life, she thought.

Chapter Seven

Zoe sighed, pulling her arms against the ropes that held them outstretched before her. The rope though was tight around her wrists and chafed her skin as she twisted her hands ineffectually. She lifted her head and gazed down the length of her outstretched body. Her bare skin glistened from the coconut suntan oil that had been liberally poured all over her. Her legs were well spread, ropes bound around her ankles and tied to deck cleats.

The heat now was not the dry heat of the desert but the steamy heat of the jungle. Her bare skin was hot to the touch and she imagined her blood beginning to simmer as they sailed closer and closer to the land and the stiflingly oppressive heat gathered about them. It felt like she was breathing through the hot flannels that Indian takeaways gave out at the end of a meal. She had lost all track of time since they had tied her outstretched across the deck.

Gazing to her left she could see the coast clearly now, a wall of dense green foliage that was separated from the deep blue of the sea by a thin line of golden sand. Turning her head to the right all she could see was the sea. She had also lost track of how many days they had been out of sight of land. The time had passed in one confused and continuous round of games played out between the four of them on the luxurious boat. Each game had been different but the theme had been the same.

Always the men were in control. Sometimes they allowed Vanessa to be on their side and Zoe was the sole focus of tormenting. Whatever they did to her though and however much it hurt, Zoe found that they knew how to arouse her sexually until she was aching and desperate for gratification. To her shame each session ended with her begging and agreeing to whatever was demanded of her. Just as long as they let her come... in the end that was all that had mattered. She felt that she was only living now to give and receive sexual attention.

Sometimes Auda would have Vanessa bound and gagged. The teenager easily accepted whatever lay in store for her. Even tied down and being whipped, Zoe could see that the girl was getting off on the experience. She showed no shame and her wanton lust for sexual satisfaction knew no limits. She behaved for Auda like a willing slave and Zoe hated her for her subservience. But what she hated even more was the realisation that she was becoming like the younger girl. Her hands bound behind her back, when ordered to kneel, she would, without question, because she knew to refuse meant a sharper, harsher pain than the tormenting and exquisite pain that came with the punishment that Auda would give her if she showed obedience.

Isolated on Auda's yacht nothing else mattered anymore. What would have seemed completely unnatural behaviour had now become almost second nature to her. She had become accustomed to wearing whatever Auda chose for her. Sometimes she would be given a bikini, at other times she would wear nothing more than a leather collar about her throat and blood red nail varnish and matching lipstick that Vanessa would carefully apply. They often allowed her to move freely around the boat. There was nowhere for her to escape and if she caused trouble then she was punished.

The first day they'd given her some freedom she'd tried to lower the winch to the little speedboat, thinking she might use the boat to escape. To her frustration the winch was alarmed and a moment after she had tried to start it Basil appeared, whip in hand. As punishment they had tied her spread-eagled across the deck and left her in the sun to slowly roast. After a few hours she was begging them to let her drink. Vanessa had sat next to her and eaten ice cream and soon Zoe was in tears and begging to be let free. Vanessa had extracted a promise from her that she would be a good girl. But Auda had said a serious flogging was in order just to make sure, and so a prolonged beating had ensued which had left her screaming and tearful but humiliatingly excited.

The photographs that Auda had taken, Basil had developed in the little darkroom and they had then been scanned onto a web page. Zoe was shown the finished results and her stomach had tightened as she had seen herself and the text that Auda had written to accompany the pictures. She was now for sale, a sex slave for the taking to be owned by the highest bidder.

"An English speaking girl of educated background who likes nothing better than being taken from behind" was the caption alongside a photo of Zoe struggling wildly as Basil drove his cock into her from behind. Zoe's face was turned towards the camera, a latex gag tight across her mouth; her eyes wide with alarm.

There was another picture of Zoe, struggling as a riding crop came down across her exposed rump. "This energetic, petite girl, mid-twenties, needs a strong hand to keep her in order, having only recently been broken in as a slave. Use a good whip on her delicate little arse each day to keep her in line and she should remain obedient and devoted."

Another picture showed her lying stretched out on the deck of the boat, sunbathing. The photo had been taken whilst she was asleep and Zoe felt curiously aroused as she saw the image of herself. She was lying on a white towel that accentuated her tanned skin. Stretched out on her back she was wearing nothing more than leopard print bikini briefs and a black leather collar around her throat. Her exposed breasts, which Vanessa had massaged with suntan oil, glistened invitingly. A padlocked chain trailed from the collar to a rope cleat.

"She is 5'4" with a 34c,26,34 body. Dark hair, dark eyes. Good muscle tone, no fat, and smooth, supple skin. She needs to be kept on collar and leash as she still has a fiery temperament."

'Feeling comfortable?'

Zoe opened her eyes again and lifted her head, squinting against the fierce sun. Basil stood over her, hands on hips, grinning at her plight.

'Please untie me... I'm roasting,' Zoe begged.

'Well, if you look after me, I'll look after you.'

'Okay, I'll do whatever you want Basil, just please, untie me!'

'Okay then, give me a blow job and I'll make you come.'

Zoe nodded her assent.

A moment later the young man was knelt astride her face, his shorts discarded and his massive cock displayed. Zoe obediently licked her tongue up the giant shaft, feeling its heat and aware of every vein and contour under her tongue. She licked over the head of the shaft and Basil muttered with satisfaction, his hands now holding her head and encouraging her. A drop of lubricating juice appeared at the tip of the cock and she licked it away. Immediately another welled up and she licked this too. Basil grunted. Zoe drew her lips around the engorged head and she sucked then bathed the tip with long strokes of her tongue. The fingers in her hair tightened. She flicked her tongue hard against the cock head, licking firmly around the edge of the head then gently drawing her teeth against the soft ridge of delicate flesh.

'Steady... girl...'

Zoe let the head slip out of her mouth and licked down the length of the shaft then she captured one of his testicles in her mouth and sucked hard on it. The shaft jerked and twitched and more thick juice dribbled from its tip.

'Put it in your mouth.'

Zoe released the testicle and obediently furled her lips over the tip again.

'Go on. Right in. Suck me till I come.'

She did as he wanted, taking him as deeply as she could initially then drawing back until just the head was in her mouth and she held it trapped with her teeth pressing against the ridge of the glans. When he tried pushing his cock further into her mouth she gently increased the pressure with her teeth and he gasped and became passive in her grip. Smiling to herself Zoe licked the head with her tongue whilst holding him still with her teeth.

'Take it right in girl or you'll get a good beating!'

Zoe did as she was told. She had no choice and anyway, she didn't mind or really care now. She felt the massive shaft throbbing and she eased her head back a little, closing her lips over the cock-head and sucking. A second later the first jets of semen splashed against the back of her throat. She gulped it down as fast as it filled her mouth, groaning as the cock was pushed deep into her, the hands in her hair tightening their hold.

'Now lick me clean.'

The cock was withdrawn from her mouth and Zoe did as she was told.

After she had licked up every splashed drop of milky juice, she drew her head back and recovered her breath. The massive cock was now slowly softening and Zoe gazed at it, remembering how it had felt when Basil had fucked her.

'Would you like me to make you hard again?' she glanced up at Basil and licked her lips expectantly.

'That'd be good... you're learning fast how to behave properly, aren't you? Get on with it then girl.'

The young man ruffled her hair and patted her head making her feel like some obedient animal. She gently closed her lips over the tip of the cock shaft and started licking the soft flesh.

'Good girl.'

The giant cock still seemed to be subsiding but she kept licking and sucking and after a short time the organ began to thicken again. Satisfied that she'd stopped him from losing his erection she now relaxed and took her time. If this was how she had to behave, Zoe thought, then she'd at least show them how good she could be in fulfilling her new role and performing the duties expected of her.

The young man grunted with appreciation. Zoe smiled to herself and devoted the next few minutes to licking around the base of the shaft and sucking at the hard balls. She then turned her attention back to licking all over the swollen head of the cock. A pearl of sticky juice welled up from the opening at the tip and she looked with satisfaction at the now fully engorged cock standing to attention for her.

'Okay girl, put it in your mouth.'

Zoe obeyed, slipping her lips around the head of his shaft then taking as much of the massive shaft into her mouth as she could.

'Mmmm...' she sighed with pleasure and slowly drew her head back. Just as she let his cock slip from her mouth she flicked the head of the tip with the end of her tongue.

'You sure know how to suck...' Basil sighed appreciatively.

'Okay Zoe, now you've got me nice and hard, I reckon it'd be a shame not to give you a good shafting and I reckon you deserve it.'

The young man lay down on top of her and Zoe felt the head of the cock slide into the wet folds of her sex. She wriggled her bottom impatiently, closing her eyes in fevered anticipation. Without a moment's pause she felt the cock being driven into her and she gasped with delight. The young man's hands grasped her hips and the rhythmic pounding in and out of her aching pussy began.

'God you're so big Basil, I'm going to come... feels good... coming... ooh...yes...'

Encouraged by her moaning and the compliance of her soft body under him, the youth pumped his cock into her with increasing energy.

'Uhh...yes...' Zoe panted, feeling her orgasm rip through her.

'Christ, you're such a tight and randy little bitch!'

'Fuck me harder, please!' Zoe begged, pulling hard with her arms against the rope around her wrists. Being restrained, she was now finding heightened her senses and increased the intensity of the experiences she was being subjected to. Panting hard, perspiration running through her tangled hair and over her face she groaned feverishly as she felt the cock pumping in and out of her pussy. Her second orgasm, when it came, seemed to last and last... fresh waves of pleasure suffusing her body as the cock kept shafting her.

However much she'd felt aroused by her sexual activities before she'd become a slave, she'd never felt quite as drenched with satisfaction as she felt now. She gazed dreamily at her outstretched arms, her wrists drawn together and tightly bound with rope that actually hurt because it was tied so tight and she was pulling so hard against it. But that didn't matter, she thought, it makes me feel...makes me feel... she sighed and gave up trying to even rationalise her feelings. Nothing mattered anymore. She was being fucked senseless and her body wanted it. She felt the familiar now almost comforting tension in her outstretched arms, the pain needling her shoulders as she pulled back with her arms increasing the pressure against the rope around her wrists.

'You're such a horny bitch, you just love it when it's driven hard up you, don't you?'


Zoe gazed at her hands, her wrists captured and held tight against each other. The rope was as thick as a finger and bound repeatedly around her delicate wrists, just like the rope around her ankles. She felt the cock withdraw then plunge into her again. Soon her arousal juices were again dripping from her sex and she was writhing and panting under Basil as he shafted her with relentless determination and ruthless force.

Their cries of pleasure drew Auda and Vanessa. Auda stood watching them, a tall crystal tumbler tinkling with ice cubes in one hand, his flowing white robes rippling in the breeze. Vanessa was wearing a skimpy gold bikini and her mane of blonde hair was tied back with a silk sash.

'Untie her and bring her below,' Auda ordered. 'I'll be waiting in the master cabin. Vanessa, with me.'

Zoe watched the young girl quickly come to her master's heel. She sighed as Basil withdrew his cock from her aching sex and began to untie the rope that bound her wrists.

She had not been in the room before. It was far larger than the cabin that she had been put in and was dominated by a large circular bed. All the wardrobes and lockers were built into the walls and an abundance of mirrors gave the illusion of even more space. Zoe glanced sideways at one mirror and saw a petite, deeply tanned girl who for a moment she scarcely recognised as herself. Her long dark hair, uncombed for days, was tousled about her high cheeks and slender neck. She had lost some weight since her abduction and now her slim figure looked even leaner; the smooth, taut skin over her flat stomach and ribs accentuating the fullness of her breasts and the curves of her hips. Her hands were roped together in front of her and faint marks showed through her tanned skin around her throat where she had been collared.

Auda lay reclined on the bed with Vanessa knelt beside him. Fingering the ties of the bikini at her hips she pulled the bows apart and the skimpy triangle of gold material fell away to reveal a neatly trimmed triangle of pale blonde hair, in the heart of which soft lips of pink skin were exposed and glistening. A second later and Vanessa had discarded her bikini top and knelt cradling her generous breasts, one in each palm.

'Suck her nipples, Zoe,' Auda ordered.

Zoe had messed around with a couple of girlfriends so such a request wasn't a first for her. She did as she was ordered, secretly admiring how firm and full Vanessa's breasts were. The nipples quickly hardened as she licked and nipped at them with her teeth, teasing them more forcefully as her confidence grew. The young girl sighed; arching her back and holding her breasts for Zoe whose own hands were tied too closely together to be much help to her.

'Now it's your turn, Vanessa,' Auda announced.

Zoe knelt obediently as Vanessa proceeded to stroke and fondle her breasts.

'I want to see one of you nipple clamped,' Auda said, 'I don't care which, just do it.'

'Have you had your breasts clamped?' Vanessa asked Zoe, her fingers caressing her breasts as she spoke.


Zoe looked down as Vanessa toyed with her right nipple coaxing it to a full hardness.

'And were the clamps weighted?'

'Yes,' Zoe nodded.

'So which of us is it to be?' Vanessa asked.

Zoe gazed down at her breasts as the other girl's hands caressed her, playing with her nipples, coaxing them into hard little erections of delicate deep pink flesh.

'You can clamp me,' Zoe sighed. She could remember all too clearly how it felt and although the pain had been excruciating it had been exquisite too and the thought of experiencing it again made her pussy drool in eagerness.

'You can stand or kneel Zoe, it's your choice,' Auda announced.

'Let me stand,' Zoe answered.

'Basil, fasten her wrists to the ceiling.'

The Arab's order was quickly carried out. Zoe stood passively in the centre of the opulent cabin and allowed her arms to be secured outstretched above her head, the rope around her wrists being fastened to a ring screwed into the ceiling on a purpose made steel plate. Her arms stretched high, her breasts stood proudly erect and she was left with her bare feet just able to touch the thickly carpeted floor. She was breathing quickly now, all too aware of what lay in store for her.

'Vanessa,' Auda ordered. 'You can clamp her.'

'Thank you master.'

Zoe sighed as the blonde girl slid up against her and kissed her from her throat downwards until she felt the delicious pull of the girl's mouth against one of her breasts.

'Just relax and enjoy it...' Vanessa cooed as she flicked her tongue firmly against Zoe's nipple. Zoe sighed, hanging her head back as she felt the coolness of the metal clamp close around her erect nipple.

'Oh God... no... no... uhh...'

The jaws of the little clamp sunk into her tender flesh, pricking her eyes with pain as the device latched tightly around her nipple.

'Good girl, good girl...' Vanessa whispered reassuringly as she turned her attention to Zoe's other nipple. The steel bit and Zoe gasped. She looked down and saw both her nipples clamped; the trapped, swollen flesh deep purple. She stared hypnotised as Vanessa, smiling, calmly clipped little shiny weights onto each clamp. The pull of the weights seemed to tug deep inside her sex as well as at her nipples and Zoe groaned feverishly, twisting from her outstretched arms.

'Basil, deal with Vanessa in the same way,' Auda ordered.

'No! Please! Auda, come on, that's not fair...'

'Shut up Vanessa. You're here to do as I say. That's the price of your holiday in the sun. Now stop complaining!'

Zoe hung suspended from the ceiling by her arms, watching as Vanessa was dealt with in the same manner. All the time the weights dangled, tormenting her and arousing her. Soon both girls were hanging in the same way alongside each other. Zoe watched, mesmerised as Basil clamped Vanessa's tits. When he then clasped heavier weights onto the clamps and the younger girl's more generous breasts were pulled down more acutely, Zoe felt a pang of sympathy for her. She looked at Vanessa and saw the tears quickly filling her deep blue eyes.

'Too pleasing and tempting a sight to leave alone,' Auda grinned and slid from the bed, discarding his robe.

Zoe watched him strip and circle them, her gaze drawn to his cock. Though not as massive as Basil, Auda was very well hung and the thought of him taking her sent her pulse racing. She could see Vanessa was eagerly anticipating what would happen next too. The blonde girl twisted from her suspended arms, struggling to lure Auda's gaze and draw him to choosing her body. Zoe shivered in sweet anticipation as the Arab moved behind her and stroked his hands down her trembling flanks.

'Desperate for it, aren't you?'

Zoe nodded shamefully and her reward for admitting her condition was to feel her buttocks being split by the thickness of the man's cock as he slid it towards her sex.

She sighed appreciatively and closed her eyes as the cock was driven deep into her. She hung her head back, sighing and moaning as he proceeded to fuck her.

'Please Auda, what about me?' Vanessa whined.

Auda drew his cock almost completely from Zoe's sex and stroked his hands down her trembling flanks.

'Basil, I think my blonde slave needs to learn to be quiet and more patient.'

'Yes, master.'

Zoe gazed hypnotised at what Vanessa then suffered while she herself continued to enjoy the attentions of Auda. Basil moved quickly behind Vanessa a gag dangling from his grasp. Before Vanessa knew what was happening, the gag was being forced into her mouth. The broad pad of leather had a phallus several inches long stitched against one side and this was forced into Vanessa's mouth. A leather strap was the drawn around her nape and tightly buckled. Vanessa shook her head but could manage no more than a muffled groan of protest. The young man then took a slender cane and brought it down hard against the girl's rump. Zoe winced as she watched Vanessa jerk against the rope that held her arms stretched above her head. The cane snapped down again against the bare skin and the girl twisted and writhed as she dangled by her outstretched arms. Like Zoe, her nipples remained clamped and the weights danced, tormenting her as she struggled. While Basil caned Vanessa, Auda turned his attention back to Zoe, calmly shafting her while, as she dangled from her outstretched arms, the glittering weights swung from her clamped and swollen nipples. As Zoe's cries of pleasure and pain filled the cabin, they were countered by the regular swish and smack of the cane and Vanessa's muffled screams.

After Auda had come he slumped back down on the bed and told Basil he could now have either girl to enjoy in whichever way he wished. Zoe was secretly pleased when he chose her and unfastening the rope that held her suspended, he told her to take him in her mouth. So for the second time in less than an hour Zoe had to give the young man a blowjob. As she performed the duty, she thought to herself how compliant she had become. But then what choice did she have? If she objected they tied her up and whipped her. And there was no escape. She would soon be sold at the slave market and she would then have to serve someone else. Well, she consoled herself, her life surely couldn't get much worse.

Basil was by now so aroused that Zoe only needed to lick and suck him for a few moments before she felt his organ throbbing in her mouth. Although her wrists remained tied together she could at last now use her hands so she took hold of his balls and tightening her hand around them, drew them firmly down from where they'd tightened up under the base of his cock. He twitched madly but didn't erupt and Zoe, feeling very smug, allowed a minute or two to lapse before she resumed sucking him. In no time Basil was about to come but again she forestalled his orgasm, pulling his scrotal sack down with hand, her other squeezing tightly around the shaft just below its engorged head.

In her time as an SES agent she had perfected her technique. Sometimes a man might be kept continually aroused for days on end in one of their interrogation rooms, agents even working on him in shifts. It was amazing how the most hardened enemy agent, who could resist physical torture that tested his pain barrier to the limit, would submit to this form of more subtle torture. Once, four girls had continually tormented one man for two whole days and nights. He had been persuaded to spill all the secrets he knew before they let him spill a drop of semen.

