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Sybil exercised, smoked more than was good for her, watched TV and listened to radio, read the magazines and books supplied whenever she askedfor them, andgenerally tried to keep from going crazy. The uncertainty of herposition wasthe largest element pushing her towards insanity. However, it was notas bad as being in solitary. The man who answered the phone would talk to her, and she gotvisitors at least five times a day. The woman who brought the mealswould sit with her and talk when asked to do so, and a man called Plugger and awoman, called Panchita came quite often. Occasionally, the fantasticallybeautiful Vivienne Mabcrough would drop in.

"They talked to me about many things, but they also asked manyquestionsabout you," Sybil said. "Mostly what I knew about your childhood, although theyalso wanted to know about your personal habits, what you read, yourdreams--imagine that, your dreams!--and other things I might justhappen to knowbecause I was your wife."

Sybil had seen nothing damaging to Herald in this. Besides, herdrive to honesty almost forced her to give them complete answers. Or that washer rationalization.

After a while, she began to suffer from sexual deprivation. Hernipplesswelled whenever they touched cloth. Her cunt itched. She foundherself sittingwith her foot under her and rocking back and forth on the heel orrubbing upagainst the bed post or the back of a chair. She even kept a bananafrom her meal and masturbated with it.

"If it's any consolation to you," she said, "I fantasized thatyou were mylover. Mostly, that is."

He did not ask her who the others were. Actually, he did not careanymore. And that was strange, because he was feeling a genuine warmth andaffection for her, perhaps even a love. He was happy to see her again and to bewith her. Sybil may have changed but she had not changed completely. She stillhad to tell him everything.

"You needn't be jealous of the other man," she said. "He doesn'texist. He's a fiction. Can you guess who?"

"This isn't exactly the time for guessing games," he said. "Butno, I don'tknow who you imagined at the other end of the banana."

"Tarzan!" she said.

"Tarzan? Oh, for cripe's sake! Well, why not? Bananas, big dongs, and all that. It only stands to reason that the superman of the jungle wouldbe heavyhung."

He was sarcastic, but he was also surprised. There were stillthings about her he did not know. Tarzan!

There might have been a closed circuit TV monitoring her, shesaid. Otherwise, why would Plugger enter that evening and tell her she didnot need to suffer anymore?

Plugger was a tall, rangy man with a deep tan, black hair whichcame down in a widow's peak, somewhat pointed ears, and a very handsome face. Hestood before her and stripped while she asked him what he thought he was doing, though sheknew well enough.

"He had a beautiful body with the smoothest skin, almost likeglass. But hiscock was big. Not enormous, just big and thick and it had the biggestknob at the end of it I've ever seen. I don't mean the glands. That was bigenough, buthe had a growth, I guess you could call it a wart, on the side of thehead. I told him that really turned me off."

"You sound as if you were pretty cool about the whole thing," hesaid.

"Well, I was suffering. The banana was a long way off from beingperfectlysatisfactory. Or perfectly satisfying. And he was a hell of a goodlooking man, and he had talked with me enough so that I rather liked him, even ifhe was mywarden. So I just told myself, you know, the cliche, if you have tobe raped, lean back and enjoy it."

"Really?" he said.

"Well, not really. I was scared. But then he said he wouldn'tforce me. That helped relax me a lot."

Plugger sat down by her and kissed her. She tried to turn herhead away, buthe turned it gently back. She protested that he was forcing her, andhe repliedthat he only asked for one kiss. If she did not like it, he would notkiss her again.

That seemed fair to her, really more than she had expected. Afterall, if hewanted to rape her, he could.

She lifted her face to him at the same time that he put her handon his cock and his tongue into her mouth.

The shock that went down her throat and up her arm was almost asif she had touched an electric eel.

"I mean, it was something like an electrical shock but muchweaker. I had an orgasm in my throat and up my arm."

Childe jumped up and said, "What?"

"Yes, I know. It sounds crazy. But it was true. I came, I meanyou know, when I come, I come with my whole body. But the ecstasy was denser, Imean, moreintense, in my mouth and throat and in my hand and arm."

