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AC/DCs Angus Young Discusses Bon Scott And The Bonfire Box Set, Tom Beaujour, Guitar World, New York, 1998

AC/DC Celebrate Their Quarter Century, Sylvie Simmons, MOJO, London, 2000

AC/DC Fired Up Over Treatment In Media, Kerry Wakefield, The Age, Melbourne, 1981

AC/DC, Hammersmith Odeon: Concert Review, Clive Bennett, The Times, London, 1976

AC/DCs iTunes Debut Sells 48,000 Digital Albums, 696,000 Songs, Keith Caulfield, Billboard, New York, 2012

AC/DC: Like Comfy Old Shoes That Fit All Feet, Tomi Ervamaa, Helsingin Sanomat, Helsinki, 2006

AC/DC Salvo Levels Sin City, David Lewis, Sounds, London, 1978

AC/DC Shrug Off A Death And Rock On, David Fricke, Rolling Stone, New York, 1980

AC/DC: The Dirtiest Story Ever Told, Phil Sutcliffe, Sounds, London, 1976

Air Raid, Joe Nick Patoski, Texas Monthly, Austin, 1978

A New Rock Star: Proof Of Australias Oldest Creatures, Simon Benson, The Daily Telegraph, Sydney, 1998

Artists Discover AOR Fickle, Ed Harrison, Billboard, New York, 1981

Atlantic Country: After Some Rough Starts, The Label Goes To Town Big Time In Music City, Chet Flippo, Billboard, New York, 1998

Bands Declare A Truce For Tribute, Patrick Donovan, The Age, Melbourne, 2004

Back In Black: The Lyrical Debate, Malcolm Dome, Classic Rock, London, 2005

Court Battle Over Release Of AC/DC Film, John Sippel, Billboard, New York, 1981

Dickensian Conditions In Northern Territory Prisons, Australian Associated Press, The Australian, Sydney, 2011

For Whom The Bells Toll, Geoff Barton and Jens Jam Rasmussen, Classic Rock, London, 2005

Great White Sharks Love AC/DC, Nigel Austin, Herald Sun, Melbourne, 2011

Hell,s Bell, Philip Wilding, Classic Rock, London, 2000

High Voltage, Vince Lovegrove, The Australian, Sydney, 2006

High Voltage: Album Review, Billy Altman, Rolling Stone, New York, 1976

In the Family, Andrew Heathcote, BRW, Sydney, 2013

Iron Man 2 Shoots To Thrill With AC/DC, Geoff Boucher, The Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles, 2010

Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang, At Fairgrounds Concert, John Finley, The Courier Journal, Louisville, 1977

Let There Be Rock: AC/DC @ The Dillo, Marky Billson, The Austin Chronicle, Austin, 2008

Malcolm And Angus Young: Interview, Dave Ling, Classic Rock, London, 2003

Marcus Hook Roll Band, Natural Man: Single Review, Martin Cerf, Phonograph Record Magazine, Los Angeles, 1973

Pop Maven Horn Shows Staying Power As One Of The Industrys Top Producers, Ben Cromer, Billboard, New York, 1998

Sonys Newest Boy Band, AC/DC, Took Stage In 1970s, Jennifer Ordonez, The Wall Street Journal, New York, 2002

The Biggest Tax Haven Youve Never Heard Of: Holland, MartinVan Geest, The International Correspondent, Amsterdam, 2011

The Devil You Say? No Way. AC/DCs Message: Rebellion, Not Satan Worship, Robert Hilburn, The Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles, 1985

The Dirtiest Group In Town, uncredited, Record Mirror, London, 1976

The Hits and The Missus, Krissi Murison, The Sunday Times, London, 2013

The Punks Are Out Of Style, Tony Kiss, The Times-News, Kingsport, 1978

The Wild Young Man, Bernard McGovern, The Daily Express, London, 1976

The Young Guns, Jessica Gardner, BRW, Sydney, 2011

Thunderstruck: Film Review, Russell Edwards, Variety, Los Angeles, 2004

Top 50 Australian Guitarists Of All Time, Peter Hodgson, AndrewP. Street and Craig White (contributors), Australian Guitar, Sydney, 2012

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