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The room was very large. There was a single light on from thelamp on thefloor. Its base was at least four feet high and was some red-shotquartz-likestone sculptured into two naked nymphs--or female satyrs--back to back. The shade looked like thin parchment or skin. Childe, seeing this, waschilled through as if a huge icicle had been shoved up his anus all the wayto his hindbrain.

There were paintings in red, blue, and purple on the lampshade, outlines of semihuman figures writhing in flames.

The walls were covered with what looked like heavy quiltwork. This had three figures, repeated over and over. There was a satyr standing on a lowstone on one hoof, the other slightly raised. His back was arched and his armsand head were raised while he blew a syrinx. A nymph was crouched before himsucking onhis enormous purple penis. Behind her was a half-human, half-snakecreature. Its lower part was that of a gargantuan python with white and purplemarkings, andthe upper part was a woman's from the belly button up. She had fulland well-shaped breasts with spearpoint scarlet nipples, a lovely three- cornered face and long silver hair. Her slender fingers were spreading theegg-shapedbuttocks of the nymph, who was bent over, and a long forked tonguewas issuingfrom the snake-woman's mouth and just about to enter the anus or thevagina ofthe nymph.

Beyond the lamp was a tremendous twelve-postered bed with acrimson many-tasseled canopy. On it were Vivienne and the man, both naked.

She was on her back and he was on top with her legs over hisshoulders. He was just about to insert his cock.

Childe watched. He expected either something strange coming fromthe man or something strange, but not unfamiliar, from the woman.

"Put it in for me, baby," the man said. He was about thirty-five, dark and hairy and beginning to flesh out. And then the man screamed andsoared backwards off the bed, propelled by his sudden movement and his push upwardswith one arm and by a snapping movement of his body that could only have beeninduced byutmost terror.

He went back and up, trying to stand up at the same time that hemoved awayfrom Vivienne. Her legs flew apart as if they were two white birdsthat had startled each other.

The man fell off the bed and crashed onto the floor. By then, hehad quitscreaming, but he shook and moaned.

Vivienne got onto her knees and crawled over to look over theedge of thebed at him. Something long and dark-headed between her legs slid backinto the slit and disappeared.

"What's the matter, Bill?" she said, looking down at him. "Did the cat getyour cock?"

He was sitting up by then, intently handling and eyeing hispenis. He lookedup at her with surprise.

"My God! What happened? You ask what happened? I thought...Ireally didthink...you got teeth in your cunt?"

He stood up. The gray of his skin was beginning to redden out. Hewaved his prick at her.

"Look at that! There are teeth marks there!"

She took the limp organ, which looked like a giant but sick worm, and bent over to examine it.

"How can you say those are teeth marks?" she said. "There aresome tinylittle indentations there, but nothing serious. There! Does that makeMommy'sboy feel better?"

She had kissed the big purple-red glands and then run her tonguealong theshaft.

He backed away, saying, "Keep your distance, woman!"

"Are you out of your mind?" she said. She was sitting up on theedge of thebed with the magnificently full and conical breasts pointed at him, Her pubiswas a large triangle of thick dark-red hair, almost the same shade asthe longthick rich auburn hair on her head. The legs were extraordinarilylong and verywhite.

Bill continued to keep his distance. He said, "I tell you; something bit me. You got teeth in your cunt!"

She lay back down on the bed with her legs stretched out so thatthe tips ofher toes touched the floor. She said, "Put your finger in, darling, and find out what a fool you are."

He eyed the reddish fleece and the slit, somewhat opened by the

posture. He said, "I like my finger, too!" Vivienne sat up suddenly, her beautiful face twisted. "You

asshole! I thought you were a normal healthy man! I didn't know you werepsychotic! Teethin my cunt, indeed! Get to hell out of here before I call the psychoward!"

Bill looked as if he felt foolish. He said, "Honest to God, Idon't know how to explain it! Maybe I am going nuts! Or maybe I just had a suddenstrain, maybethat was the burning sensation I felt! No, by God, it felt like tinyteeth! Or a bunch of needles!"

Vivienne got down off the bed and reached out a hand to Bill.

"Come here, baby. Sit down on the bed. Here!" She patted the edgeof the bed.

Bill must have decided that he was making a fool of himself. Moreover, thesight of the superbly shaped Vivienne, with her outrageously beautiful face, overcame his fears. His penis began to swell, but it did not rise. He seated himself on the bed, and Vivienne walked around the side and got a pillow. Returning, she threw it on the floor and got down on her knees on it.

"I've got teeth in my mouth, baby, but I know how to use them," she said. She picked up the semi-flaccid organ and ran her tongue out to flickthe slit on the end of the glands. He jumped a little but settled back to lookdown at her while she took half of the cock into her mouth. She began to work herhead back and forth, slowly, and the organ disappeared entirely, then emergedslick and shining red as far as the head.

Bill shook and moaned and kept his gaze fixed upon the penisdiving in andout of those full red lips. He was evidently getting a heightenedecstasy out ofwatching his cock pistoning into her mouth.