Basil was desperate to come and Zoe knew that having delayed his orgasm several times he would now come all the more impressively. She allowed his cock to slide back into her mouth and sucked diligently. As she felt his cock about to erupt she paused, then immediately after the first jet of semen splashed against the back of her throat she sucked hard. The young man groaned and she felt another jet of spunk fill into her mouth, then a continuous stream that was more than she could swallow and she had to draw back before she risked choking. Warm, milky fluid splashed against her neck and ran down over her breasts. Zoe gazed down at her clamped breasts, hardly registering the pain from the weights but aroused by what she saw she sighed and closed her eyes, swaying gently as felt herself edging towards an orgasm.

Auda strolled across to the bed and catching hold of Zoe's hair lifted her head up so that looking at him.

'You learn quickly don't you Zoe. Well, as a reward for your obedience you can sleep in here with me tonight.'

Zoe and Vanessa exchanged glances and Zoe saw the jealousy in the younger girl's eyes.

'Take her clamps off and leave her wrists bound.'

Vanessa looked pleadingly at the Arab who gestured with his hand to Basil.

'Free her and take her up onto deck to keep you company.'

'Sure thing chief.'

The young man quickly did as he was instructed. A moment later and Zoe was alone kneeling before the Arab Sheikh, who smiled victoriously at her.

'Not so very difficult to learn subservience is it, Zoe?'

* * *

Miles Fairfax stood at the sliding glass doors that marked the exit from the El-Saram airport arrivals lounge. His position at the British Embassy in El-Saram was officially that of Principal Clerk to the Ambassador. The truth was that he was also the resident agent of the British Secret Service. The last time he had come to the airport was six days ago to make enquiries about the SES agent Zoe Farquerson. Under the cover of being a journalist named Chambers she had arrived but then promptly disappeared. Now he was here again to meet the next detachment from the SES. That morning he had spoken on a secure direct line to the Head of the British Secret Service and Edgar Sutherland's blunt warning had sent shivers down his spine. God help Sutherland's enemies, Miles had thought, if that's how he talks to someone on his side!

'Do I need to refresh your memory of the debacle the SES suffered in Karunga?'

'No, sir.'

'And now we have not only lost another agent but it seems that the mercenary you hired to get her back has even kidnapped her from the bloody people who had abducted her from under your nose! All you had to do was meet her at the airport in the first place but it seems to me, Miles that you can't even organise the proverbial piss up in a brewery!'

'Sorry sir.'

'Now listen to me. The SES has been going just a few years and they've done some damn fine work. Remember Miles they were my idea. Now I'm not going to have the future of that unit put in jeopardy by shoddy support work from other Secret Service units and operatives. Do I make myself clear?'

'Perfectly sir.'

Miles saw a flurry of sudden activity through the plate glass doors and a group of tourists clutching their cases swept towards him. He stepped back and searched the crowd for his contact. They were not hard to spot. Two young women, both drop dead gorgeous moved together, they looked like models but to Miles they both showed the less obvious attributes of SES agents. Behind their sunglasses he could see their alertness as they watched all around them, quickly taking every detail in and always alert to danger.

One was wearing tight jeans and a figure hugging T-shirt with a backpack slung easily over one shoulder. Her bare arms showed well-toned muscles. Wisps of blonde hair escaped from a black baseball cap and the slender hand that clutched her backpack shoulder strap showed manicured fingers with long aquamarine varnished nails. The girl was tall, her expression cool and distant, her complexion flawlessly perfect. High cheekbones, generous lips glossed the palest pink, her slender neck adorned with a chunky silver necklace. Her Armani jeans were drawn down over tough Camel trekking boots and like the girl with her she looked dressed for a physical action rather different to the usual physical action the SES were noted for.

The other girl, who was even taller, nearing six-foot, was wearing an olive green safari suit of trousers and short-sleeved jacket. Miles could see that she was wearing nothing under the cotton jacket that whilst buttoned and drawn tight at her narrow waist with a broad canvas belt was cut widely open at the neck. He found his eye was drawn to the girl's firm and jaunty breasts, where her cotton jacket clung with perspiration to the curves of her body.

Miles greeted the two girls with a cursory handshake and led them quickly to his waiting car, one of the three Embassy Daimlers. Once inside the car's air-conditioned interior he felt it safe to indulge in more than idle conversation.

'Let me bring you both up to date with events so far,' he said, clearing his throat and giving both the young women a glancing smile. It was going to be hard not to let his gaze linger where it was inappropriate, he thought, rubbing one finger along the inside of the collar of his shirt.

'We hired a local mercenary to recover Miss Farquerson. We now know that she had been abducted by the El-Saram secret Police. Sir Rodney Stonefield who's in the pay of the King here had exposed your agent's cover. Well, we know that Miss Farquerson was taken to a remote tower on the Aruffi peninsula that was used by a Major Mosafa of the secret Police as a place to hold and interrogate prisoners.'

Miles looked at both girls to gauge their response. The blonde one gave him the merest nod and smile to show that she was following him. The tall girl with the short dark hair gave him no indication that she was paying him any attention. A real cool customer, Miles thought to himself, before pressing on.

'The mercenary I hired tracked Miss Farquerson to the tower, but then it gets a bit confusing. Basically he has disappeared along with Miss Farquerson. We have close contacts with the pro-democracy movement here and they told us that they had been tipped off about the tower by an anonymous telephone call. When they got to the tower they found the Major of the Secret Police there along with two young lads who were serving him. The rebels say that they found the tower with its front door blown in, the Major tied up and two lads locked in one room. One of them had been wounded.'

'And what's happened to them?' asked both girls simultaneously.

'The Major is now a prisoner of the rebels. They have given us the two boys though and we've questioned them.'


'They don't speak a word of English and through our interpreter it seems they were just local goat herders who used to bring food to the tower occasionally for the Major.'

'And you believe that?' asked the blonde girl cynically.

'Perhaps you'd like to try to get something out of them?' Miles suggested tersely.

Chapter Eight

'She's looking good isn't she?'

'Nice tan.'

'Great body.'

'Wakey wakey Zoe. Time for some more torment.'

Zoe lifted her head, narrowing her eyes against the glare of the sun. She lay stretched across the gleaming deck, the merciless sun beating down on her bronzed body. To her surprise the jungle coastline was now right before them. She lay quietly panting; wondering what now lay in store for her. A pair of slender female legs was planted either side of one of her tied legs. She lifted her head and gazed up at Vanessa.

The young girl was wearing a black bikini thong that accentuated her long, slender legs and displayed her generous but firm buttocks. Zoe could see the metal ring that pierced the girl's clitoris pressing against the black fabric. Blonde hairs curled around the edges of the tiny triangle of material and above it her stomach was smooth and taut, a diamond stud in her belly button. The girl wore a black leather halter bra and her mane of blonde hair was tied back with a black silk ribbon. She had on wrap around sunglasses that she removed as she looked down at Zoe. Her bow-shaped lips glossed dark purple, curved into a smile.

'Feeling rather hot?'

'Just a bit,' Zoe whispered.

'Well, we're going to take you down below, so you'll feel cooler. We've got something for you...'

The sinister tone of the younger girl made Zoe's stomach churn. A noise behind her made her twist her head and she saw Basil looking down at her, a mischievous grin on his face.

'And, we should reach the market by this evening. So this will be my last chance to amuse myself with you.'

Vanessa turned her head in the direction of the voice and saw Auda watching her.

'This will be our last game, so I hope you'll find it the most memorable,' Auda smiled enigmatically.

'Time for some fun then,' Vanessa laughed, kneeling down astride Zoe's head, her legs settling across her shoulders, her weight settling back across Zoe's chest.

'Leave me alone,' Zoe sighed, letting her head sink back down. What a mess she was in, by tonight she'd be sold as a slave and then where would she be?

'The coast is controlled from here by the slave traders; Auda has had to radio to them to let us pass. Can you see the estuary ahead? No unwanted boats get up that river, it leads to the fort. Look over there.'

Zoe turned her head again and looked at where Vanessa was pointing. Standing at the edge of the trees watching them were half a dozen armed men. Zoe could see a small speedboat drawn up onto the sand and covered with a camouflage net. The men were clearly watching them.

'Imagine being washed up for them to find you. I reckon they'd devour a girl's body more eagerly than the sharks would! Auda says that when we get to the market I have to stay on board. It's too dangerous for a vulnerable young girl like me, he says. Apparently at any one time the market might have up to fifty white girl slaves as well as some white males that are sometimes brought and sold. Basil's described the place to me, would you like to know what it's going to be like for you?'

Vanessa stroked her long fingernails along Zoe's outstretched arms.

'No. Leave me alone,' Zoe mumbled.

Zoe stared at her outstretched arms. How long had it been this time since Basil and Vanessa had tied her down, spread-eagled across the deck?

'The market is actually in an old slave trader's fort that was built in the eighteenth century. There are pens to hold hundreds and hundreds of slaves but most of them are empty now. Some are used for the fights. For the entertainment of the men who guard the slaves, the commander of the place will throw some girls into a pen together and toss a whip or something in for them to fight over. If a girl puts up a good fight she gets to be spared the worst treatments. Auda says that nowadays the girls are kept prisoner in the old cells that are built into the hillside. There's a torture room in there where they put girls who try to escape. No one has ever escaped from the place, so don't get your hopes up Zoe.'

'Shut up Vanessa, I've heard enough!'

'Poor thing, you look so worried. Come on now, relax... you'll probably get to enjoy it.'

As Vanessa spoke she let her fingernails glide over the soft, sensitive inside of Zoe's thighs. Zoe lowered her head back against the boat deck and whimpered as the younger girl stroked her fingertips between her legs, her nails brushing lightly against the folds of her sex. Zoe felt the fingers teasing her sex slide into her and she sighed feverishly as desire quickly poured from her loins through her whole body.

'Shall I stop now and leave you tied up and frustrated?'

'No, please...'

'Then would you like to come down to the cabin which we've prepared for you?' Vanessa asked.


'Well,' Vanessa laughed scornfully, 'too bad, because that's just what we've got planned!'

'No please... can't you just leave me alone?'

'Why should we, darling Zoe? We've got you trapped here and we can do anything we want with you. Wouldn't you want to torment me or Basil if you had the chance?'

As Vanessa spoke she had been stroking Zoe's sex but now her slender fingers slid deeply into it making her gasp then squirm.

'Surely that's why you joined the SES Zoe - to have the chance to exact a certain type of punishment on helpless victims?'

Zoe groaned as the younger girl caught hold of her clitoris and squeezed it hard between her fingers.

'Please... Vanessa... stop...' Zoe begged, tears pricking her eyes.

The other girl grinned and nodded to Basil who dropped to his knees beside Zoe's head and before she could even twist her head aside a blindfold had been slipped across her face and was fastened behind her head.

'Surely you see the pleasure derived from giving pain, Zoe?' Vanessa softly laughed.

Zoe cried out, twisting her arms and legs against the ropes that held her bound, as the younger girl pushed the fingers of one hand deeper into her sex.

'No... please... Vanessa...'

'Hush now, sweetheart...'

Blindfolded, Zoe couldn't see what was to happen next and she was caught by surprise as Basil forced a gag into her mouth. A thick leather covered phallus was rammed between her jaws, filling her mouth and before she could cry out a leather pad was pressing hard against her mouth as a strap was pulled around her cheeks and buckled at her nape.

'Enough talking,' growled Auda, 'Take her below, time for her to get a taste of something really stimulating!'

'I think you'll find Zoe, you're going to get a pleasant little shock...' Vanessa laughed softly and Zoe felt the girl's soft, warm lips fleetingly brush against her cheek as she whispered in her ear.

'Actually Zoe, we'll give you a few shocks... just enough to stimulate your lovely body until you come for us. A little electricity in the right places will bring a person to the most exquisite orgasm,' Auda announced matter-of-factly.

Zoe shook her head in alarm but her vigorous protest was muffled effectively by the gag and her writhing was useless against the ropes that tethered her.

'You see Zoe,' Vanessa confessed, 'I know from experience what it feels like. Bound and gagged, helpless. Your legs spread vulnerably wide. Trembling... waiting... and then the sudden sharp pain. It's just like the first time you get caned or whipped. On the first stroke your body registers disbelief. On the second you feel pain and the anger pours through you. You struggle to get free but you can't. The whip comes down again and you blink back the tears it hurts so much. So very much... you can't bear it, but you can't escape and it keeps on. Well Zoe, the little shock I've got in store for you will be just like being whipped, only sweeter. Much sweeter and much more intense!'

Zoe struggled nervously but was held still. Vanessa laughed softly.

'You see I know Zoe just how it is. Soon you'll find that your body responds eagerly to the punishment and your mind will give up telling you its crazy. You'll surrender yourself to the pleasure of submission and there'll be no turning back. You'll have become a slave to a side of you that once you hardly even knew. You'll give up thinking for yourself, all you'll need is the feel of rope and leather binding your limbs and the only thing you'll crave is the whip!'

Zoe groaned with despair as Vanessa and Basil finished unfastening the ropes around her wrists and ankles and hauled her to her feet. When she struggled again, she was forced down onto her knees, her arms were dragged behind her back and her wrists lashed together. Vanessa caught hold of her by her hair and hauled her back to her feet. She was then led blindfolded and stumbling down below deck and into one of the cabins. She heard the cabin door shut and the latch slide home. Vanessa laughed throatily as Basil pushed Zoe backwards onto the bed. Before she had time to try to crawl off, her ankles were grasped and her legs spread-eagled. She struggled frantically as leather straps were slipped around her ankles and buckled tight.

'Relax, you'll find this a stimulating experience, believe me,' Vanessa taunted as Zoe felt the rope around her wrists being loosened. One of her arms was then pulled towards the top corner of the bed. Zoe couldn't see anything but she guessed that Auda was holding her arm while Basil fastened a wristcuff upon her and Vanessa sat astride her to keep her immobilised.

In no time at all both Zoe's arms were tied outstretched and she was groaning fearfully.

'Hush now darling,' Vanessa soothed, 'I promise you, the pain will be more than matched by the exquisite pleasure.'

As she spoke Zoe felt the girl stroking her sex, her fingertips brushing tantalisingly lightly against her vulva, until her sex juices started to flow and she squirmed and sighed through the gag as she was made more and more aroused.

'Clamp the wires to her labia. Her juices will keep her nice and wet there and the current will flow easily,' Auda said.

Zoe writhed desperately as two small bulldog clamps were fastened to the soft outer folds of her vulva. She could feel the delicate wires trailing over her legs and she was panting hard in nervous expectation.

'Okay, give her a first taste,' Auda ordered.

Zoe tensed her body expecting an unbearable pain to flash through her body. When the first shock came though it was no more than a hot, sharp stinging that quickly spread from her sex through her tethered body like a wave. She groaned through the gag, tossing her head and struggling against the straps that held her down. The ache that the shock created in her sex was agonising and her clitoris especially seemed to suddenly be throbbing madly.


At Auda's order, Zoe heard a faint click and the electricity that was rippling through her helpless body doubled in its intensity and force. Zoe jerked her arms and legs frantically against the leather restraints and shook her head feverishly from side to side. Blindfolded she couldn't see her tormentors but she could imagine their faces as they stood over her watching her agony. Or course, gagged there was no way she could express how much she might be suffering and she was utterly at Auda's mercy.

Vanessa had intimated that she'd suffered a similar treatment, so surely they knew how much someone could endure? Abruptly the waves of stinging heat rippling through her body ended and Vanessa lay gasping through her nostrils, struggling to recover her breath.

'A pleasing sight. How aroused is she?' Auda asked.

Zoe grunted through the leather gag as Vanessa fingered her aching sex.

'Very moist and her clit is heavily swollen. She'll come next time, I reckon.'

'Same setting then boss?' Basil asked.

'Same again.'

The sudden shock took Zoe by surprise. She arched her back and dragged her arms against the straps, groaning and biting down on the leather phallus in her mouth as the electricity washed through her aching body. After what seemed like an eternity but was probably just seconds the agonising sensation abruptly ended. Before she could recover herself, as she lay dazed and breathless, skilled female fingers stroked her aching clitoris and moaning helplessly Zoe felt herself quickly brought to a shuddering orgasm.

'See... she's getting off on it!' Vanessa laughed.

'Give her another taste then,' Auda ordered.

Zoe shook her head but her protest was ignored and her body was convulsing again as another wave of electricity poured through her. When it stopped, she lay dazed and exhausted. Again, her sex was stroked by Vanessa and to her disbelief and dismay she was quickly brought to another violent orgasm.

'Shall we give her another taste chief?'

'Yes, do it Basil! Please Auda! Make her writhe. Let's see how many times we can make her come!' Vanessa begged.

Zoe shook her head with what strength she had left. Gagged and blindfolded she had no other way of begging Auda to stop the cruel treatment.

'Give her another taste, Basil,' Auda announced.

Zoe gasped, writhing as a fresh jolt of electricity coursed through her aching sex and tethered, sweat soaked limbs. more... she begged, but gagged, her pleading went unheard and unheeded.

* * *

'There is no trace of him anywhere.'

'Well where the hell is his base?' Miles Fairfax demanded, his voice cracked with exasperation.

The young man shrugged apologetically and gestured to say that he didn't have a clue.

'How the hell can one of the most important Sheikhs in El-Saram just disappear, especially when half the rabble protesting on the streets are chanting his name?'

'Perhaps that's why he's disappeared? If the secret police or military knew where he was, they'd grab him. He's a ringleader in this trouble.'

'What about the two SES agents, those girls, where have they got to?' Miles asked, slumping down in his chair and reaching for the glass of lime and soda standing on his paper-strewn desk.

In the last twenty-four hours the discontent that had been simmering for months had suddenly erupted. Demonstrations in the capital had created a heightened sense of tension but more alarming were the unconfirmed reports that there was fighting in the more remote parts of the country. It seemed the desert nomad chieftains had gathered their forces and attacked some outlying military garrisons.

'They were last seen with that guide they hired. Dodgy looking character, some minor chieftain, or so he claims. I think they've gone down to the old harbour.'

'Right, there's nothing to be done here. I can't stand being stuck inside this place with the bloody air-conditioning broken. We might as well take a drive out and see what's going on.'

Half an hour later Miles and his assistant climbed out of their Daimler which they had parked alongside the BMW they recognised as the car the SES agents had hired. They found the two girls sitting on the quayside alongside their guide. All three were eating ice creams and gazing out over the shimmering water.

'So this is where you've been hard at work!' Miles said sarcastically.

'He's gone,' the blonde girl announced matter-of-factly.

'Who? Auda? How?' Miles took off his Panama hat and dragged his fingers through his hair. He could feel the perspiration pouring off him. His lightweight cotton suit was fine for indoors, but out here in the heat he could feel it clinging to him. It was impossibly hot yet somehow the Arab, Fiezal, looked cool and calm in his traditional flowing robes and headdress. The girls looked pretty relaxed too, but then their work clothes seemed more minimalist and he found it difficult to avoid gazing at them. To his embarrassment he felt his cock stiffening and faced with what two such deliciously fit and alluring female bodies were wearing, it was hardly surprising, he consoled himself.