He did not say anything more. His experiences with Igescu's crewhad opened doors to an exotic enough world. Plugger was one that he had not experienced, and he supposed that there were many other outre beings in that group.

Sybil had not resisted when Plugger took her robe and negligeeoff. She had allowed him to move her onto the bed, where he got between her legsand thrust his tongue into her cunt. It was like a spark in a cylinder full ofvaporizedgas. Orgasm after orgasm exploded in her, and then they beganbuilding up moreslowly, building until she could endure the exquisiteness no more andfelt that she would faint.

While she lay panting and moaning with the aftermath, he climbedonto her and pressed her breasts around his dong. The same shock passedthrough them; theecstasy was so intense she could see--but of course it wasimagination--bluesparks sputtering from the tips of her nipples.

"The funny thing was, his prick was soft," she said. "Even whenhe stuck it into my mouth, and transmitted that electrical come, it stayed soft."

"He didn't come in your mouth?" he said. "I mean, spermaticfluid?"

"There wasn't any jism, no. I mean, that shock, you might say, was a sort of electrical come."

She had gone into a series of orgasms, one after the other, sofast that she could not count them.

After this, he kissed her all over, and every inch of her skinfelt a minor orgasm until he stuck his tongue up her anus. That almost lifted heroff the bed, and she did faint after that orgasm.

She was silent then, as if dwelling with great pleasure on thememory. Childe finally spoke. "Well, did he ever stick his prick in yourcunt?" He had not meant to sound so harsh but, for the first time, hewas jealous.

"No. I tried to get it in even after he said it was no use. Itkept doublingback and falling out. But I got orgasms through my hand while I wastrying to doit. I said I was sorry I couldn't do something for him. He said itdid not matter; he was more than satisfied. I guess that I wasn't far wrongwhen I said his come was electrical. He had a high-voltage jism, you might say."

She had questioned him about this phenomenon, which becamefrightening whenshe recovered enough to think about it. He replied that he was builtdifferently, and he got up, picked up his clothes, and walked out.

He came every four days after that. She asked him why he did notvisit her more often, and he said it took time for him to build up a charge. She took him literally, but she was beginning to get frightened again. What kindof weirdos were these? However, when he touched her, her fright went away.

After about five visits from Plugger, two women, Panchita andDiana, came toher room. They talked for a while and left. Every few days, theywould drop in. Then, one afternoon, Panchita asked her if she would like some pot. Sybil wasvery eager to get some, because it would help to pass the many dullmoments. All three lit up.

"But it wasn't real pot," she said. "It smelled something likepot, but itmust have been something else. It really turned me on, but it alsomade me verysuggestible. I think it had some hypnotic element in it."

"Really?" Childe said. He anticipated what she was going torelate.

"Yes. I got pretty high, and all three of us were laughinghysterically. Ihad completely forgotten that I was their prisoner and at theirmercy. Theyseemed like very old friends and very lovable. In fact, uh, desirable."

"They made love to you?"

"Oh, yes. Panchita sat down by me and quite casually put her armaround myshoulder. The next I knew, she was cupping my breast with her otherhand and then stroking my nipple. I felt a great deal of love--and lust--forPanchita. It seemed the most natural thing in the world. You know I don't swingthat way, Herald. I have never had a homosexual experience in my life, notuntil then. In fact, the idea used to make me sick."

Childe said nothing.

She continued: "Diana, the tall blonde with perfectly enormousbreasts, satdown on my other side. She started to kiss me while Panchita pulledup mynegligee and began to suck on my nipple. I felt as if I was on fire. I tonguedDiana's mouth while she tongued mine. And then I felt Panchita'smouth goingdown my belly. She kissed me all over there but stopped when she cameto mycunt.

"Diana lifted me up then and walked me over to the bed, where shetook off my negligee. I got onto the bed and on my back and Diana and Panchitatook their clothes off. They stood on each side of the bed and each took one ofmy handsand placed it against her cunt. They were dripping with lubricatingfluid, sopping. I stuck a finger in each slit, and they moved their hipsback and forth and jacked themselves off."

"Is it necessary to go into such detail?" Childe said.