Herald Childe did not know whether he should stay there or not. He wanted to explore the house for anything he might be able to use for evidenceagainstVivienne and her partners. If he could find names and addresses, documents, recordings, films, anything that would tend to prove their criminalactivities, he should do it now. Vivienne was occupied, and she was unlikely tonotice anynoise outside this bedroom.

However, he was worried about the man. His behavior made itevident that he was not aware of Vivienne's peculiarities of physiology or her fatalactions. At least, Childe supposed that they were fatal for others. He had neverseen her kill or even harm anyone, but he was certain that she was nodifferent from her monstrous associates.

Bill was an innocent in the sense that he was a victim. He had probablynever done anything to offend or hurt Vivienne and her group. He wasjust apickup, as Childe's partner had been a pickup.

Childe shuddered at the memory of that film that had been shippedto the LAPD by the killers. It had shown his partner being sucked off, asBill now was. The woman had removed her false teeth and inserted razor-edged ironteeth, andbitten off the end of his partner's cock.

The blood was a crimson fountain that burst out frequently in hisvisions and his dreams.

Childe decided that he would have to interfere. This meant that he could not prowl around the house now. He would have to make sure that the manwas safe. He should do so now, but he could not. He wanted to find out what wouldhappen. Hewould wait a while and then step in.

Vivienne abruptly stood up, revealing Bill's red and pulsing beakstickingout at a 45-degree angle.

She said, "Slide back onto the bed, baby, and lie down."

Whatever reservations he had about her had diminished with the increase in blood pressure. He moved back and lay down with his head on thepillow while sheclimbed onto the bed. She mouthed the head of his penis for a minuteand then said, "Bill?"

He was flat on his back, his hands spread out, his face turnedupwards. Hiseyes were open. He did not answer.

"Bill?" she said again, a little louder.

When he did not respond, she crawled down to him and looked intohis face. She pinched his cheek and then raked it with her fingernails. Bloodflowed from four rows on his flesh, but he did not move. His penis, however, reared up, thick, squat, red-purplish, glistening.

Vivienne turned then, and Childe saw the smirk. Whatever she wasplanning, it was proceeding smoothly.

It was then that he should walk into the room, but he was toofascinated to make his move as yet. Bill seemed to be paralyzed, though how it hadhappened, Childe could not guess. Not at first. Then he realized that thatthing hadbitten Bill's peter with poisonous teeth. The venom had frozen him, with the exception of his prick. The blood was still pumping into it.

The woman straddled him with the intention of easing down on hiscock and letting it slide up into the slit of her vagina. But she only allowedthe head to enter and then she stopped descending. She crouched there forabout thirtyseconds, during which she shook as if she were having an orgasm.

Immediately after, she withdrew, exposing the penis, which wasstill upright. But there were tiny rills of blood running down its sidefrom several places between the head and the shaft.

Vivienne turned around to straddle him facing away from him. Sheput herhand below her buttocks to grab the penis and to slide it in again. This time, however, she let her weight slowly down to guide the cock into heranus. And when its head was engulfed, she stopped.

Childe anticipated what would happen next. He felt sick, and heknew he should halt the monstrous rape, but he also was gripped with thedesire to witness what, as far as he knew, no man alive had seen. Emphasis onthe alive.

Vivienne waited, and then the lips of her slit bulged open. Thethick meat of rich red hair was pushed aside, and a tiny head emerged. It wassoaked with the lubricating fluids within her cunt, and it had the features of a man. Its hair was black; it had a tiny moustache and goatee; its eyes were twogarnetsunder eyebrows no thicker than the leg of a black widow spider. Thelips' wereso thin as to be invisible; the nose was long and curved.

The head moved forward as the body continued to slide out fromthe vagina. It raised upon the shaft of the body like a snake, and Childe heardit hiss but knew that that had to be his imagination. It glided on over thewrinkled sac of the testicles and underneath, apparently headed for the anus. Then itdisappeared while the uncoiling body kept issuing from the slit. Bythen, itshead must have gone deep into the man's bowels.

Childe unfroze abruptly. He shook his head as if trying to clearaway sleep. He was not sure that he had not fallen into a semihypnotic statewhile watchingthe bizarre scene.

He stepped through the door just as Vivienne eased herself downon the penis, driving it all the way up her own anus. Her eyes were closed, and her face was ecstatic. He managed to get close to her while she wasmoving up anddown on the shaft and moaning phrases in a foreign language. The onlysounds were her voice, the striking of rain against the windows, and thesqueak of thebed springs as she slid up and down on the cock like a monkey on astick.

Now that he was closer, he could see that the pale and slimy bodyof the thing was in the man's anus. It apparently had gone in as deeply asit could, oras it cared to, because the motion was stopped. Childe felt sickbecause he could imagine that golfball-sized head with its vicious eyes blind inthe nightof the bowels and its mouth chewing on whatever it was that it founddelectable in there.

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