The blonde girl had on a mid-thigh length denim skirt that was slashed up one leg to her hip and a denim shirt whose sleeves were rolled back and which was knotted at her waist and only half buttoned up, so her black lace bra was easily discernible. The dark haired girl had her height accentuated by high-heeled boots and had an olive green mini skirt and a tight white crop-top that left her taut stomach exposed.

'You should be careful in this country with how you dress, girls,' Miles cautioned, seeing that they both had become aware of how he was staring at them.

'Our guide has four armed men at the end of the quay and as long as we're with him there's absolutely no problem. Besides which, we do know how to look after ourselves,' answered the blonde girl tersely.

'I'm sure that's what Miss Farquerson thought. So did you say that you thought that Auda had gone? Do you mean as in left the country? I don't see how, we've been watching the airport and the border crossings. Unless he trekked across the desert...' Miles suggested.

'He left by his own private boat from here, and he took with him two girls and a young man. They're bound for Karunga.'

'Oh my God!' Miles exclaimed. 'I'd better alert London.'

'We've already done so,' the blonde girl smiled smugly, 'Karunga!' Miles moaned. 'This is terrible.'

'Cheer up Miles,' the blonde girl held out her ice cream for him. 'Even as we talk, a rescue helicopter is being loaded with a team of our toughest soldiers. If they can intercept the boat before it reaches Karunga, chances are we'll rescue her. Fancy a lick of my ice-cream?'

Miles, who had been gazing out at the sea looked at the girl and saw her beaming him a smile. Well, perhaps today was going to turn out to be okay after all, he thought to himself.

'Where's the helicopter flying from?' he asked.

'Well, we're lucky; we had a team of marines training in the West Congo. With a bit more luck they'll intercept the boat before it gets to the slave fort.'

'But what if they get there first?' Miles asked, taking another lick from the ice cream the girl held out to him.

'Well in that case, we can say goodbye to another SES girl, poor thing.'

The blonde girl shook her head sadly, then pushing herself down from the stone wall where she was sat, her face brightened.

'Anyone fancy a drink?' she asked.

* * *

Giant moths darted towards, then veered away from the naked flames of the torches that the men held aloft. The unseen monkeys in the high treetops screeched, calling to each other. There had been a sudden downpour of heavy rain that had ended as abruptly as it had begun. Now the dense foliage dripped incessantly and the sand under Zoe's bare feet was cool and damp while the air against her bare skin was still so hot the perspiration ran in rivulets down her body.

She followed Auda, her legs weak with fear, her body trembling with nerves as he led her by a leather leash fastened to the collar about her neck. Her arms were drawn tightly behind her back, her wrists bound repeatedly with rope. As she followed him along the narrow path that trailed away from the beach the sand underfoot became strewn with foliage and occasionally she winced as something sharp dug into the soles of her feet. From all around her the men stared, leering and plainly amused by her distress. Their shadowy faces were lit by the torches, whose flames danced in the breeze and gave off the smell of paraffin. In the orange flickering light that punctuated the absolute darkness of the jungle night they looked as ferocious and intimidating as any savages that her imagination could conjure. Some indeed were plainly indigenous natives, wearing only loincloths and animal skins, their sinewy bodies practically naked and long spears and blowpipes held in their hands. Others were Europeans, unkempt in old military jackets and combat fatigues, rifles or machine guns slung over their shoulder. The path climbed higher and the trees closed in obscuring the night sky completely. They came to a high stone wall and the path ended facing a pair of gates set into the moss covered stone. The gates were swung open and Auda tightening his grip on the leash, led Zoe forwards.

Behind her the gates slammed shut with an ominous hollow thud and she glanced back to see two bare broad shouldered men slide a beam of wood across the gates to seal them closed. The men watched her silently as Auda jerked the leash forcing her to stumble after him. The leather felt heavy around her neck and was beginning to chafe her throat. Her shoulders ached from her arms being drawn behind her and she desperately wished that she were anywhere except for this horrible place.

Reaching the veranda of a log cabin they were greeted by a man who Auda knew and the two exchanged pleasantries while Zoe stood obediently at heel. The man, Jose Delgardo, was the commander of the bandits who ran the slave market. Zoe guessed him to be Spanish and she was surprised at his appearance. In her imagination she had conjured some foul mouthed, swaggering and evil looking figure but Delgardo was a slim, clean-shaven, calmly spoken man of early middle age. Dressed in high black leather boots, beige combat trousers and a crisp white cotton shirt, he looked more like some Latin American ranch owner than an African bandit. After a brief conversation with Auda he led them inside. Zoe was ordered to stand where there was a solid iron hook fixed to one of the timbers that formed the wall. Auda looped the leash over the hook and tied it in a knot. Whilst the two men then settled themselves into rattan chairs and Auda was given iced coffee, Zoe was forced to remain standing, tethered by her collar to the wall. She knew better than to make any complaint and waited in sullen silence, listening to the men's conversation. They were calmly discussing the forthcoming sale of a commodity of some worth. The item in question had already attracted much interest on the open market and a good price at auction was expected. The item in question was herself.

'Will you stay for dinner tonight?' Delgardo asked Auda, offering him a cigar, which the Arab declined.

'I will return to my boat, but thank you for the kind invitation. The auction tomorrow is set for what time?'

'Noon. Some clients are here already and the rest are expected in the morning. The girl looks in good condition; she could make you a decent price. There's been plenty of interest.'

As he spoke Delgardo wandered across to where Zoe stood tethered. She caught the strong smell of his cigar and then the smell of his aftershave as he approached her. Her instinct was to shy away but the leather collar tight around her neck reminded her that escape or even momentary evasion of his hands was futile. She stood trying not to show her fear as he ran a hand over her, appraising her just as if she was a commodity for purchase like some racehorse.

'Pretty hair, though of course the blondes still as a rule fetch the better prices.'

'Naturally,' Auda agreed. 'I myself prefer them.'

Zoe shot him a glance, thinking of Vanessa, probably now lying sunbathing on the deck of his boat, her mane of blonde hair spread across the deck, her slender limbs sun drenched and relaxed, while Zoe was trapped here.

'What nationality are your parents?' Delgardo demanded, lifting her face by her chin so that she was forced to look directly at him.

'My mother is Spanish, my father British.'

'I thought I detected Spanish blood; your skin, your face, your eyes... yes, you're a very beautiful young woman. How long have you been a slave?'

'I am not a slave! I'm employed by the British Secret Service and when they find that I am being held here, then God help you and everyone in this hell hole!'

Zoe expected the man to respond angrily or perhaps to laugh scornfully but he did neither. He merely allowed a faint smile to play across his lips then he stroked his hand down over her shoulder and let his fingers lightly feel the weight of her breast. Zoe felt herself blush madly, she'd never felt so humiliated. He had not only managed to completely ignore her tirade but he continued to treat her as nothing more than something for his inspection. Worse, by now turning his attention blatantly to her breasts, he was reminding her of why she was being turned into a slave. Now, what she said or thought mattered not in the least. Her only worth now was reflected in how she appealed physically. It was her body that these men wanted and the collar around her neck and the rope around her wrists reminded her that what she didn't give willingly to them, they could take by force if it pleased them. She could try to convince herself that she was still an abducted British Government employee but the hard truth was that tomorrow at noon she was to be sold as a sex slave.

'Auda, might I suggest we make a few adjustments to her appearance for the auction?'

'What have you in mind, Jose?'

'Her sex lips are excellent, very full, we should draw more attention to them. Perhaps some judicious shaving?'

'Agreed. Anything else?'

Zoe forced herself not to squirm as the man toyed with her sex. She gasped as he trapped her clitoris between two fingers and examined it

'Let's weight this overnight, a little stretching will improve it.'


'Her body weight is fine but I think nevertheless we'll leave her without food from now and we can administer an enema in the morning. Her legs should be shaved as well. I was wondering about her breasts, a good oiling I think and a discreet twist of fine wire around her nipples to keep them nice and hard. From where the bidders will be sat they'll not notice it and the effect is very pleasing.'

'Anything else?'

'How will she behave on the day? Have you taught her to keep her mouth shut or will she need to be gagged?'

'Perhaps you should ask her that yourself,' Auda smiled.

The man turned back to Zoe and raised an inquisitive eyebrow.

'Well my dear? Are you properly trained? Or are you going to have to be gagged?'

Zoe glared at the man and fought down her anger. She tried to imagine herself dressed and acting as an SES agent, turning the tables on him, making him beg, making him see how she really was... she struggled to build the image in her mind but she found that she couldn't. She was naked, bound and helpless. These men controlled her now and a voice somewhere in her mind said that perhaps as long as she got sexual satisfaction, was fed and got to sleep in a bed at night, then what more did she really need? She was still trying to force down this insidious voice in her head that was undermining her own self-esteem when the man broke the silence.

'I think we'll play safe and gag you.'

Before she could try to persuade him to change his mind he swung on the heel of his boot and walked away from her. She watched him ring a small brass bell on a desk and a moment later another man appeared.

'This one is to go to cell number four. Take her to the preparation room first though and prepare her for a shave. If she gives you any trouble gag her and drug her but don't mark her skin. If anyone so much as scratches an inch of her skin I'll have him flayed alive and thrown to the crocodiles! Understood?'

'Yes, commander.'

Zoe looked imploringly at Auda as she was led by her leash from the room. The Arab though was no longer even looking in her direction but was engaged in conversation with Delgardo.

She allowed herself to be taken docilely to the preparation room but once inside and faced with a bench adorned with straps, she remembered her time at the hands of Stonefield and his accomplices. She felt a surge of panic that made her try to retreat the way she'd been led.

'Come on now you bitch, don't give me any trouble!'

The man tightened his grasp on the leash and pulled her forwards. The two dark skinned young girls who were in the room grinned as they saw the expression of panic on Zoe's face.

'Give me a hand girls. She's to be shaved.'

The two girls moved forward. They both looked to be no more than teenagers; dressed in the shortest black skirts imaginable and skimpy black T-shirts that came down only far enough to cover their young breasts. Their slim arms were adorned with numerous bracelets that jangled as they hurried to the man's assistance.

'No, let me go! Please...'

Zoe looked beseechingly from one to the other as they helped the man bring her across to the bench. The girls laughed and said something to the man in a language that Zoe didn't comprehend. The man answered in the same tongue and as they chatted they dragged her down onto the bench. The rope around her wrists was untied, the man grasped her arms and she was pulled onto her back across the bench. Two thin ropes were fed through the ring clasp on Zoe's collar and then pulled taut in opposite directions. A second later Zoe found that she was held down and couldn't lift her head or chest up because the collar around her neck was now held down securely.

With the man holding her arms still, the girls fastened broad leather cuffs around her wrists and a moment later her arms were pinned down either side of her head.

'We are going to shave you. If you struggle it will be difficult and for you it's better that you keep still, understand?'

She nodded dumbly as one girl bent over her as she spoke, her soft young hand caressing her breasts, her mouth close to Zoe's face, her eyes watching for her reaction.

The other girl brought an earthenware bowl to the bench and proceeded to lather Zoe's legs, starting at her ankles and working upwards. When she ordered her to bend her legs so she could do underneath, Zoe complied. Soon the other girl was working with a razor and it was not until Zoe felt the blade high up her thighs that she tried nervously to lift her head and see what was happening.

'Please... can't you stop now?'

The collar around her neck refused to be lifted and Zoe felt the leather pressing against her throat and she was forced to let her head rest back against the bench. She couldn't see what the girls were doing but now she could feel the lather being applied around her sex and still the razor was edging closer and closer.

'No... be careful...please...'

She looked up to see one of the girls now holding some broad metal clips. She gave an amused laugh and said something that Zoe didn't understand.

The metal was cool against the lips of her vulva and the tightness of the metal around her delicate folds of flesh made her bite her lip to stifle a gasp of pain. For several agonising minutes she felt the lips of her sex being pulled while the razor swept around them. The freshly exposed skin was then sponged with cool water, the metal clips removed and a coconut scented cream was rubbed into her. As the cream was liberally smoothed around her sex Zoe felt the first stirrings of arousal building within her and to her shame she lay silently wishing that the two pretty young girls would keep stroking her and that their slender fingers would slide into her sex and pleasure her. Zoe was dreaming this when the voice of Jose Delgardo surprised her.

'Excellent, what a pleasing sight. It was a shame to conceal such pretty lips. Now that your present master is safely back on his boat, I'm sure he won't mind if I take this opportunity to appreciate the merchandise more fully.'

'Get your hands off me!' Zoe gasped as she felt the man sweep his thumb across her sex then promptly slide two fingers into her.

'Uhhh...' Zoe gave a long shuddering gasp of pleasure.

'Loosen the straps to her arms and pull her down the table,' Delgardo ordered.

Zoe lay unresisting as the straps fastened to the wristcuffs were lengthened then the two girls pulled her by her legs until she felt her buttocks reach the edge of the table and her feet were able to touch the floor.

'Right you two, get me nice and hard.'

By turning her head sideways as best as the roped collar allowed, Zoe could see the two girls removing Delgardo's boots and trousers. One then crouched behind him, the other in front. While the one behind fingered his anus with one hand and stroked his balls with her other hand, the girl kneeling before him eagerly sucked his cock.

'That's enough, out of my way.'

Zoe watched the man step, smiling triumphantly, between her dangling legs. His hands settled either side of her sex and with the thumb of each he drew open her sex then Zoe felt his cock being slid into her body.

'Now what should you say, girl when your master's good enough to fill your little pussy with his cock? Tell him how grateful you are!'

Zoe shook her head, telling herself that even if it did feel good, she sure as hell wasn't to thank this man for what he was doing to her. He had no care for how she felt and was only interested in pleasuring himself. If he thought she'd respond like some sex slave, he could think again!

'Tell me! Come on girl, say it!'

Zoe grunted as the man began pumping his cock urgently into her, his hands now grasping her thighs as he rammed his engorged shaft into her with increased determination.

'Well, I think if the bitch isn't ready to say thank you, perhaps we may just as well get on with stretching her clitoris so she looks all the more appealing to tomorrows buyers.'

The man pulled his shaft from her sex and stepped back, regarding her with a look of contempt.

'Strap her legs and weight her clit.'

'Please, don't... I'm sorry...' Zoe begged as the young girls quickly wrapped leather belts around her calves and drew the belts around the bench legs before buckling them tightly.

'So would you rather have something else done to you?'

Zoe looked up at the man who stood over her. She nodded as best she was able to with the collar around her throat.

'Tell me what you'd like then, bitch.'

Zoe swallowed, clearing her throat, then answered. Her voice sounded strangely unlike herself. Already she was imagining him sliding his thick and hot cock back into her and however much she tried to keep her voice level and without emotion, the begging tone was genuine and shamed her.

'Please fuck me. I want your shaft in me. I want you to fuck me!'

'There, that was too difficult, was it?'

'No...' Zoe sighed.

'Good girl; you learn quickly.'

'Ooh... yes...'

Zoe gave a contented sigh as she felt the cock nuzzle between the moist folds of her vulva then slide deeply inside her. She squeezed it with her muscles and felt its fullness inside her, then he pulled out, making her gasp before he drove it back into her and she gave a shuddering cry as she came.

Ignoring her pleas to let her get her breath back and to rest for just a second the man went on pleasuring himself and Zoe was brought to another intense orgasm before she felt him tense then his cock erupt inside her. Withdrawing from her the man ordered one of the girls to lick him clean then he addressed Zoe again as she lay, trying to get her own ragged breathing back under control.

'A most satisfactory fuck. I'll have her again first thing in the morning. In the meantime, strap her face down with her clitoris weighted. Before you bring her to me give her an enema then wash her down. Remember if she gives you any trouble use belts and cuffs to restrain her. No ropes! I want her skin looking unmarked for the auction. If she voices any objection gag her by all means. No one else is to touch her. If they do then they know what to expect!'

Delgardo finished with the gesture of bringing the edge of his hand abruptly across in front of his throat and the two girls looked suitable cowed.

'Enjoy your night's sleep slave,' Delgardo smiled victoriously as he looked down at Zoe. 'You can look forward to seeing me again in the morning!'

Chapter Nine

The next morning the two girls came to her cell accompanied by a man. Zoe was hardly awake before the man lifted her head by her perspiration soaked and tangled hair. Zoe looked sorrowfully at him and he gazed back at her, his expression a mixture of contempt and amusement at her condition.

She had been strapped face down across a bench for the whole night. The bench was made of slats of wood and she had been positioned so that her sex was exposed between two slats. A girl had then crawled under the bench and clipped a weight to her clitoris. They had then left her to struggle and to sleep fitfully as best she could.

The man nodded with satisfaction at her condition.

'Gag her.'

The girls obeyed the order. Zoe was too tired to resist. One girl held her head still while the other fed material into her mouth. Soon Zoe felt she was full but still the girl kept forcing more into her until she imagined she was going to choke and she shook her head in protest. A second strip of cloth was then drawn across her mouth between her teeth and pulled hard from behind her head. Zoe groaned, tears streaming down her cheeks, as the gag was knotted at her nape.

'Time for your enema, darling. You just lie there and relax.'


The gag muffled her objection, which provoked a titter of amusement from the two young girls as they set to work on her bound and helpless body. Coconut oil was poured liberally by one girl between her buttocks, while the other worked it into her rectum. When the girls taunted her, showing her the thickness of the rubber hose they had, Zoe struggled but achieved nothing more than to exhaust herself and make her wrists and ankles ache.

'Get on with it,' the man growled. 'Stick it in her; lets see her squirm.'

The man moved to the head the of the bench and stood, his arms folded before him watching her, a leering grin on his sweaty, stubbled face as Zoe felt the rubber tube being inserted into her rectum. Her writhing, head shaking and swearing into the gag amused the man and to spare herself having to watch his enjoyment at her suffering, Zoe screwed her eyes shut.

After suffering the enema Zoe was too dazed and exhausted from her struggling to put up any more of a fight as she was unstrapped from the bench and turned onto her back. Humiliatingly she couldn't prevent her body from expelling the warm soapy water, but then the weight and clasp were removed from her clitoris and gazing down Zoe saw that her little erection of flesh had been stretched to nearly twice its natural length.

'An excellent result. Okay, get her secure, we've got more to do.'

This time as well as tightening straps to her wrist and anklecuffs a broad belt was strapped across her chest below her breasts and another just above. The tightness of the belts made it hard to breathe other than shallowly and Zoe felt a rising tide of panic as she remembered Delgardo having said something to Auda about making her nipples stay erect. She looked imploringly at the man as he stood over her, now holding a pair of tweezers.

'Just relax you dumb bitch, we're not going to do anything to hurt you. The boss just wants you looking your best, so those tits of yours are going to get some special treatment.'

Zoe felt one of the man's hands caress her breast, feeling its weight before slipping a belt around it which was then progressively tightened until her breast was held tightly and drawn up into a firm cone of flesh. A second belt was used to similar effect on her other breast.

'Okay, girls, get her nipples hard.'

From each side of the bench the two young girls bent over her strapped down body and their moist lips closed over her breasts, their tongues licking and coaxing her nipples until they were fully erect. Tweezers were then used to catch hold of one nipple and keep it taut while an all-but invisible thread was looped repeatedly around her nipple and drawn tight. The loose ends were then cut and the belt around the breast removed.

'Looks good. Let's do her other one.'

A short time later and Zoe, still gagged, her hands bound behind her back, was led to Delgardo's room. The man was stood under a shower as they entered.