"It's good therapy for me," she said. Her eyes were closed, andher head was leaning against the back of the sofa.

The two women had climbed in beside her. Diana kissed and fondled her breasts while Sybil caressed Diana's left breast. Panchita again traveled down her belly with the tip of her tongue. After tracing a triangle aroundthe pubichairs with her tongue, Panchita got down between Sybil's legs. Shespread themapart and then slid a pillow under her buttocks. The next Sybil knew, Panchita was running her tongue over her clitoris end sticking it up her cuntas far as she could. She kept at it until Sybil had an orgasm.

"Then Panchita traded places with Diana, and Diana tongue-fuckedme," shesaid. "Diana stimulated me better, I came about five times. ThenPanchita got ontop of me, and I licked her cunt and put my tongue up her slit andvibrated its tip against her clitoris. She came a number of times, after whichDiana got ontop of me. Diana came almost at once.

"Then Panchita got down again and turned me on my side and lickedmy assholewhile Diana licked my cunt again. When I had come a number of times, we made a triangle, mouth to pussy, you might say, fingers up twats, and, and, it was wonderful!"

"You say that even in retrospect?"

"I didn't that night after they left. I cried, and I felt sodisgusted andso dirty. The drug had worn off by then, you understand. But Panchitaand Diana kept visiting me, and after a while, I quit having guilt feelings. Igot toliking it. Why not? What's so bad about making love to women? Does ithurt anyone?"

"No," he said. "Did their lovemaking lessen the effect ofPlugger's?"

"Not at all. Actually, if you were to rate orgasms on a scale, I'd have to rate him as Super A-Plus and theirs as B-Minus."

"Next you'll be telling me that Plugger and the two women gotinto bed with you at the same time," he said.

She opened her eyes and turned her head to look at him.

"How'd you know that?" she said. "Pour me another cup of coffee, will youhoney?"

He passed her the full cup and said, "Did Plugger touch off thetwo women, too?"

"Oh, yes. Once Panchita and Diana and I got down in a daisychain, and herammed his tongue up Panchita's ass. He said she had the sweetestasshole, whichmade me a little jealous. Would you believe it, all three of us feltthe shock in our cunts and our mouths? That, electricity or whatever it waspassed throughall of us."

"I can understand your making love to the women the first time," he said. "You were under the influence of that drug you smoked. But you knewhow it affected you, so why didn't you refuse to smoke it the next time theyoffered it to you?"

"Like I said, I enjoyed it. Anyway, I didn't think about refusingit the second time. I don't know why."

"Your mind shut down," he said. "You wanted to go to bed withthem, so youjust forgot how the stuff would affect you."

"I'm not a compulsive Lesbian!" she cried. "I don't have anyneurotic drive for women! I can take them or leave them!"

"You just got out of prison, so how would you know?" he said. "However, thatdoesn't matter. Not now, anyway. How did they explain giving you ahypnotic drugwhen they said they wouldn't force you?"

"They explained that they did not force me to smoke the pot, orwhat theycalled pot. And, later, they said I didn't have to smoke it now thatI knew the effects."

"You aren't hooked on the stuff?" "Absolutely not!" "Well, you may be right. Time will tell. I just don't understand

their nonsadistic treatment. If you hadn't described certain people that Iknow so well, I would say that another group besides Igescu's had you."

"What are you talking about? Another group?" "I'll tell you later about my adventures, if you can call themthat."

She continued with her story. He wondered if it was just that: astory. There was no doubt that she knew Panchita Pocyotl and Diana Rumbowand others and to do so she must have been held prisoner. But this sexualnarrative? Had it really happened the way she said, or was she unconsciously concealingsomethingmore terrible? Has she suffered such traumatic, handling that she wasrepressingit and substituting a fantasy? It did not seem likely, because shedid not act psychotic, but then a psychotic often acted normally.

If the Ogs, as Hindarf called them, had treated her relativelyconsiderately, then they had some sinister end in mind.

There was one confirmation of her story, he thought. That wasthat Vivienne Mabcrough had left her alone.