'You're late! One of you go and make sure my breakfast is ready. Maria, you can stay. Has she been washed yet this morning?'

'No signor, but we have done everything else.'

'Well, that's something at least. Let's have a look at her.'

Delgardo stepped out from under the shower without bothering to switch the water off and crossed the room to where the girl and Zoe stood. Without any hesitation or preamble he caught hold of Zoe's right breast and lifted it so he could examine her. Instinctively Zoe flinched and immediately regretted it.

'Stand still slave!' the girl ordered, grabbing Zoe's hair with one hand and with her other slapping Zoe hard across her buttocks.

'You do as signor Delgardo tell you!' she scolded.

'Her nipples look good now. Good and hard. Just how the buyers like them. An eager looking body is always pleasing to the eye. And if you're not eager to get yourself fucked and whipped all the time, then we can make you look eager, can't we?'

Delgardo dug the fingers of one hand into Zoe's rump to stop her from shying from his exploration of her body as his other hand dug deep up into her sex.

'A very pretty little pussy. Just crying out again for another good shafting. Well my dear girl, you may as well get used to it. Untie her hands.'

A moment later and Zoe was nursing her sore wrists from where the rope had burnt her. Delgardo looked down at her wrists and anger flared in his eyes.

'Which idiot used rope on her! I said cuffs! I don't want her marked, damn it!'

'Signor Delgardo, sir, it was Alfonso, he used rope signor,' the servant girl stammered nervously.

'Did he? Right, I'll deal with him later.'

The man turned his attention back to Zoe. His cock was semi-flaccid and he stood dripping water close in front of her, smiling maliciously. Zoe knew what he was going to do and her heart was hammering.

'Go on, English girl, bend over and grasp your ankles. Maria, keep a good hold of her hair so she doesn't fall over,' the man ordered.

Reluctantly Zoe did as she was ordered.

'Come on, legs wider apart.'

A hand struck her stingingly on one buttock and then on the other. Zoe spread her legs wider, grasping her ankles as instructed. The man's hands settled over her arse and she felt his cock quickly find the opening of her sex and push inside her. Zoe grunted with pleasure as she felt the cock filling her.

'Feels good doesn't it?' the man laughed.

Of course, gagged she couldn't answer, which was perhaps as well, Zoe reflected. The truth was that it always felt good, even in circumstances like this.

'What a pleasant way to start the day. Tight little bitch aren't you... nice and tight and so wet!'

Zoe sighed through the gag as the man used her compliant body with increased urgency and energy. As soon as he came he withdrew his cock and stepped back. His body was shiny with perspiration and he stood recovering his breath as he watched her.

'I think I'd better have another shower. You can shower with me and wash me. Maria, wait by the door just in case she's dumb enough to try to make a run for it. Though somehow I don't think you're that stupid or that reluctant are you?'

After being made to share the shower with Delgardo and washing him and herself with soap, the man gave her shampoo and told her to wash her hair. She was then ordered to lie down on the bed and Maria proceeded to massage coconut oil over her, not missing an inch of her body. By the time she had been oiled from her toes up to her neck, she felt incredibly drowsy. She caught snatches of conversation in Spanish, which she could understand since it was her mother's native language. Delgardo was ordering the girl to watch her but to let her sleep. She was to be kept under watch in this room now until the slaves underwent final preparations for the auction. Zoe lifted her head as the door opened then closed. The man was gone and the girl had now settled herself down on the floor before the door to keep a guard over her. Well, there's nothing I can do. Even if I got past her, I haven't got a hope in hell of escaping from this place, thought Zoe. She turned onto her chest and drew one arm up around her head and closed her eyes.

* * *

A dozen men and a handful of women had gathered in the gallery that overlooked the auction hall where the slaves were to be displayed and sold. Delgardo stood talking with a smartly suited elderly man and a middle-aged woman, immaculate in a Chanel skirt and blazer, though her expensive cotton blouse already clung to her body from perspiration. Even with the skylight windows opened wide it was stifling hot. The large fans, slowly revolving, seemed to only stir up the hot air. Delgardo had served chilled champagne to each of his visitors but the fine vintage Bollinger, stolen from a luxury yacht sailing down the coast that his men had boarded, was warm before more than a few sips had been enjoyed.

In the arena below a young white girl was struggling between two of his men. The girl was naked except for a collar about her neck and rope around her wrists. Her dark hair was tied in two pigtails and a rope was bound to each, the other end of which the men held. The girl's hands were bound together behind her back with rope. The prospective buyers in the gallery looked down with a degree of curiosity or amusement each time the girl cried out.

She looked to be about twenty at the most. She was long legged and slim. The two men worked against her as a team. Each held a trailing whip in one hand and in the other one of the ropes, bound into the pigtails of her shiny dark hair. One man would pull the rope he held; the girl's head would be dragged towards him and she would grunt in discomfort and lurch towards him. The other man would then flick his whip so it snaked down across her back. Then as the girl cried out, the man who'd just whipped her would tighten his cord drawing her stumbling backwards. The other man would then strike her across her legs or chest with his whip.

As Delgardo's clients milled around, waiting for the late arrivals and their glasses of champagne were kept topped up by a serving maid, the girl in the arena was dragged backwards and forwards. Each time there was the crack of a whip she howled and another trailing red line marked her tender skin. By the time all the potential buyers had arrived and taken their seats, the girl's body was covered with whip marks, mostly across her buttocks and the backs of her thighs but there were plenty too across her firm young breasts, her taut stomach and her tethered arms.

At a signal from Delgardo, the men released her and the girl's true nature revealed itself. Without having to be ordered she knelt in front of each man in turn and serviced them eagerly with her mouth. Her cheeks hollowed as she sucked at their engorged cocks, one hand stroking the shaft, the other one working frantically between her legs. As each man reached his climax and his come splashed hot and thick against the back of her throat, she gave contented groans. At a further signal the men dragged the girl from the arena and a silence descended over the gathered company.

'Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Rouassa slave market. I am very appreciative of the efforts that you have made to get here. I am confident that once you see the quality of our slaves, you will feel that your journeys have been worthwhile.' Delgardo took a sip of champagne to clear his throat.

The floor of the hall was sand and it felt like he was having to breathe it in. He hated it here, but he was forced to admit that it was by far the safest place to run his business from. The corrupt government of Karunga practically supported and encouraged his enterprise, which in most civilised countries would have been condemned. He scanned the faces of his audience. Quite a few were regulars: Americans, French, German, Japanese: all wealthy and all searching for new acquisitions. Some liked to keep just a single slave at a time but most had harems.

'There are seven girls on offer today,' Delgardo continued, 'if you haven't already got details of them, there are buyer's catalogues on the marble table by the door. I think then, without any more pre-amble, let us see lot number one.'

Led by a collar and pole leash a tall young girl was brought into the centre of the hall. She looked angrily around her, her head held high, her bright blue eyes blazing with fury. The man leading her kept a wary eye on her as he paraded her around the circular room. The leather collar around her neck was very broad and forced her chin up. A ball gag silenced the girl and her arms were strapped tightly behind her back with her hands covered by a single leather glove that was laced tightly around her wrists.

Delgardo knew this girl was the most volatile of the slaves he wished to sell today. A college girl from a wealthy Boston family of bankers she had been kidnapped and held to ransom. Her family though had refused to pay the ransom and the kidnappers had panicked as the Police had closed in on them. A contact Delgardo had in America had bought the girl on the cheap from them. Now she was paraded and the bidding started by raised hands with Delgardo's secretary keeping an eye on the bidders.

'Am I bid any more then for lot number one?' Delgardo looked expectantly around the faces before him. No one responded and the American girl was announced sold. As if suddenly realising what had happened to her she tried to break free but her efforts were useless. She couldn't escape from the man who held her and because of the pole clipped to her collar she couldn't get any nearer to him, although she tried. The man watched as she kicked out wildly in his direction. Delgardo gave the merest nod and two more men appeared at a jog, both holding lassoes. The next time the girl kicked out a rope snaked around her foot and was jerked tight, closing around her ankle then dragging her off balance. The other man lassoed her other ankle and together they dragged her on her back out of the hall.

Lot number two was a Japanese airline hostess, who had been drugged in a nightclub and had woken to find herself in a packing crate, marked "Fragile - with care". Lot number three, a Swedish blonde who had been backpacking across Europe when she was abducted, went for a similar price to the Japanese girl. Both of them had exhibited submissive natures and had taken to their training very well. The bidding was brisk and slightly better than average, thought Delgardo, as he called for lot number four.

He would be glad when today's business was concluded. He always felt anxious on the actual auction days. Not because of the auction itself, but because of other considerations. Most of his prospective clients were dangerous people on the wrong side of the law and they attracted too much unwanted attention. There had been, he was sure, several occasions when some had been followed to Rouassa. Probably by the authorities of their country, who had been tracking them. Sinister boats, planes, and foreigners suddenly appeared in Karunga then disappeared as suddenly as the visitors to the auction did after they'd bought their new acquisitions. Delgardo had even wondered whether some criminal ring was watching his operation and was preparing to take control of it.

'Lot number four ladies and gentlemen...'

The English girl was led in on a collar and leash. She had been strapped to a cross that Delgardo had designed himself. Made from bamboo, one length of the cross held the girls arms outstretched, while the other length ran the length of her spine. The poles pressed against her back and held her arms drawn slightly back so that she was forced to maintain an upright stance with her breasts jutting forwards. Her nipples, bound with the invisible thread, stood proud from her dark areoles.

Two leather straps were fastened to the bottom of the pole and these had been fed between her legs and pulled tightly back over the insides of her thighs before being screwed back onto the bamboo pole. The straps drew the globes of her arse apart then prevented her from closing her thighs. This way her sex was kept clearly on show. Another leather strap was drawn tightly under the girl's breasts and fixed to the pole. It served not just to keep the girl strapped to the pole but exaggerated the prominence of her breasts by pressing tightly against her rib cage under their swell. Her whole body had been oiled so that her tanned skin shone. With her sex now shaved the delicate pink folds of flesh were clearly exposed as she was made to parade around the hall.

'Lot four: English, mid-twenties. Lovely condition, freshly broken in. She responds well to the whip and she makes for a challenging ride. She's very bright and as you'll see from her background notes, she was a British secret agent. She's probably trained in hand to hand combat so don't take any chances with her, her bite will be worse than her bark.'

A ripple of laughter went through the crowd. The English girl looked up at him, glaring with anger. She seemed to snarl silently at him, her generous bow shaped lips curling back and exposing her clenched teeth. The crowd laughed and Delgardo smiled to himself.

Amongst Delgardo's henchmen was an old, alcoholic German dentist. An hour ago, Delgardo had leant in the doorway of the room he used and had watched him at work. Zoe had been strapped down onto his dentist's chair and a ring gag forced into her mouth to keep her jaws held open. Delgardo's henchman had then applied a modified filling cement over the tops of the girl's molars. The gag was then removed and her jaws were forced closed and held.

With the paste set hard, Zoe's teeth were effectively clamped together, making it impossible for her to speak. After a day the paste would begin to dissolve but for the moment all she could do, as she was paraded around the auction hall, was to snarl like a captured wild animal.

Delgardo looked down at the English girl and smiled with satisfaction.

'So who would like to open the bidding?'

Immediately a hand was raised.

'Any advance upon...'

His sentence was never completed as another hand was waved.

'Now, is someone going to give me a figure more like her true worth. Nice firm arse, well muscled legs: all in all a fit body. Imagine what she'd be like under your control, ladies and gentlemen. Come on now, how often would you have the chance to make a British Secret Service agent submit to your will? Remember her training and look at the photographs in your catalogue. Imagine having her body bound for your pleasure.'

The bids came thick and fast and Delgardo had to keep his excitement firmly under control. He had already taken the bidding well past Auda's reserve for her and he would take fifteen percent of her sale price. It was remarkable, he mused, how much some people would pay for a slave, when if you had the nerve they were just there for the taking.

'Generous breasts, a very appealing pussy. Look at those wide, dark eyes. Imagine them watching you as you gave her a good whipping. Would anyone care to advance the bidding?'

It was a three way bid now between two regular clients and an unknown Englishman who had signed in as The Colonel and had put his address in the guest book as Shrevra, Jalhor Province, India. The last bid, by The Colonel was going unchallenged and Delgardo suspected that the bidding for the English girl was just about concluded.

'Any more bids? Going once, going twice...'

A hand came up. It was one of his regulars: a Brazilian businessman who had bought many girls from Delgardo. Amongst his various enterprises he ran a dungeon that was used for photographs for a website. A website with a very high access charge because of the nature of the photographs.

'Right then, is that the final bid? Going once, going twice...'

The Colonel raised his hand again. The Brazilian looked crestfallen.

'So, it is with the gentlemen on my right. Going once, going twice... going three times... sold!'

* * *

Vanessa sat on the sun deck, a large gin and tonic in one hand, idly flicking through a glossy magazine when she sensed the boat move fractionally sideways. She looked up from the magazine for an explanation. Auda had anchored the boat mid-stream about half a mile from the fort, so as not to draw attention to it. He had taken Zoe to the auction in the small speedboat and had left Basil on the yacht with Vanessa.

'Basil! Is that you?'

With no answer immediately forthcoming she stood up. She was about to call out again when she thought she heard hushed voices. Standing up on tiptoe on her bare feet she looked around. The water on one side of the boat had telltale ripples as if something had disturbed it.

'Hey! Vanessa! You call?'

She looked around and saw Basil emerging from one of the deck doors.

'I just thought...'

Her sentence died in her throat as she saw two men appear from behind the life raft capsule and dash towards Basil. One held a machete and the other a large, serrated edged diver's knife. Basil, seeing the look of alarm on her face, swung around and then bounded away across the deck, the two men in pursuit.

Vanessa was agonising over what she should do when she saw two more men climb over the side of the yacht and now she heard the dull scrape of their little boat against the side of Auda's yacht. She swore at their bad luck, the boat had a good arsenal of guns but Basil had appeared on deck unarmed. The main galley was nearest her and she knew there was a revolver kept there. As fast as she could, she ran, but already they were after her.

Wrenching open the galley door she dived inside just before her pursuers could reach her. She threw her weight back against the door and slid the little bolt into its lock. She dashed across to the map drawer where she knew the revolver was. Behind her the door rattled furiously. The drawer opened at the same time as the galley door burst open.

The revolver lay before her. She could hear the breathing of men behind her. She closed her hand around the weapon and swung around as a hand grabbed her wrist and an arm slammed against her chest knocking her backwards. Dazed and on her knees she saw she was still holding the gun but the hand around her wrist tightened its grip and shook her arm vigorously. The gun fell from her grasp and slid across the polished wood floor.

The man stared at her bikini-clad body and grinned victoriously. Picking himself up off the floor he grabbed her hair and hauled her to her feet. When she tried to hit him he blocked her flailing arm and a second later Vanessa found herself being pushed ahead of him out of the galley, her arms wrenched and held behind her back by one man, the other leading her by her hair.

'Get your filthy hands off me!'

When she tried to kick the man behind her he quickly let go of her arms and caught hold of her ankle.

'Let me go!'

Vanessa glared furiously at him as he forced her to hop to keep her balance. The other man had let go of her hair and stood laughing.

'Come on darling, down on your hands and knees!'

Vanessa looked around her in alarm, a dozen men were milling across the deck of the boat and she could see Basil swimming furiously for the shore. The man holding her leg lifted it higher and she was forced to support herself on her hands as she was tipped over.

'That's it bitch, on your knees.'

There was a raucous rush of laughter and the men closed around her. One caught hold of her hair and another flicked the toe of his boot against her arm, dragging her off balance. Powerful hands twisted her hands behind her back. With her chin pressing against the deck, someone bound a rope around her ankles.

'Let's get this fancy thing cast off and under way!'

The shout came from someone used to giving orders. Vanessa saw the majority of the pirates scatter but several remained, two at least holding her down while a third bound her wrists together behind her back.

'Get the girl below deck, we can enjoy her later, once we've got clear of Rouassa. Can you believe that anyone could be so stupid as to leave a boat like this lying around as a present; especially with her on board for the taking! We'll all have our share of her juicy little body then we'll sell her for a tidy sum!'

The leader's belly laugh was echoed by half a dozen other men and Vanessa was dragged below deck, bound and helpless and cursing Auda for being so negligent.

She was taken kicking and screaming to the main berth where she was tossed down onto the bed. The men tore the bikini from her and her pants were forced into her mouth. They then gagged her with one of her own stockings and tied her ankles together with another.

'What a body, why wait for the captain's order before we have her? Look at her, I reckon we should have her now.'

'Don't be an idiot, if he finds out he'll have your guts for garters!'

'Aye, we'd best get back up on deck smartish or he'll be after us.'

'You just 'ave a nice little rest darling and we'll all be back to see you later!'

Vanessa squirmed ineffectually as the man squeezed then slapped her breast.

As soon as the men had left her alone she curled her legs up behind her until she could just reach her ankles with her bound hands. They had tied rope around her wrists but her fingers were still free and she reckoned that the stocking they'd bound her ankles with, she might be able to untie, given enough time. Thankfully her long fingernails made the job easier and soon she could feel the twists of nylon loosening. Working a fingertip into the material she tugged and teased at the fabric until the knot released itself.

Whilst she had developed a taste for adventure, she was certain that these men spelt trouble for her. If the pirates hadn't managed to stop Basil's escape, then there was a good chance that he'd get to Auda and pretty soon he'd come after his stolen boat. She knew he was not the sort of man to take what had just happened lying down. Perhaps he'd be able to hire some men from the slave fort and get a boat to pursue them. Meantime though the pirates were obviously keen to put as many miles as possible between themselves and where they'd stolen the boat. They had been anchored a good couple of miles up the river estuary, as long as she could escape now, within sight of land, she'd have a decent chance of getting back to Auda.

With her feet now unfettered she began searching the room as best she could with her hands still bound, for something sharp enough to cut through the rope around her wrists. She frantically pulled open locker drawers and gave a silent shout of joy when she found a sheathed dagger that belonged to Auda. It took her only a couple of moments to jam the knife between her knees and then drag the rope that bound her wrists back and forth against the blade. Just as the rope frayed then snapped though the cabin door opened.

'So where the hell do you think you're going?'

The men moved quickly to snatch the dagger from where it lay but Vanessa was quicker. The weapon clutched before her she retreated a few steps.

'Any closer and I'll use it!'

'Of course you will my darlin', and we don't want that do we?'

The man smiled and took a step back.

'Just let me go... you can keep the boat,' Vanessa kept the dagger held high and nervously advanced a couple of steps.

'Alright then sweetheart, just whatever you want.'

The man moved away from the door, holding his hands up above his head and grinning at her.

'Just keep back!'

Vanessa glanced at the door and edged a little closer. The man smiled and nodded.

'Go on, you go first and I'll call to my men to keep out of your way.'

'No, you go ahead and tell them.'

'Alright then, just whatever you say.'

Vanessa watched the man move to leave the room and she stepped after him. She was just wondering what she should do next when he spun around, his hand grasping her wrist before she could react.

He tightened his grip. Vanessa tried to hit the man with her other hand but he easily blocked her then jerked her arm forcing her to drop the dagger. In the next second he pushed her back down onto the bed and picked up the dagger.

'Fiery tempered little thing, aren't you? I wonder what I should do with you?'

'Let me go. The man who owns this boat won't care about losing it but he'll be furious if you take me as well.'

'Will he now?' laughed the pirate, rubbing his beard thoughtfully. 'Well, that makes me very scared, very scared indeed!'

'I'm only trying to help you.'

'Are you? Well, I reckon if I keep you on board, my men won't be able to concentrate on their jobs, so we'll just have to get rid of you, won't we?'

'Yes, that's by far the best idea,' Vanessa agreed, enthusiastically.

'So, I think we'll sell you to the slave market, since we're so close. You'll sell for a tidy sum won't you?'

'No, you can't do that!'

'And meantime, I think maybe it's only fair if I let my crew enjoy your tasty little body. I bet you'd like that wouldn't you, you little wench!'

'Please don't! Can't I just look after you?'

'Oh no, that'd upset my crew and I wouldn't want to do that. No, best if I let them all enjoy you. Keep the lads happy an' all that!'

The pirate then gave a shout and in no time at all a handful of men had spilt into the cabin.

'Right,' snapped the leader. 'Get her on her belly, time to give her a lesson in good manners!'

Vanessa just had time to see the leader unbuckle the heavy leather belt around his breeches and pull it free, before four pairs of hands took hold of her arms and legs. Forced face down on the bed, she glanced nervously back over her shoulder.

'Pull her good and tight lads!'

Vanessa felt the hands around her ankles and wrists draw her limbs to full stretch. There was the sound of the belt swishing through the air then Vanessa felt a terrible stinging across her buttocks.

'Yeeow! Stop it!'

Wide eyed with alarm she looked over her shoulder to see the belt whistling down through the air again towards her bare legs.

Vanessa shook her head, tears pricking her eyes, a burning sensation spreading across her thighs. The belt snapped down again, this time over her back.

'Oww! Stop it!' she blurted, tears welling up in her eyes as the pain across the backs of her legs throbbed unbearably. The belt snapped down again over her rump and Vanessa jerked and writhed against the four pairs of hands that held her down.

'I can't bear it! Let me go! No more... please...'

There was a nerve-racking pause and Vanessa fearfully looked up at the leader of the pirates. She had given up trying to pull free from the hands that grasped her and held her arms and legs outstretched. Her shoulders ached fearfully and needles of pain ran down her legs from the tension that her legs were under.

'Starting to feel sorry for yourself, eh?'

'Yes...please don't whip me anymore,' Vanessa begged, looking up at the leader with wide, sorrowful eyes.

'Right then girl. We're going to stay at sea for three days then we'll return and sell you at the slave market. By then whoever had you before should be elsewhere. Now, until then you've got a simple choice to make: either you service each of my crew every day and willingly or you can stay bound to this bed and every six hours you'll get twenty lashes. It's your choice!'

'How many of you are there?' Vanessa asked timidly.


She thought quickly. Servicing nine men for three days or being whipped every six hours - there was no contest!

'I'll look after your men,' she announced, trying to make it sound like a reluctantly made decision.

'Excellent!' roared the Captain. 'Right then Bosun Flint, leave a man at the helm for now and we'll let the rest of the crew all have their first taste right now!'

'But not all of you together!' Vanessa protested.

'What's wrong with that? Eager little slut like you should have enough stamina to service nine men. Right Flint, get the men in order of seniority after myself. So, what's your name girl?'


'Well Vanessa, get that pretty mouth of yours around my cock before I lose my patience with you and give you a good flogging anyway!'

Vanessa set to work, sucking and licking until the man told her to stop and turn round on the bed, supporting herself on her hands and knees. His hands grasped her buttocks and drew them apart. Then without any preamble he rammed his cock into her pussy. Groaning and swearing with fevered excitement and satisfaction he pumped away until he came. With scarcely a pause the man named Flint, the tallest and meanest of the crew, pressed a hand against her back between her shoulder blades encouraging her to stay bent over for him. Hands then grasped her ankles and pulled her backwards, taking her by surprise. With her legs pulled over the edge of the bed and held widely apart, her sex was driven up against his thick cock and then he was inside her, his powerful hands clasping her hips to keep her held in place. Before he'd come though Vanessa herself was brought to orgasm and as she gasped and writhed, held by the men, they laughed and agreed amongst themselves how "the little tart was loving it".

After Flint, a third man took her and by the time he'd finished with her Vanessa was already feeling exhausted.

'Could I rest for just a minute,' she begged.

'Stop whining you little slut and get on with it!'

A fourth man took her and by the time he'd come, her pussy felt so tender that she again begged them to let her rest. When they ignored her begging she tried to crawl away but hands dragged her back to where they wanted her.

'Please! I really need to have a rest. My poor little body aches...'

Her pleading just made them laugh.

'Maybe we should give her juicy little pussy a rest? Use her the other way lads!'

'Oh no... don't, please...' Vanessa cried.

'Good idea, pull her down the bed lads so her arse is hanging over the edge!'

'Come on guys... please... I've had enough!' Vanessa protested.

'Hold her still, my turn, come on now you blonde beauty...'

Vanessa was now held still by four eager volunteers as a fifth man pushed his thumb deeply between her buttocks making her whimper and squirm.

'Done this before, darlin?'

Vanessa, lying, shook her head negatively. Secretly a part of her was eager to suffer what was about to befall her, but there was no way she'd ever let on to these animals that she enjoying being treated like this! God, if they knew that, what else might they do to her?

'Come on then honey, time to soften up for us.'

The man twisted his thumb inside her anus, then drew it partially from her before pushing it back in. Soon her muscle was softening under the repeated pressure and then the man withdrew his thumb and drew the globes of her arse apart with both hands.

'You'll get to enjoy it soon enough darlin!'

The man drove his cock into Vanessa's rear making her cry out in protest.

'This isn't fair... please...' Vanessa shook her head and struggled pathetically against the four pairs of hands that held her down whilst the cock slid back and forth, harder and deeper at each stroke.

'God, she's a horny little bitch!'

'Look at her panting, she's loving it!'

Someone grasped her hair and drew her head back. Vanessa felt spunk filling her rectum and then the cock was promptly withdrawn.

'Right, me next!'

'No more... please!' Vanessa sighed, writhing pathetically against the four pairs of powerful hands that held her still.

Ignoring her pleading the sixth man took his turn, driving his cock into her arse with such determined force that she gasped and imagined for a moment that she was going to faint.

'Keep still now girl... come on, not much more...'

The man rode her mercilessly, his cock pumping into her in quick hard thrusts, his balls slapping against her thighs each time his cock sank into her, his hands holding her tightly by her slim waist as she squirmed under the assault.

'Please... not so hard... too much...'

Her pleading though seemed to make the man use her even more harshly and Vanessa cried out as she was brought to a shuddering climax of her own which seemed to vindicate his treatment of her in his own eyes.

'The little tart's loving it! Look at her!'

The man came, and with a groan of satisfaction withdrew from her. Without giving her time to even recover her breath another man took up his place between her spread and held legs and he thrust his cock into her aching body.

'No, stop... please...' Vanessa gasped, almost delirious now after what she'd been put through.

'Come on darlin', that lovely young body of yours has still got some work to do!'

'Can't take anymore...let me rest...please...'

Ignoring her pleading the man drew his cock from her then rammed it back in.

'No! Stop it... no more...'

'Now, if you want us to stop then you've not kept your end of the bargain and it's a whipping you'll get instead, so what's it to be?'

'This isn't fair...' Vanessa sighed, weakly lifting her head and looking around at the men circling the bed.

'Your choice darlin, what's it to be? Three more of us enjoying your lovely little arse or a whipping?'

'No...' Vanessa cried, shaking her head in dismay.

As if to prompt her into choosing, the cock was thrust back into her arse, making her gasp. The man then withdrew before ramming it back into her.

'So what's it to be then darlin'?'

'Three more of you...' sighed Vanessa.

Chapter Ten

Zoe was led by the leash from the auction hall and back to the preparation room. The men were discussing her sale and had obviously been placing bets on which girl would fetch the most money. It seemed that so far Zoe had fetched the highest price, much to the annoyance of one of the men who had banked on the blonde Boston student.

'She should have gone for more; taller with blonde hair, them idiots in the gallery have got more money then sense!'

'Rubbish, this one's far better. That Boston bitch was too young; skinny long legs and no tits. This one's class; nice full tits and eyes like a trapped rabbit; big and round and dark brown, you can see what she's thinking. That American girl'll be nothing but trouble, mark my words; whereas this one, she'll learn to behave and learn to enjoy it. I can tell; she'll come to love the taste of the whip and that's what the buyers want!'

The men led Zoe into the preparation room where the four girls who had been auctioned before her were now being prepared for shipment. The young girl with the pigtails, whose slender body was striped with whip marks, was hanging from a wooden pole braced over two Y shaped rests. She dangled suspended from heavy hemp ropes that were repeatedly bound around her slim wrists and ankles. When the door was opened and the men led in Zoe, the girl lifted her head weakly and looked at her. A ring gag had been jammed into her mouth, stretching her jaws wide. Seeing Zoe, the young girl moaned plaintively, then her head lolled back and she was silent again.

The fiery tempered American was suspended by her ankles, which were cuffed together, from a hook fastened to the low stone ceiling. As well as anklecuffs, her legs were bound together by three leather straps secured above and below her knees and around her thighs. Her arms were held behind her and drawn close against her back by a strap that was fed around her arms above her elbows then drawn across her chest and buckled above her breasts. A second strap was fastened in a figure of eight around her forearms midway between her wrists and elbows and then around her waist, the strap buckle resting snugly against her belly. As if to reinforce just how helpless she was, she still wore the single leather glove that kept her two hands held palms against each other and was laced up tightly around her wrists. Her slender neck was collared and in addition a ball gag effectively silenced her. For the first time since Zoe had first seen her, she looked resigned to her fate and hung suspended yet making no attempt to escape or object to her plight.

The Japanese girl lay unconscious in the middle of a crate of bananas. She was bound hand and foot, her mouth covered with tape. Two men were piling more bananas over and around her until she began to disappear from view.

The young Swedish girl was far from unconscious. Ball-gagged and bent over a bench, Vanessa could see her bucking and writhing in orgasm as another man took her from behind.

'Right, get the English girl strapped up like the American, they're both going to the same place.'

Zoe knew there was no point in struggling so she allowed herself to be laid on a waist-high workbench and leather straps fastened around her limbs in matching fashion to the Boston blonde who hung upside down, her steely blue eyes watching her with silent sympathy. Once they had her bound, she was given an injection and in no time at all Zoe felt herself becoming drowsy. The ball gag was removed from her mouth. She was already too drugged to do anything and lay docilely as the men prepared her for transportation. For a few moments she managed to keep her eyes open and watched them dealing in a similar fashion with the Boston girl.

* * *

When she came to she found herself lying, still bound, on the floor of a tiny windowless room and it was only when she felt the room tilt and recognised the dull humming noise of propeller engines that she realised she was in an aircraft. The room was nothing more than a large locker or storeroom. Zoe had woken to find herself lying face down and now, to try to relieve the discomfort of being bound, she rolled onto her back. Lying next to her was the American girl, awake and watching her.

'Hi there, welcome back to the wonderful world of reality.'

'We're on a plane,' Zoe groaned.

'We sure are. I'd kinda like to know where we're heading but I guess we'll find out before too long. My name's Christy. What's yours?'

'Zoe. Zoe Farquerson. Forgive me for not shaking hands.'

Both girls managed a laugh and Christy edged herself closer to Zoe then lay on her side and looked at inquisitively at her.

'Is it true you're a British Secret Agent?'

Zoe nodded.

'No shit! How the hell did you end up in this mess?'

Zoe was about to try to explain when the blonde girl shook her head.

'Don't bother, that story can wait for another time. What I'm more interested in is anyone going to get you out of this mess and can you get me out with you too?'

'Christy, I somehow doubt it,' Zoe sighed. 'I was abducted when I was in a Middle East country. I'm sure the organisation I work for would have tried to find me but now... God knows where we're heading now. Rescue is out of the question, our only hope is escape.'

Christy gave a resigned nod then a moment later asked,

'Hey, are your ears popping?'

'Yeah, the plane must be descending, either that or we're going even higher.'

Soon it was evident that the plane was indeed in descent and after a short time the engine noise changed pitch then they felt the first sudden jolt as it touched down. Judging from the continuous bumping as they slowed down, Zoe reckoned that they had landed on a pretty poor runway.

The sound of a key turning warned them that the door was about to open, then a moment later a tall, dark skinned man in a turban stood looking down at them. Satisfied with what he saw he then stepped back and gestured to some men behind him, who came into the room and dragged the girls out.

The plane had landed on a worn out tarmac landing strip, the surface of which was cracked and dotted with weeds and grass. The air against Zoe's skin was hot but she found herself gazing at massive snow capped mountains in the near distance. They had landed in a valley, the landing strip encircled by rolling hills. These were covered with rows of lush green plants, which Zoe guessed to be a tea plantation. The mountains, Zoe realised, must be the Himalayas and that they were somewhere in the foothills.

The two girls were lifted into the back of a truck which set off without delay on a rough track that slowly climbed uphill, gradually revealing a wider panorama. Two young men in tattered clothes sat hunched at the far end of the truck keeping a watch on them; one had an old bolt-action rifle while the other held a long cane. A worn out looking Landrover led the way and slowly the two vehicles climbed uphill until they crossed a pass and descended into another valley. In the distance Zoe could see what looked like a fortified monastery and she began to suspect that this was where they were bound.

Nearly an hour after they had first sighted the massive gaunt building, ringed by its high stone walls, they drove through an archway and into the monastery courtyard. The tailgate of the truck was lowered with a clatter of rusty metal and a cloud of dust.

'Welcome to Shrevra, girls. I am the Colonel, you may recognise my face from amongst the small crowd of prospective buyers who watched you being displayed at Rouassa slave market.'

As the dust cleared they found a man facing them. He looked to be perhaps seventy or perhaps he was only fifty but had spent too long in a harshly sunny location that had wrinkled and tanned his skin so much it was beginning to look like a shrivelled prune. He wore a crisp white linen suit, a paisley cravat and a wide-brimmed Panama hat. He held a silver-topped walking cane in one hand and a pair of white leather gloves in the other. Two young shaven headed men in monks' attire flanked him on both sides.

'Shrevra is a closed religious commune and you have been brought here to serve the higher disciples and the masters. Our commune is founded on beliefs of worship and devotion. You will be taught to worship the masters and you will become devoted to serving them.'

'Bullshit!' Christy swore. 'When my papa finds out where the hell I am, you lot are gonna be in for it! And if you think I'm...'

'Take the American girl and give her a dozen strokes of the cane for voicing her desire to be disobedient. The sooner she learns what is expected from her the better!'

The two natives who had guarded the girls on the journey grabbed hold of Christy and dragged her to the end of the truck where the two young monks lifted her down and carried her across the courtyard. The Colonel looked critically at Zoe, a smile slowly forming across his face.

'Do you wish to voice any objections?'

Zoe hesitated, part of her wanting to avoid any trouble but she was seething with resentment. She had to bite her tongue or she knew she'd tell this arrogant man what she thought of him. He nodded thoughtfully as he scrutinised her then he pointed with his cane to where Christy was being bound between two poles in one corner of the courtyard.

'You feel just like her, but you are afraid to speak out like she has. You may as well share her suffering, then you'll better understand the wisdom of devotion and obedience.'

The man waved his cane in signal and the two monks, leaving the American girl tied between the two poles, returned to the truck.

'This one is going to punish the other girl. Untie her and equip her.'

Zoe was too shocked at first to realise what was happening but soon enough she was standing, unfettered, with a long supple bamboo cane in her trembling hand and staring at her naked and trembling companion. Christy looked nervously over her shoulder.

'Just do it. Just do what they tell you. If you don't they'll only punish both of us,' Christy encouraged her.

'I can't!' Zoe shook her head, gazing in despair at the girl before her. The two poles were about six or eight feet apart with brass rings bolted to them top and bottom. Heavy hemp ropes were tied to each ring and by these Christy was bound by her wrists and ankles and held spread-eagled. Zoe looked around her, trying to find a way out of the situation she had been placed in. Half a dozen young monks stood ranged around in a semi-circle watching and now two older men joined the Colonel. These men, who Zoe guessed must be masters, wore dark green robes as opposed to the brown robes of the young monks.

'Here at Shrevra you will come to understand that to fully appreciate life you must learn to embrace both aspects of our existence: pleasure and suffering. Now, look at me girl...'

The Colonel used the end of his cane to lift Zoe's head by her chin, encouraging her to meet his gaze.

'Christy is younger than you are and as her older sister you must take a hand in teaching her. When she arrived she believed that she would hate it here and she'd hate to serve us. We will now begin to teach her that she can come to love being here. First we must wash her mind with the cleansing fire of pain. A pain that will make her understand that her body is nothing more than an instrument to bring the masters of Shrevra rewards for their long devotion to our community. Give her a dozen strokes of the cane and hit her where she will link the pain to the meaning of her body; the provision of gratification to her masters.'

'I can't do it!' Zoe shook her head.

'Then perhaps, she should teach you?'

The Colonel walked across to in front of where Christy hung spread-eagled. Zoe could see that the young girl was still looking defiant but there was also fear in her eyes.

'My child, you may choose to receive pain or to give pain. Remember though before you answer, there is no escape from Shrevra and until you learn obedience every day will be a painful step on the path to fulfilment.'

'Let me down. I'll whip her!'

'But Christy... don't you see what they're doing?' Zoe blurted.

'Sure I see honey, but we've got a choice, don't you understand? I don't want to collect bruises even if you do!'

Zoe couldn't believe what was suddenly happening. The cane was taken from her grasp and no sooner had Christy been freed than Zoe was being bound in her place.

'Christy, they're manipulating us! Don't listen to what he says... we have to stick together on this! Don't you understand what he's doing to us?'

'Sure I understand Zoe. It's just like college. You have to play by the rules to get on. I've always played by the rules if it's worth it and right now it's worth it!'

Zoe stared imploringly at the young American girl as she circled her, the cane in one hand, her other dragging her tangled blonde hair clear of her face. She stepped close in front of Zoe and whispered to her.

'Listen Zoe, we could be here for ages, haven't you figured it out? As long as we give these guys a good time and play the devoted slave girls we'll be okay. Hell, it shouldn't be that bad.'

Zoe shook her head in dismay as Christy stepped back, swung the cane and brought it down across her breasts with a sharp thwack. She gave a scream of pain and jerked her arms angrily against the ropes that bound her wrists.

'It isn't so bad Zoe. Not from my perspective anyway!'

The cane swished through the air and hit Zoe across the inside of her spread thighs and she gave another howl of pain. She watched, trembling, as the young American girl danced out of her vision, moving behind her.

'Christy, please... don't!'

The cane smacked down across her rump making her jerk and pull frantically against the ropes.

'Good, well done Christy,' the Colonel encouraged.

The cane struck again where her thighs curved into her buttocks and she gasped as the pain travelled through her body like an electric shock. She was trembling uncontrollably with sweat running all down her tethered body by the time she'd received her first six strokes from the cane.

'How are you feeling Zoe?'