"And then, one afternoon, this fabulously beautiful woman, Vivienne, came tomy room," she said.


Vivienne and Sybil smoked the marijuana-like substance, withSybil knowingwell what was coming. The two made love, but the snake-thing remainedwithin Vivienne's womb. Sybil was not aware of its existence, and Childe didnot mention it.

Vivienne came to Sybil many times after that, sometimes alone andsometimes with Panchita or Diana or Plugger or with all three. Then Fred Pao, or his twin, showed up. Both only wanted to be sucked off, but when Sybil refusedunless she was given something in return, they brought Plugger in with them. While Sybilstood in the middle of the room, bent over, sucking on Pao's longslim dick, Plugger pressed his electric cock against her anus or held its tipagainst hercunt. Sometimes, he got down on his knees and spread the cheeks ofher ass and rammed his tongue up it.

"Every prisoner should have it so good," Childe said. He wasthinking ofwhat had happened to Colben and the others and of what might havehappened tohim. But, now that he considered it, Igescu's group may not have beenplanningon mutilation and death for him. They seemed to have been aware thathe was something special, if he could believe what Hindarf and Vivienne hadsaid in their short conversation in English.

However, they had been trying to kill him after he had escapedand killed some of them. This could have been from self-defense only, not from adesire to murder for the pleasure of murder.

Mysteriouser and mysteriouser, he thought, paraphrasing Alice.

And Sybil had been a sort of Alice in Sexland. Certainly heradventures were as strange as Alice's.

"You never found anything peculiar about Vivienne?" he said. "No. Should I have?" This seemed to confirm her story about her gentle treatment. If

Vivienne had revealed the snake-thing, and the two had made love to Sybil, thenshe was beingvery considerate of Sybil.

Despite all this enjoyment and the use of drugs, Sybil had manyperiods ofdepression, frustration, and a desire to get away. There were timeswhen she felt as if she were a cow being fattened up for the slaughter. Andeven after she became quite at ease with her captors and talked fluently, shecould not getthem to answer one question about the reason for her imprisonment.

And then, two days ago, all her visitors, except for a woman whobrought hermeals now and then, quit coming. The woman would not even say goodmorning toher, let alone answer questions. Sybil had watched TV and smoked potand wondered what was going on. Her fears came to the surface, and shefantasized many dreadful things happening to her.

Then, this very night, she was awakened by a hand shaking her. She sat up inbed, her heart throbbing painfully, to find three masked men by herbedside. One told her to get dressed. She did so, while they packed for her. Theyhad broughther clothes in from someplace, presumably from a closet in the house.

Then theyblindfolded her and took her out of the house and drove her here. The drive, sheestimated, had lasted about two hours.

Childe did not say anything, but it seemed to him that she couldhave been located much closer than two hours drive to his house. If she were prisoner inthat house near his, her rescuers might have driven around to make itseem that she had been a long way from him.

On the other hand, she might have been held in, say, Vivienne'shouse in Beverly Hills.

"Do you feel all right?" he said.

"What? Oh, yes, I feel fine, except for being tired. And I amhappy that I'mout of that, although it wasn't an altogether unpleasant experience. But verypuzzling. What do you think made Plugger the way he was? I mean, howabout that electricity of his? Do you think he had a surgically implantedbattery of somesort? It sounds sort of science-fictiony, doesn't it?"

He kissed her and said, "What about some nice normal sex?"

"All right," she murmured. "It's late and I'm tired, but I wouldlike to have a man who's really in love with me. You are in love with me, aren't you? Despite all our troubles?"

"I must be," he said. "There have been times this past year whenI was almost out of my mind wondering what could have happened to you."

He stood up and said, "I'll get into my pajamas after I showerand shave."

"I'm clean," she said. "I'll wait right here for you. You cancarry me tobed. It'll be so nice."

Ten minutes later, having sped through his preparations, hereturned to the front room. She was sitting slumped on the sofa, fast asleep. Hegrinned wrylyand kissed her on the forehead, moved her so that she was stretchedout on the sofa, put the blanket over her, kissed her forehead again, and wentinto his bedroom. The rain had started again.

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