Christy stood close behind her and Zoe felt the cane touching between her spread legs.

'Uhh, please, do you have to hit me so hard?' she begged.

'Heavens sweetheart, they'd spot it if I didn't do a proper job. Besides, you know I'm kinda getting to enjoy myself here.'

Zoe groaned as the cane slid against the folds of her sex.

'Is your mind focusing yet on pleasure and suffering?'


Zoe felt the cane tap lightly against her sex, then a second time, more forcefully. She gasped in pain and tried urgently to close her legs protectively together but it was impossible. Again the cane flicked against her, then she felt the other girl slide her fingers into her sex.

'Say Colonel, I think she's beginning to get aroused by this. Is that good or bad?'

'It's good that she can appreciate pain and find pleasure in her suffering. Now, give her the next six strokes!'

* * *

Shrevra lay isolated, as Zoe had guessed, in the Himalayan foothills. The valley where the monastery was situated was owned wholly by the sect, as was most of the neighbouring valley. The fertile lower hill slopes were given over to tea plantations that the monks ran and profited from. They also grew and harvested from large fields of wild poppies whose cultivation Zoe guessed was for opium.

After a week at Shrevra she was beginning to bitterly regret her hesitation to whip Christy on their first day at the monastery. Since then the girls paths had gone in radically different directions. Christy had quickly become slavishly obedient and had a list of daily tasks that contrasted radically with those set to Zoe. The girls shared a small room with two bunk beds, a narrow barred window, a washstand and a few meagre possessions. Each morning while Zoe had to scrub down the stone steps of the courtyard quadrangle then prepare porridge for the monks, Christy went to the living quarters of the six masters and she washed each master in turn. Each had his own private room with a private shower. So by mid-morning Zoe had got herself hot and sweaty while Christy had got to share six hot showers, in exchange for the hardship of washing the masters who she served. Zoe had asked her if they made any demands on her and was told that she was expected to suck each man until he came. The young American girl grinned and said that it wasn't too much of a hardship.

In the afternoons Zoe was made to work with the rest of the girls cleaning and cooking. The monastery had fifteen girls. Half of these were young Indian girls, each very pretty and the others were from various countries but shared in common the fact that they'd been abducted and sold into slavery. What alarmed Zoe was how obedient they had become. Most had been there for two or three years but even a French girl captured less than a year ago was wholly subservient and made no complaint against her life in the sect. The most recent arrival after Zoe and Christy was another English girl, Mandy, who had been there for a couple of months. Even she seemed practically converted into a docile and obliging creature by the sect's methods of initiation.

So while Zoe worked under the watchful eye of monks or native guards, Christy remained out of sight, serving the masters carnal needs. She quickly became reticent about divulging what she had to do, but Zoe guessed that the Colonel and the masters had quickly found her weak point and had ruthlessly exploited it.

Christy had demonstrated a penchant for inflicting pain and the masters used her to punish disobedient girls. On the other hand, Zoe had been used as a model for what any disobedient girls could expect and she often went to bed, her body smarting from a severe whipping.

As if to signal the favouritism that had been extended to Christy she was given different clothes to wear. Most of the girls were given a standard uniform of a white cotton skirt that barely covered their buttocks and a brightly coloured silk sash that was drawn around their breasts like boob-tubes and left the rest of their chest and stomach exposed. They had no underwear and were made to wear high-heeled shoes that laced with straps up their calves. The attire had been cleverly thought out. The high-heeled shoes were hopeless to walk in except on paved stone, which effectively kept the girls to the monastery. Also, the laces strapped around their calves were so tightly and intricately bound, woven and knotted together it would take ages for the shoes to be removed. The flimsy little cotton skirts were tied with a drawstring that had to be knotted in a bow at the small of the back. Very easy for a monk to quickly undo, should he wish. The colourful sashes that covered the girl's breasts even served another purpose. Any disobedient girl could expect her sash to be removed and used to bind her hands, gag her or blindfold her.

From the first day that she'd been brought to Shrevra, Zoe knew she had to try to escape and as each day slid past this seemed more and more imperative. Quite simply because she wondered how long it might be before she began to accept her fate and became resigned to her life as an obedient slave girl in this isolated fastness devoted to sadism. From what she could persuade the other girls to divulge it seemed that after a few years of living at Shrevra, once girls had become totally subservient to the demands made of them they were sold on, no doubt at a considerable profit. There was without doubt a ready market around the world for bright and beautiful young girls who had been turned into devoted sex slaves.

On one day, Zoe and Mandy had been working in the kitchens when one of the monks had complained that his porridge was cold. Mandy had immediately accepted the blame and promptly one of the kitchen workbenches was cleared of everything from its work surface. Zoe watched in horror and fascination as the girl willingly removed her skirt and climbed onto the bench. She lay face down and spread her legs and arms, clutching the edge of the table with her hands. One of the monks removed the sash from her breasts and ordered her to stretch her arms out above her head. She did as she was told and the monk wrapped the sash around her wrists, drawing her hands together. She was then told to spread her legs and with dismay Zoe watched the girl immediately obey.

Two more of the monks took the long canes with which Zoe was now all too familiar with and proceeded to give her a thorough thrashing. They were experts at telling how much a slave could take and worked the slender rods across her buttocks, taking it in turn to strike from the left and then the right, until her the soft pillows of flesh were bright pink all over, Mandy groaning and twisting against the hands that held her but keeping her legs obediently open. Abruptly one of the monks stopped the beating long enough to dig his fingers between the punished cheeks and delve into her sex. When he withdrew his hand, his fingers glistened with Mandy's juices.

The monks smiled and then resumed the beating. This time one of them resumed the assault on her quivering buttocks while the other cracked the cane across her shoulders and back. Mandy's body continued to writhe and her groans escalated into shrieks. But Zoe sympathised with the girl. She was experiencing real pain but was helpless to stop herself from experiencing real pleasure as well.

'So Mandy, tell me what you feel you have learnt,' the monk demanded when they at last seemed to have decided that she had suffered enough.

The poor girl held down across the bench sniffed back her tears and when she spoke her voice was choked with the conflicting emotions Zoe knew so well.

'I have learnt that I can still be a bad girl and I need to be punished.'

Zoe felt her stomach lurch. These were words that she herself had been made to repeat. One of many mantras the girls were made to recite as part of their training.

'And what else have you learnt?'

'That when you punish me I am glad because you help to teach me how bad I am,' Mandy answered.


'And I wish to thank you with all my body.'

'Good girl Mandy. Well done. Now you may show your thanks.'

The monk walked around to the head of the bench.

Zoe knew these words too; she'd been forced to say them repeatedly after her own beatings and dreaded the day when she would say them with complete sincerity. The monk stood before the girl's face, lifted his cassock and stepped closer to her. Zoe watched as the girl eagerly began to lick and suck his displayed cock, which was already hard and soon began to jerk and twitch as her tongue bathed it adoringly with licks and kisses.

'Swallow like a good girl, slave.'

The young girl's lips close around the head of the shaft, the monk gave a contented smile and Zoe watched transfixed as Mandy gulped down his come devotedly.

'Now Mandy, what do you say?'

'Thank you. Please let me serve you again whenever you wish.'

The man patted her affectionately on the head then turned away.

'Tie her down on the bench and leave her like this for the rest of the day.'

Zoe shook her head in disbelief then to her alarm she saw the monk had happened just at that moment to glance in her direction.

'You don't think she should suffer for her wickedness, Zoe?' the monk, about to leave the kitchen, paused, one hand resting on the door handle which he was about to open and walk through.

'I... I... um...' Zoe stammered.

'Speak girl!'

'It's not fair! She's apologised and she's contrite. She should be forgiven! Don't you believe in forgiveness?'

The man nodded, seeming to digest Zoe's question. She held her breath, waiting for his answer, already a terrible sense of foreboding hanging over her.

'Then I shall reduce her suffering by a half as a measure of my kindness. She can be released mid-afternoon.'

'Thank you,' Zoe said.

'And,' the man pointed an accusing finger at Zoe, 'You can take the remainder of her punishment as your reward for daring to question my judgement!'


'Take her and tie her down! She obviously needs to be taught a lesson!'

'No!' Zoe cried as several monks descended upon her and dragged her kicking and screaming across to another workbench.

'You must learn Zoe that you are here to worship us. You have no other choice but devotion to the brethren. Deviation will only bring you suffering. Do you want to suffer my child?'

'Go to hell...' Zoe swore, as she was held down on her stomach across a workbench. She twisted and fought like mad, fully aware of what was about to happen, yet strangely eager to experience what the other girl had just been put through. Her skirt was flicked up exposing her buttocks. She twisted and writhed and more hands clasped hold of her legs and arms to keep her still. Her heart was hammering, her body bathed in sweat, adrenaline rushing through her as she struggled against the men. She could smell their sweat as they battled to subdue her and thrashing her head from side to side she glimpsed their eager, lascivious gazes.

'Such a stubborn girl. Brother Michael, give her a dozen strokes of the cane to calm her down before we give her the rest.'

'No! This isn't fair! Let me go you bastards!'

Zoe knew she had no chance to escape and that resistance would only bring more punishment but something was driving her on to rebel. Was it a refusal to submit? Or was it a desire to have more punishment inflicted upon herself? Her mind was full of the memory of the last time she was whipped and how agonisingly sweet the pain had felt. How delicious the feeling of sexual arousal from suffering...

The hands grasping her ankles and wrists pulled her limbs harder until she was gasping with the discomfort of being held so tightly stretched. She looked up at the determined faces of the men around her. She was panting hard and her breasts ached from being pressed down against the tabletop. The muscles in her arms and legs were drawn so taut the pain needled through her body making her cry out for them to stop, even knowing that they wouldn't, not until they were finished and she'd been properly punished.

They had her completely at their mercy now; all she could do was shout and beg and they could easily prevent her from doing that too. She had only to start raising her voice in protest and she knew they'd gag her. What with, she wondered? The memory of her head being restrained, cloth or the hard rubber of a ball-gag being insinuated into between her jaws was fresh and vivid. She knew she needed that to complete the feeling of helplessness.

'Let me go! Damn you! Stop it!'

It took only a second for them to respond. A hand clasped her tousled hair and drew her head firmly back. An apple was jammed into her mouth. Zoe tried to thrash her head but there was a hand under her chin and her head was held forcibly still. The sash from around her breasts was removed and drawn across her mouth, covering the apple. As she shook her head in objection the sash was knotted at her nape.

Ropes were looped and bound her wrists and ankles and secured to the wooden legs of the bench.

'Now Zoe, it's time for you to enjoy the purifying pain of the cane... you will feel so much better when this is over... We know you want to be a good girl and we'll help you. All you need to do to is to nod when you realise how bad you have been and that you want to thank us by giving us your body.'

The man stepped back as Zoe glared at him then the cane came down with a hiss across her buttocks, making her jerk against the ropes that held her spread-eagled. Again and again the cane snapped down across her legs or back. After a dozen strokes there came the respite of a pause. The monk directing the punishment looked down at her, a cruel smile twisting his face.

'Feeling contrite, Zoe?'

Zoe knew this was her chance for the caning to stop. Her body felt awash with pain but now she was deeply, helplessly aroused and she found herself glaring defiantly at him, knowing full well that she was courting more punishment.

'Very well, since you show no sign of remorse Zoe, the punishment must continue.'

Again the cane came down against her rump making her jerk against the ropes that held her down. Zoe pulled her arms down against the ropes around her wrists and felt the tightness in her muscles increase. She pressed her hips against the wood and felt the hardness of the bench against her aching sex. Again the bamboo of the cane struck her making her whole body jerk. She shook her head as the pain washed over her.

'So Zoe, you regret your outburst now then? Would you like to say how sorry you are?'

She looked up at the monk, blinking back more tears, her back and bottom throbbing madly. She was panting hard through the gag and she knew she was very close to having an orgasm. She glared up and shook her head in defiance.

'Very well...'

The cane cracked down over the back of her thighs making her whole body quiver. Again it struck her. She dragged her arms down and oblivious to how she must seem, she tried to thrust her arse back and up to meet the next blow. As if in answer to her prayers it was delivered just above where the fronds of her sex protruded between the globes of her buttocks and she felt the cane lick against her tips of her pussy lips like a tongue of fire.

Closing her eyes and groaning through the gag, Zoe came, her body bucking against the ropes.

'Enough, Brother Michael. Untie her and take her to the dormitory. I can think of a better way for us to teach her a lesson!'

Chapter Eleven

The pirates held Vanessa on board Auda's yacht for four days before sailing back to Rouassa. Both Vanessa and the pirates had imagined Auda would have been searching for them but to her dismay she discovered that Auda had fled the very day that Zoe had been auctioned. Only hours after the auctioned girls had been shipped out, three military helicopters had swept over the slave trader's fortress and pandemonium had broken loose. Leaflets were dropped warning Delgardo to hand over Auda bin Yasel and the British Secret Agent Zoe Farquerson or to face the consequences. Whilst Delgardo was deliberating, Auda fled on foot into the jungle.

The contingent of British Marines was too small to assault the fortress but Delgardo played the diplomat anyway and told them that Auda had made a run for it already and alas the girl had been sold and was gone, he knew not where.

So the pirates brought Vanessa to Delgardo and a sum was agreed. They quickly left on Auda's luxury yacht only to cover a few miles before one of the three military helicopters spotted them. By lunchtime the next day the Head of the British Secret Service was brought up to date with the turn of events. The Marines had captured Auda's yacht. Auda had vanished into the jungle. Zoe Farquerson was still missing, whereabouts unknown.

Vanessa had only been held at Karunga a couple of days when two men arrived with payment for her and she was handed over to them.

'A pleasing young thing,' Delgardo smiled ingratiatingly, rubbing his hands together, a fat wad of American hundred-dollar bills in his back pocket.

'Indeed, the Colonel always prefers English girls. She'll do nicely for him.'

Vanessa was forced to listen to this amicable chitchat whilst two of Delgardo's henchmen roped her arms tightly behind her back.

'And you say she's nineteen?'

'Yes and already well trained. She's been briefly in an Arab's possession and before that she was trained as a submissive.'

Vanessa saw Delgardo glance down at her as he spoke. She winced as a rope was drawn unfairly tight around her elbows, twisting her arms back against each other and pinning them into the small of her back. She grunted in objection but they'd already ball-gagged her and her muffled groaning went unnoticed.

'So how is the Farquerson girl settling in?' Delgardo asked.

Vanessa pricked up her ears at the mention of Zoe then swore through the gag as a rope bit into the soft flesh of her thighs. Having bound her ankles and wrists they were now immobilising her arms and legs with more ropes. Why did the bastards have to make them so tight? Vanessa struggled in protest and for her efforts was rewarded with a sharp slap across her naked rump.

'Oh, she's getting used to life at Shrevra. The Colonel is enjoying supervising her breaking in.'

'Signor Delgardo, this one's ready.'

'Good work Pepe, into the crate with her then. Give her a jab first to quieten her down.'

Vanessa was injected and lowered into a small crate. Bastards... she thought as the lid was fitted over her and she listened to them hammering it down. So, it looks like I'm going to meet up with Zoe again, I wonder whether...

Her thoughts remained unconcluded as the drug they'd administered swiftly took effect and she slumped unconscious against the side of the crate.

* * *

She woke dazed to find herself on board a plane. The crate had been opened and she had been dragged out on her stomach. She was vaguely aware of some men unfastening the ropes around her ankles and thighs then drawing her legs apart.

'English girl looks so sleepy.'

'Pretty blonde hair... you too tired to mind anything we do with you, yes?'

Vanessa tried to focus on the leering face close before her. Someone was holding her head up by grasping her hair as someone else drew her legs apart.

'You like to do this, yes? You know what we do with you?'

The man behind her nudged her thighs further apart, then his weight settled over her. His cock was thick: opening her sex with his fingers, he rammed it into her. Vanessa sighed through the ball-gag; the man holding her hair grinned.

'Quick fuck and no-one knows... you good girl... good girl.'

Vanessa had no strength in her limbs and her mind felt too dazed for her to object as the men took it in turns to use her body for their pleasure. After they finished with her, the ropes were fastened back around her legs and she was left to slide back into the welcome escape that sleep offered.

When she came to again the plane had landed somewhere and preparations were being made to unload the plane's cargo. She drifted in and out of sleep as she was transferred to a truck but remained oblivious of what happened from then until the moment the loud clatter of the truck's tailboard falling open woke her with a start.

She lifted her head weakly and gazed around her. As the dust settled from the swinging tailgate she saw three men watching her. Two were natives and the third was a European man of late middle age attired in a white suit with a coloured cravat with a wide brimmed Panama hat shielding his eyes from the fierce sun.

'Welcome to Shrevra, my child.'

He smiled benignly then gestured to the two men who jumped into the truck and clasping Vanessa by her bound arms hauled her from the vehicle.

'Signor Delgardo did not exaggerate when he described you. And so cheap! But then of course he doubtless wished to wash his hands quickly of you.'

The two natives held Vanessa as the man spoke to her. She was still wearing the bikini which the pirates had dressed her in before taking her to the slave market. Her long blonde hair was dirty and tangled and her body was covered with dust from the journey in the truck.

'Get her cleaned up then bring her to my quarters.'

Vanessa was dragged away by the arms, her heels dragging through the dusty earth. She could see the monastery was ringed by high hills lushly planted with rows of green bushes and beyond these in one direction were snow-capped mountains.

'Where the hell is this place?' she asked the girl who was diligently washing her legs with a large soapy sponge.

'Shrevra is in northern India, those are the Himalayas,' she answered, encouraging Vanessa to part her legs so she could wash up the inside of her thighs more easily.

'What's your name, where are you from then?' Vanessa asked.

'Mandy. My name's Mandy.'

'And where are you from Mandy?'

The girl looked at her for a moment, as she seemed to have to think hard about the answer to this simple question. Finally, when she replied, her tone had changed and her answer was mechanical.

'Oh, I lived in England before here, but this is my true home.'

Vanessa shook her head in disbelief and glanced across to where a monk stood sternly watching over the two girls. Although her restraints had been removed, the leather straps lying pooled on the flagstones nearby, she knew she'd have no chance of escape in her present condition. Everywhere around the monastery monks were to be seen as well as the native guards that they employed to man the heavy gates and to patrol the high stone ramparts that encircled the buildings. The more Vanessa looked around her the more she realised that the place was as much a fortress as it was a supposed spiritual retreat. What Vanessa found most alarming was the way that Mandy seemed resigned to her life here.

'I have to wash you properly so this has to come off,' Mandy announced, fingering the black bikini thong that Vanessa wore.

'Oh, sure...'

Vanessa lifted her bum up, taking her weight on her hands and allowing the other girl to pull the material down her legs.

'Lie back and let me wash you.'

Vanessa did as she was asked, more than happy to part her legs a little more and close her eyes so that she could focus more clearly on the pleasurable sensation created by the girl lathering between her legs and diligently washing her pussy.

'Mmm...' Vanessa pulled the straps of her halter neck bikini from her sun-tanned shoulders and loosened the bow that knotted the material under her breasts. She felt Mandy remove the garment and rub the soapy sponge over her breasts. For a few moments Vanessa was able to escape from her plight by giving herself completely to the feeling of having her breasts gently caressed and massaged. Suddenly though a loud crack broke the silence followed by Mandy letting out a cry of pain.

Standing over them was the monk who'd been guarding them. He had removed the leather belt that drew his cassock around his waist and with the buckle end grasped in his hand he'd brought the other end of the belt down across Mandy's back. She looked up at him, trembling with fear. Vanessa glared at him with unconcealed loathing. The monk stared down at them both with cold fury.

'Mandy! You dare take pleasure where it is forbidden? You know the rules: no intimate familiarity with other slave girls! Go to the whipping poles and tell Brother William what you have done!'

The man swung his attention to Vanessa as Mandy scrambled to her feet and scurried away.

'As for you, well you're new so you obviously don't know the rules. In which case you'll be spared a whipping. Think yourself lucky you're going to get off this time with just a dozen strokes of the cane!'

'Take a hike!' Vanessa swore and snatching up the soapy sponge she threw it at the man's face. As he ducked she jumped up and fled. She knew she had no chance of escape but she wasn't going to meekly submit to their rules. If they wanted to punish her, they'd have to catch her first!

It took less than five minutes before Vanessa realised that she was trapped. In her bare feet she'd easily out run the first monks who chased after her. She had sprinted around the back of one building and then shot down a narrow gap between two mud huts and jumping some bins had emerged in a small courtyard. Natives and monks were now converging on her from all directions and in a panic she flung herself through a door and fled inside. The room she'd entered seemed to a meditation hall, its walls and floor were polished wood and to her dismay there was no other way out.

'I'm sorry... please...'

Vanessa backed herself into one corner as a handful of monks closed around her. She held out her arms, placing her wrists crossed against each other in a gesture of submission.

'Bind her wrists!'

Vanessa stood dripping wet and shivering, meek as a lamb as her wrists were bound with rope.

'Take her to the Hall of Redemption!'

* * *

Zoe was summoned along with the other girls and told to leave the job that she was working on immediately. Since she had just started on peeling a vast pile of potatoes she was happy to oblige, though her curiosity soon had her wondering what was so important that all the girls were receiving a peremptory summons.

She hurried as best she could in her high heels down the corridor from the kitchens, anxious not to be seen to be slow to respond to the order. It seemed a long time ago now that she had last balked at carrying out any orders for the monks and the more willing she had become to serve, the easier her life had become. She opened the door at the end of the corridor and hurried across the quadrangle to the Hall of Redemption, which was where she had been ordered to go to.

After the incident in the kitchen with Mandy and the porridge, Zoe had, after her whipping, been led by the novice monks to their quarters to show her thanks and to demonstrate how well she was learning her lessons. These were the newest monks in the commune; there were eight of them sharing a dormitory that could take up to a dozen. She was not sure if the novices were acting with the permission of the Masters but she was too wary to dare ask.

The door to the dormitory was closed and the latch on the inside of the door slid across. The eight men began to strip off their cassocks and Zoe was ordered to get down on her hands and knees. Each man took it in turns, standing before her to have her suck him until he was well aroused then he would move behind her and start screwing her while the next man took his place before her and she would start sucking him. By the time the last of the eight men had been satisfied Zoe was exhausted, her body aching. Without a word, the monks carried her back to her own room and deposited her on her bed

From then on the novices seemed to take a special interest in Zoe and she quickly learnt what they expected from her. To refuse meant the whip. To agree meant a session in their locked dormitory. She soon came to accept this new routine as a natural part of her daily life at Shrevra. The more willing she was with them the gentler they were on her and she found that devoting herself to their carnal needs really wasn't too bad. She had been so well behaved recently that for a few days she had been spared any punishment and her body almost seemed to miss the sensation of the whip against her bare skin. She had then deliberately misbehaved slightly.

Forced to lie down across a bench, her pussy ached in pleasurable anticipation of the feel of the whip against her exposed backside. She had tightened her grip on the edge of the bench and when the first blow came she'd howled with anguish. Before the whipping was over though, she had come, silently enjoying an intense orgasm without anyone so much as touching her body. Part of her reproved herself for having become like this, but she quickly stifled the self-criticism. She had worked out the best way to live at Shrevra and she'd be stupid to behave in any other way. As a subservient slave her life was far from bad, she convinced herself.

The double doors to the Hall of Redemption stood open and guarded by two monks. Half the girls were already in attendance. Large candles that flickered in the breeze from the open doors lighted the windowless, wood panelled hall. Several Masters were standing together watching a new girl being tied between two posts. Her back was to Zoe but she immediately recognised the tousled, slightly curly blonde hair that trailed down the girl's back. The victim was naked and four monks were working with ropes to bind her by the ankles and wrists so that she was held outstretched between the two posts. Zoe walked down the hall until she passed the posts and could look back and see the girl from the front. She was right; it was Vanessa.

Vanessa looked up and recognised her, she was about to speak but Zoe put her finger to her own lips indicating that she shouldn't say anything. Vanessa nodded and looked to either side of her. Her slim arms were held at full stretch, strong rope bound repeatedly around her slender wrists and drawn tautly through brass rings fixed to the poles. In a similar fashion her legs were bound.

'Gather round, girls.'

Zoe looked up at the sound of that voice. It was the Colonel. With his Masters flanking him he stood before Vanessa.

'Girls, this is your new sister, her name is Vanessa. She is a very troublesome girl. She has already committed a serious offence and if she continues in such a manner, you will all share her punishment. I think you should all therefore take a hand in disciplining her. Now, so that she will not hold any of you personally responsible for what she is about to suffer, Master Robert will blindfold her.'

One of the men stepped briskly forward, a black silk scarf already in his hand. Zoe watched as Vanessa was blindfolded.

'So, who would like to go first?' asked the Colonel.

Zoe watched as one of the girls stepped forward. The Colonel nodded his approval and one of the monks handed her a whip. The girl moved to behind where Vanessa was held spread-eagled. Swinging the whip back with all her energy she brought it lashing down across the backs of Vanessa's legs. Vanessa gave an anguished howl.

'At Shrevra you will learn to welcome the discipline of pain,' the Colonel addressed Vanessa but spoke loudly enough for everyone assembled to hear him.

The girl with the whip flicked her arm back again and Zoe glimpsed the black tail of leather flash through the air before cracking against Vanessa's back.


Vanessa jerked against the ropes that held her. Zoe could see her legs trembling. Of course she'd been whipped before but now the girl disciplining her was being merciless. Pippa, a tall redheaded Scots girl, was easily the strongest of the girls there. Her arms were slim but well muscled and she was putting all her energy into her work. Zoe could see Vanessa was sweating and shaking with nervous expectation.

Zoe watched Pippa as she brought the trailing coil of leather down across Vanessa's back again.

'Uhh! Please... stop it!' Vanessa howled.

The Scots girl flicked the whip again and the leather snapped across the back of her victim's legs.

'No more!' Vanessa cried out desperately.

Pippa stalked haughtily around her tethered victim. Again the whip leaped through the air and the hard leather bit across the bare skin of Vanessa's stomach making her jerk backwards in surprise and alarm. Zoe saw a faint red line quickly emerge where the whip had struck and she winced in sympathy for Vanessa. Pippa paused, allowing Vanessa to wonder where the pain would be next. When it came it was high over her back, the whip cutting down hard over her shoulders and making her buckle at the knees. Had she not been roped by the wrists, she'd have fallen. As she struggled to pick herself back up the whip cut across her buttocks making her jerk against the ropes and howl.

'Owwh! Stop it!'

Again the whip came down, this time against her thighs.

'Please... enough...'

Vanessa shook her head, her arms and legs jerked and twisted against the ropes that held her. She was sobbing uncontrollably and Zoe smiled, recalling how Vanessa had delighted in humiliating her. Now Auda's blonde plaything was on the receiving end of some rough treatment! After a half a dozen more strokes the Colonel ordered Pippa to stop and reluctantly she handed the whip back to one of the monks.

'Who next?' the Colonel asked.

The youngest of the pretty Indian girls, without a second's pause, raised her hand. The Colonel nodded his agreement and the girl dashed across to a chest that flanked the altar table. Hauling back the massive copper banded wooden lid she retrieved a gag from inside and hurried back to where Vanessa hung weakly from her arms between the two posts.

The little dark-haired girl was too short to reach behind Vanessa and gag her, so Pippa lifted her up and the young girl laughed with delight as she looked at the alarmed but helpless Vanessa, who sensed something else was about to befall her. The gag consisted of two wooden bars fastened one on top of the other to two large metals screwed rods. Between the bars there were wing-nuts and the bars were in turn fastened to a leather halter.

Zoe watched as the halter was fitted around Vanessa's head, the leather straps pressing her blonde hair against her cheeks. The halter strap buckled tightly at Vanessa's nape the girl then began twisting the wing-nuts and slowly the two wooden rods were moved apart.

Vanessa shook her head frantically in objection but the Indian girl continued twisting the wing-nuts and the wooden rods drew relentlessly apart, forcing Vanessa's jaws wider and wider.

'Uh...nuh... nuh!'

The young Indian girl jumped down from Pippa's shoulders and beamed with pride and what she'd accomplished.

'Well done,' the Colonel gave a satisfied nod, 'who would like to go next?'

Another girl promptly raised her hand.

'Go ahead,' encouraged the Colonel.

Zoe stood watching as all the girls took their turn with Vanessa. When it came to herself she wondered briefly what she should do. Vanessa had shown her little sympathy whilst she had been held Auda's prisoner, so she told herself she had no qualms about repaying the girl for some of the suffering she'd put her through. She walked calmly across to the chest and looked inside. This was a little like being back with the SES, she thought, except that now she had the chance to work on a female victim as opposed to a male one.

As she crouched down before the chest and surveyed its offerings, she reflected on how distant her time as a British Secret Service Agent now seemed. Hadn't she learnt at last, that chapter of her life was closed and that now all she needed to focus on was her life here at Shrevra? Her mind went back over how she was now taken on a regular basis by the novice monks to their dormitory and made to serve them.

Of course sometimes she rebelled and she knew what the result would be. Hands grasping her ankles and wrists, the men pulling her down over a bench or perhaps dragging her to the floor. It excited her, the feeling of struggling against so many pairs of hands. Knowing that she could win herself a few moments' reprieve before they overwhelmed her. Her pussy would be wet and aching with anticipation as they held her forcibly down. She would deliberately continue to writhe and twist, making them keep a ruthlessly hard grip on her perspiration soaked limbs. Her heart would be hammering from exertion and eager expectation as her thighs were drawn wider apart. She would cry out, telling them to stop, begging them to leave her alone, fully aware of what this would lead to. Always they seemed to have a ball-gag to hand. A shiny sphere of firm red rubber that filled her mouth completely. She would groan and cry out as the ball settled snugly between her widely stretched jaws and its strap was fastened at her nape. The men would look down at her baleful eyes and they would smile. She would shake her head, begging them to let her go. Her pleading excited them. Then once gagged, her muffled groaning would excite them even more.

By then, she'd be aching for what was to come and she had to fight down the urge not to thrust her arse up invitingly. When the first cock thrust into her, she was already so aroused that it would find her pussy wet with anticipation.

She stared into the chest then glanced back over her shoulder at where Vanessa hung by her arms. The gag whilst stopping her from making any coherent objection to what was done to her had left her able to cry out as each of the girls had taken their turn at punishing her. A girdle had been strapped around her loins that had two massive phalluses: stitched sheaths of leather tightly filled and each far larger than man size. The girls had eagerly inserted them into Vanessa's writhing body then fastened the girdle tightly around her hips. One of the girls had clipped weights to her nipples and another had taken a candle from the altar and dripped wax across her breasts. By now, she was in a pitiful state and Zoe felt a momentary pang of sympathy for her. Still, if she faltered, she would be courting punishment herself.

She took a long coil of fine rope from the bottom of the chest and walked slowly back to where Vanessa was held. The young blonde girl being blindfolded had no way of knowing what was about to befall her next. Well, Zoe told herself, the time had come to repay Auda's little tart for all the torment she'd inflicted upon her. And she'd never know just what Zoe had done to her!

Zoe looped the rope around one of Vanessa's luscious breasts and drew the slipknot tight. The hemp rope was waxed and slid smoothly tighter and tighter, until it drew the mound of soft flesh in at its base and the breast hung down, its heaviness accentuated. Vanessa groaned plaintively through the two rods that held her jaws wide.

Zoe drew the rope tight and began to repeatedly loop it around her victim's breast, drawing it so tight each time that Vanessa writhed madly, shaking her head and gurgling in protest through the gag. She then dealt with her other breast in similar fashion before stepping back to regard her handiwork with an air of satisfaction.

The Colonel stepped forward and regarded Vanessa with an air of satisfaction. Zoe had been the last girl to punish the new arrival and now all the girls stood together in a respectful semi-circle awaiting their next order. For a moment the only sound was that of Vanessa's strained breathing and plaintive whimpering.

'We shall leave her like that for a while to contemplate all that she has learnt,' the Colonel announced. 'Well done girls, everyone go back to your work apart from Zoe. You can come with me'

The Colonel's private quarters were located on the top floor of the main residential hall of the monastery complex. The views were stunning, his collection of Far Eastern artefacts amazing, his furnishings - a blend of western and eastern - opulent and decadent. Zoe was led into the apartment on a collar and leash by one of the younger monks. Her arms were drawn behind her back, her wrists bound with a slim cord and she could feel it cutting into her skin. She stood obediently still while the Colonel poured himself a drink and lit a cigarette. After studying the view as if seeing it for the first time, he turned and regarded her. Slowly he allowed himself to smile; something rare by his standards and Zoe felt it more disconcerting than his usual angry glare.

'They say you're a British Secret Service agent. You don't look like one; but then looks can be deceiving.'

Zoe said nothing as the man circled her, eyeing her up and down critically.

'You don't look very British. More Mediterranean, I would hazard.'

The man sifted Zoe's dark hair through the fingers of one hand then ran his hand down her bare arm and lightly brushed the back of it over the swell of her right breast.

'I'm half Spanish,' Zoe said, glancing up at the man and surprised to see him nod and smile in response.

'You're a pretty young lady. And fairly subservient too, from what I hear. Well, the question is how subservient do you really like to be?'

'I don't understand...' Zoe stammered, her gaze following the man as he circled her.

'All the girls who are here learn to enjoy their suffering - up to one degree or another. I know a little of what you've been through Miss Farquerson and it seems to me that you have great potential. Very great potential...'

Zoe said nothing in reply but her heart was hammering with excitement. She could still clearly remember the day she'd fallen foul of Stonefield and Mosafa; the heady rush of sexual arousal as she had been taken to the basement of the Arab's tower and tortured. The delicious feeling of helplessness as the two Arab youths had tethered her then punished her. Now she felt like that again and her body ached at the thought of receiving some new experience in punishment, something even more severe than anything she'd been put through up till now.

The Colonel swung away from her and walked back to where he'd left his drink. Zoe watched him pick up the glass, the ice cubes tinkling. He took a slow mouthful and nodded to the monk who stood holding Zoe by the leash.

'Take her to the gallery.'

Zoe was led through into another room, an unfurnished room with a polished wood floor and whose windows were screened by paper blinds that let in light but kept the room screened from any watching eyes on the outside. The array of smooth wooden poles and gleaming white ropes made Zoe falter in her tracks even as her pulse quickened in eagerness at the thought of being bound again. It was always the same; fear of the pain that she loved because it made her so aroused.

'Please... don't...' she stammered.

'If you start protesting, you'll only make things worse for yourself. Do you want that?'

'No...'Zoe shook her head.

'I think Brother Simon, the horizontal pole for her,' the Colonel announced, as matter-of-factly as if he was choosing clothes for her, as he lightly patted Zoe's exposed rump.

The monk led her across to where a four-foot pole hung suspended from a rope at each end. The collar was unfastened from her throat and discarded and the monk told Zoe to kneel. She did as she as instructed.

'Hold your arms out and back behind you.'

Zoe obeyed. The cool length of the pole came to rest against her back just below her shoulder-blades.

'Now lower your arms so they're the other side of the pole.'

Zoe did as she was told, glancing as she responded at the Colonel who stood watching, his drink still in hand, smoke curling from the cigarette he held.

'Brother Simon is our most accomplished rope binder. He understands perfectly the limits of stress and discomfort that the human body can be put under.'

As the Colonel spoke the monk was drawing a rope around Zoe's chest close under her generous breasts. She glanced down to see him wrapping each end repeatedly around the pole at either side of her and then the ends of the rope were drawn back across her chest just above her breasts. They were then pulled together behind her and knotted at her back just above where the pole pressed against her. Zoe felt the first stirrings of panic as she knew she was now held against the pole. She forced herself to keep calm. There was no point in resisting, she reminded herself, she had no choice. Already her pussy felt moist with arousal and she knew that the more intense the punishment the more exquisite would be her orgasm when it finally came.

'I have to say Miss Farquerson, other girls have objected to such treatment and occasionally it has been necessary for Brother Simon to receive the assistance of several of our brotherhood at this stage of the proceedings.'

'There's hardly any point in trying to escape whatever you've got planned for me, is there?' Zoe replied tersely, momentarily alarmed at the thought that these men might suddenly guess just how much she got off on being treated like this and then what would they do to her!

'Precisely. Very perceptive of you,' the Colonel smiled whilst Zoe grimaced as the monk tightened and knotted another rope around her arms just above her elbows. Experimentally she tried to flex her arms and her first assumption was confirmed - her arms were now secured; she was held to the pole. The second rope was tied below where the first was bound around the pole and this meant it was now impossible for her to extricate herself from the pole.

Zoe remained kneeling and passive as the monk took another rope and bound it in a figure of eight around her wrists. She glanced up at the Colonel and saw his cotton trousers bulging at the crotch as he watched her. She glared at him but said nothing. Why give him the satisfaction? She told herself.

'Feeling nice and comfortable, Miss Farquerson?'

Zoe ignored the Colonel's jibe as the monk took a fresh rope and drew it tightly around her waist. Sure, the ropes were tight but they didn't hurt, the now familiar sensation was in truth delicious, but she'd never admit that to them. The monk wrapped the rope again around her waist and drew it even tighter.

'Uhh...' Zoe sighed obligingly as if in acute discomfort and saw the gleam of satisfaction in the monk's eye. Again the rope was drawn around her waist before both ends were then wrapped around her arms. As the rope was pulled tighter Zoe's arms were drawn closely against the small of her back and glancing down she could see her waist tightly cinched.

'No tighter... please...' she begged, knowing full well such pleading would delight the man stood watching.

The Colonel smiled with satisfaction and stepped in front of Zoe. He flicked a few loose strands of her blonde hair clear of her face then lifted her chin with one finger.

'My dear, Brother Simon has hardly begun, so save your begging for later.'

'No more, please...' Zoe shook her head, looking up imploringly at the man who stood over her.

'Hush now... wriggling will only add to your discomfort.'

While the Colonel spoke the monk forced his fingers under the rope where it dug into her stomach. Zoe glanced down to watch him then secure another rope with a slipknot to the waist rope. Pulling his fingers clear, the rope snapped back tightly against her panting stomach.

Zoe stared, mesmerised as the monk, with practised ease, made a succession of knots in another rope and then tied one end of the rope to the rope around her waist. The knotted rope was then left dangling down between her legs. He fastened two separate ropes around both her ankles. These ropes were then stretched up and over the wooden pole and as they were pulled taut, Zoe's feet then calves were lifted clear of the floor.

'Oww... going to fall'

But she didn't fall forwards. The ropes holding her to the pole prevented that. She was left though with only her knees touching the floor.

'If I use a second pole Colonel we can suspend her fully.'

'Do it.'

'No... please don't...'

Another wooden pole was placed against Zoe's ankles at the backs of her legs, which were then bound to it.

'Now the fun begins,' announced the Colonel as the monk reached for the knotted rope that hung from her waist. Suddenly Zoe knew what the rope was for and why every few inches it had been made into knots.


Zoe shook her head in protest as the rope was drawn tightly down. The monk parted the lips of her sex with one hand and drew the rope tight, the knots sinking deeply into the folds of soft flesh.

'No! Uhh...'

The rope was drawn up behind her, the tension increased and then it was knotted fast around the rope that cinched her waist. The knots of rope biting deeply into her sex, Zoe was left writhing wildly while the Colonel and the monk regarded her with an air of cruel satisfaction.

'How do you feel now, Miss Farquerson?'

Zoe glared at the man regarding her with such obvious malicious amusement. The muscles in her legs and arms ached. Her breasts felt acutely vulnerable, the ropes close around them accentuating their defencelessness. Her waist was bound so tightly she was forced to take just shallow breaths and these now were coming fast as her adrenaline increased as she sensed now her torture was really about to begin. The tormenting agony of the hard knots of rope pressing into her pussy was like an itch she couldn't scratch! How long would she have to wait before this man decided to whip her or fuck her? Zoe struggled against the ropes, all too aware of how pleased the men were with her performance.

'Raise the other pole please, Brother Simon.'

Zoe watched helplessly as the monk fed the ropes bound to the other pole through wooden rings fastened to the ceiling. As the ropes were pulled tight, Zoe's ankles were lifted higher, then her knees were abruptly drawn out from under her and she was left dangling a foot or so above the floor.

'Can't bear it... stop it! Let me down!'

Zoe shook her head, tears running down her cheeks, her hair dangling over her face obscuring her view as she was left suspended and struggling hopelessly.

'Her breasts look most enchanting now don't they?'

'Yes, Colonel.'

Zoe was gasping and panting hard, her aching body now brought to an even greater point of torment. The rope buried in her pussy now goaded her even more and though her tousled hair brushed the floor, it remained frustratingly just out of reach.

'She'll not suffer any permanent injury I trust, Brother Simon?'

'None at all Colonel.'

'Fetch my cane would you?'

'Certainly, Colonel.'

'No... please!'

Zoe tried to look up to make eye contact with her tormentor but her hair kept her view obscured. The perspiration was pouring off her body, the agony of the ropes seemed unbearable but there was no escape and she knew she would be shown no mercy - yet.

'I suppose you think your plight couldn't possibly get any worse.'

The cane lightly struck her left thigh as the question was posed. Zoe shook her head and managed to answer without bursting into tears again.

'No... I know it could be worse,' she gasped.

'How right you are.'

The cane flicked against her ribcage, a little harder this time.

'Of course, it could be much worse couldn't it?'


'Can you imagine how much worse?'

The cane struck her left breast. Zoe yelped in alarm. The stinging sensation making her eyes smart but she still managed to answer.

'I think so...'

'Yes, I believe you probably can imagine how much worse things can get.'

The cane hit her left arm across her taut bicep making Zoe jerk and before she could stop herself she blurted out:

'Please, don't make it any worse for me! Please!'

'Had enough then have we?'

The stinging pain of another cane strike to her right breast made her howl the answer.

'Yes! Yes!'

'So if you don't suffer any more than you are now, you'll be content?'

'Yes...yes...' Zoe sobbed, unable to control her tears now.

'Well Brother Simon, if I understand her correctly, Miss Farquerson would be pleased to be left the way she is.'

'That is what she said, Colonel.'

Zoe struggled to lift her head and groaned with dismay as she heard what the two men said. Surely now they'd untie her, take her down and give her some new and equally exquisite punishment?

'But you can't leave me like this!' she blurted.

'But my dear girl, you just said you were content to be left like this. Are you changing your mind?'

The cane snapped down hard close under Zoe's right breast making her cry out.

'Well? Do you want more attention given to you? Are you aching to feel the cane against your soft skin as well as the bite of the hard ropes?'

The cane cracked across her rump making her howl. What was she to do? The piquant bite of the cane was making her pussy ache deliciously but the ropes from which she dangled really were starting to hurt

'Let me down! Please! Whip me, do anything to me! Just let me down first... I can't take anymore!'

Chapter Twelve

Vanessa knocked and waited nervously, her heart hammering. It was the first time that she had been ordered to serve the Colonel. It had been a month since she'd arrived at Shrevra and a month since she'd last seen Zoe. During that time she'd never been left wanting for sexual stimulation: the merest act of misbehaviour would assure her of some swift punishment from the monks. Their discipline brought her as much pleasure as pain, though she was careful to conceal the fact. What worried Vanessa though was the thought that she might stick at Shrevra forever. Whilst playing the submissive was now already in her nature, she was damned if she would be made to stay in the place for much longer serving these men. Compared with serving her past hedonistic masters, the austere life at Shrevra really felt like a prison sentence.


Vanessa opened the door and gingerly entered the Colonel's private rooms. Engaged in discussions with the two most senior masters, the Colonel ignored her for a moment and Vanessa was made to stand in awkward silence.

It had been the day before that one of the masters had summoned her and told her that she was to serve the Colonel.

'But I thought Zoe was serving him?' she said.

'She was receiving her final training from the Colonel which is nearly completed. She is now nearly read to be sold.'

'Sold! To who? Where?' Vanessa asked.

'That's none of your business! You will take her place and like each girl before you, once the Colonel grows bored with you, you'll be sold too.'

So now Vanessa stood, wondering not just what lay in store for her in the short term as the Colonel's plaything, but what fate lay in store for Zoe and before too long, for her as well. It was rumoured that the girls who were chosen to serve the Colonel enjoyed a privileged, though brief time in his private apartment and as Vanessa stood expectantly she wondered where Zoe was and how she would be after her time as he Colonel's private plaything.

'Ah, the new girl. Vanessa, come here!'

Vanessa dutifully went and stood before the Colonel.

'So you are going to replace Zoe. Are you looking forward to serving me?'

'Yes, Colonel,' Vanessa answered demurely, lowering her gaze as the man circled her.

'You have the most magnificent breasts I've seen on such a slender, young girl. Most magnificent...'

Zoe felt the warmth of the man's breath close behind her and then his hand stroked from her shoulder down her arm before moving on to caress her right breast.

'Come into the gallery girl and let me show you what you can look forward to. We will be in time to see the conclusion of Zoe's afternoon meditation.'

Obediently Vanessa followed the man into an adjoining room.

Zoe hung suspended from two wooden poles to which she was bound by numerous slender ropes. There was one pole pressed against her back, with her arms pulled and tied behind the pole. Her ankles were tied to the second smaller pole and both poles dangled from ropes secured to the ceiling. Zoe hung a few feet above the floor, her head and breasts dangling down. Her naked body, shiny with perspiration was bound repeatedly with the slender white rope around her stomach, across her chest and around her ankles. A blindfold of black silk covered her eyes. Standing before her was one of the monks and he gave a respectful nod of acknowledgement when he saw the Colonel.

At the sounds of their arrival, although blindfolded, Zoe lifted her head and looked in the direction of the door by which Vanessa and the Colonel had entered. The Colonel signalled to Vanessa to remain silent.

'This has been Zoe's meditation position every day she has been here. She has learnt to focus on the nature of the ropes. How they bind her and how they give her deliverance. In the early days, a knotted rope was drawn tightly between the lips of her sex and after an hour or so she would be so sensitive there that the merest stimulation would bring her deliverance. She has learnt that once she has her orgasm she will be freed from the ropes but until she does, all she can expect is to remain bound by the ropes. She has quickly learnt to welcome the different ways we can stimulate her.'

Whilst the Colonel spoke the other man circled the tethered girl, whose blindfolded face moved following the sounds of his footsteps.

'How are you feeling Zoe? Do you wish you could come? Are those slender limbs of yours aching with so much discomfort that you'd do anything to be freed from the ropes?'

'Yes, Master Simon... please... help me to come...' Zoe whimpered, wriggling ineffectually against the web of ropes that tightly held her.

'So tell me Zoe, how can I help you? I have more ropes but you have to tell me what you want me to do.'

'Need to come... want to come... please, make me!'

'Tell me what you want to feel then.'

Vanessa watched mesmerised as Zoe sighed and shook her head in frustration and longing.

'Bind my breasts... make them ache, please... you know what I like!' Zoe begged, her arms jerking now against the ropes and poles that held her so uncomfortably suspended.

'Does it feel good if I do this to you?'

'Yes... mmm, yes...'

Vanessa watched, speechlessly as the man slipped a fine cord around one of Zoe's breasts and drew it tight. As he wound it repeatedly around her Zoe gasped and sighed appreciatively until the man knotted off the end of the cord and her breast was a crimson hued cone of tightly bound flesh. Without another word spoken the man then dealt with her other breast.

'Does that feel good? What else would you like me to do for you?' the man asked, smiling with satisfaction at the condition of the blindfolded girl tethered before him.

'I think you've seen enough now, follow me,' the Colonel ordered, placing his hand on Vanessa's shoulder and turning her from the spectacle before her.

As the door was closed behind them, Vanessa could hear Zoe begging the man to whip her and the last thing she heard was the other girl crying out loudly, though whether in pain of pleasure or most likely a mixture of both, Vanessa was unsure. The Colonel lifted Vanessa's chin with one hand and regarded her body critically.

'It has taken just a month to teach Zoe just how much she loves to submit herself to the deliverance of pain. Now I will sell her and then commence work on you, Vanessa. Being younger and less strong willed than her, you will be like putty in my hands. I will mould you into the perfectly compliant submissive and then sell you too. And you see, there's no escape, because just like Zoe, deep down you want to be treated like this and so you've already sealed your own fate!'

* * *

Vanessa knew she had to escape. Of course being treated as a sexual submissive was one thing, she got off on it, she couldn't deny that, but to get so addicted to it that she was in danger of ending up as a sex slave for the rest of her life, was another thing altogether! If she wanted to play the submissive that was fine, but to be held in some foul place like Shrevra and brainwashed into wanting pain to get her sexual kicks was not Vanessa's idea of a fun time.

As luck would have it the Colonel absented himself for three days, it was rumoured to go on a trip to buy more girls. This gave Vanessa a chance to try to talk Zoe into joining her in her bid for freedom. To her delight, Zoe was more than willing.

'My God Zoe, I thought they'd turned you into some brainwashed, torture loving sex-slave!' Vanessa exclaimed, when Zoe readily agreed to join her.

'No way, I knew I just had to play along with their games. I don't mind someone giving me a good whipping but I'd like to be able to choose who it is and how much I have to suffer!'

'But when I saw you trussed up and what Master Simon was doing to you, you seemed to be really enjoying it.' Vanessa suggested.

'Maybe I was!' Zoe laughed, blushing. 'Up to a point, anyway!'

They knew from talk amongst the natives that the whole valley was owned by the sect, as well as much of the next, including where the airstrip was. However at the southern end of the neighbouring valley there was a small village and a tea plantation that was owned by an Englishman. There was a rough dirt road from the monastery leading out of the valley and into the next which went past the airstrip and on down to the village. Needless to say the monks had it guarded. Zoe's idea was therefore to climb straight over the hills into the next valley and to make for the Englishman's plantation villa. Her plan was not to try to escape unseen in the middle of the night, when the guards were at their most vigilant, but to walk calmly out of the front gates in the middle of the day.

'I wonder how much longer I've got before I get sold?' Zoe asked.

'I reckon that your time will be up when the Colonel gets back.'

'Then it's time to get out of here. And pretty damned quick!'

* * *

'Brother Daniel,' Vanessa stood demurely before the monk, her hands folded behind her back, shoulders drawn back so that her breasts were prominently thrust forward.

'Brother Daniel, I'm so clumsy, I've spilt my water pail. Can I get another please to wash myself with?'

'You clumsy thing,' the man muttered reprovingly but there was little anger in his voice.

Vanessa bent provocatively from the waist as she reached to fill her bucket with more water. The lascivious gaze of the monk was held by the sight of her naked body and he didn't see or hear Zoe creeping up behind him. With one skilled karate blow against the back of his neck, Zoe knocked out the man and freedom, for the two girls, seemed to edge a tantalising step closer.

It was not unusual for the monks to shield their faces from the glaring midday sun by wearing the hoods of the robes drawn up and no-one gave a second glance to the blonde girl being led naked by a leash across the courtyard and towards the main gates. During the day the gates stood open, though guarded, but the guards didn't give the monk a second glance. By the time that Brother Daniel's absence was noticed and he was finally found, gagged and bound, the girls had secured themselves a half an hour head start on their pursuers.

Zoe made them climb slowly, conserving their energy. She made Vanessa crawl after her through the tea plantation that overlooked the monastery and only once they got into the rhododendron forest of the upper slopes, did she allow them to walk normally. The climb barefoot had left Vanessa with cuts and blisters on her soles and when they reached the wooded upper slopes, Zoe gave the younger girl the monk's sandals to wear and she herself went barefoot. Had anyone seen them they would have made a striking sight; one girl in a monk's habit and the other quite naked. After crossing over into the neighbouring valley Zoe led them down a short way and in a thicket of stunted beech trees they rested.

'Can't we keep going?' Vanessa asked.

'No point. You saw the truck and Landrover leaving the monastery a couple of hours after us. By road they'll be ahead of us by now. Let them search the place down there while we rest up here. We'll work our way down tomorrow when they may have relaxed their watch.'

After a chilly night's sleep under stars Zoe woke first, just as the first rays of dawn were slipping over the distant hills. Vanessa was curled around her, both driven by the bitter cold to nestle for warmth in the other's embrace. They quickly set off down hill, cold and hungry but their spirits high after evading capture for so long.

Their luck held and they reached the village without falling foul of any natives or monks who might have been scouring the countryside for them. Vanessa stole some clothes from a washing line and they were wondering whether the village might have a telephone or how they could get to the tea plantation owner's villa when the sounds of vehicles sent a shiver of fear through her. The sounds were coming from both directions the road went in.

'What do we do?' squealed Vanessa.

Zoe listened hard. The vehicle coming from the direction of the airport was the monastery truck, she recognised its engine sound. The vehicle coming up the hill though didn't sound like the Landrover the monastery had, so perhaps their luck was still holding.

'Run for it! Downhill!' shouted Zoe.

Rounding a bend in the road as they fled past the last house of the village they saw an old jeep coming straight towards them, a man in a safari jacket at the wheel.

They half fell exhausted and breathless across the bonnet and were babbling their story to the man when a shout from behind made them turn. Two monks and two natives armed with long sticks were marching down the road.

'Always thought they were a weird bunch! Jump in girls. Let's get out of here!'

Vanessa and Zoe tumbled into the back of the jeep as the man executed a rapid three-point turn. A moment later as they sped away in a cloud of dust the girls realised that they were at last on the road to freedom.

* * *

Zoe lay on her back and gazed up at the mosquito net that hung draped over the bed. The man reached for the glass of gin and tonic from beside the bed and drew an ice cube from it. He trailed it from her neck down her naked body. Her erect nipples tingled as he rubbed it over each in turn.

'Damn glad I chanced to take a drive into the village the other week,' the man grinned as he slid the ice cube over her stomach then across the pink lips of her sex which were swollen with arousal and sticky with his come. Zoe gave an appreciative murmur... Delhi really was far too hot for energetic sex, she thought dreamily.

'Glad because you got to save two poor girls from a life of torment and suffering?' Zoe asked.

'No, glad because as a thank you they invited me to take them to Delhi and to spend a few days with them!' the man laughed, slipping the ice cube into Zoe's aching sex.

'That'll cool you down a bit, you randy little bitch!'

'Only for a while. Meantime, maybe Vanessa's ready for another fuck?' Zoe asked.

'Give me a rest girls, I don't know where you two get all your energy from!' the man complained with good humour.

Vanessa emerged from the bathroom, rubbing her damp hair with a white fluffy towel, her tanned body was dripping wet and glowing warm and scented from her bath.

'Someone talking about me?' she asked, tossing the towel aside and lifting the chilled bottle of champagne from a silver ice bucket and refilling her glass. After a day in the capital's most luxurious hotel, the trauma of the last few weeks was already receding.

'Marcus and I were just wondering if you'd like to screw him again, Vanessa?'

'Mmm, love to. Which way this time?' Vanessa asked.

'Which way do you fancy?' the man asked.

'Anyway you like as long as it doesn't involve me being tied up. I've had enough of that for while!' Vanessa shot Zoe a glance and smiled. 'At least for the moment anyway!'

The man rolled over onto his back and looked down at his flaccid cock.

'Perhaps we should take a couple of hours break,' he suggested.

'Maybe later...' Vanessa smiled, taking a large gulp from her champagne. Crouching between the man's legs, without swallowing the fizzing liquid in her mouth, she slipped his cock into her mouth. The man sighed, stroking his fingers through her damp blonde hair. With one hand she caressed his balls and as she let the icy cool champagne bathe his cock she felt it stirring in her mouth, swelling again like something coming to life under her touch.

Zoe slid from the bed and walked bare foot across to the tea tray that had only recently been delivered to their suite of rooms by one of the immaculately liveried hotel staff. It was good to be back in civilisation and enjoying a little luxury once more, she thought. Behind her she heard the man groan appreciatively. She poured herself a cup of tea and carried it back to the bed in time to see Vanessa draw back, releasing the man's cock from her mouth.

'My turn,' she announced.

Taking a mouthful of tea she knelt beside Vanessa and slid her lips down over the now semi-flaccid cock. The man groaned loudly. Zoe drew back and gestured for Vanessa to take a turn. Taking a fresh mouthful of champagne, Vanessa took the cock in her mouth. The man gave an appreciative gasp and when this time Vanessa drew back, his cock was gleaming hard, arousal juice dribbling from its tip.

'Mmm, looks good, come on then,' Vanessa dropped down onto her knees and forearms and thrust her bottom up invitingly. The man didn't need any more encouraging.

Zoe slid from the bed and wandered across to where the champagne rested in its bucket of icy water. Replenishing her glass, she took a sip, savouring the taste and reflecting on how good it felt to be back in control of life. On the bed Vanessa and the man were hard at it and watching them Zoe felt her own arousal quickly building again. The young blonde, her rump thrust obligingly backwards, was grasping the twisted, polished wood pillars of the bedhead with both hands while the man screwed her. Zoe wondered whether she was secretly wishing that her outstretched arms were bound at the wrists to the bed. The delicious sensation of defencelessness served so effectively to heighten such an experience, she well knew and Zoe began to contemplate how she might persuade the man to bind her own wrists, when it was her turn.

Soon, very soon she would be desperate for another fuck and if she was bound and perhaps even whipped first, she knew the experience would be all the sweeter. For the moment though, she was content just to sip her champagne and watch Vanessa having her fun.

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