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The Embarrassing Truth

Have you ever really embarrassed yourself?Dont answer that, stupid. Its a rhetorical question.Of course youve embarrassed yourself.Everybody has.I bet the pope has.If you were to say to the pope: Your Holy Worshipfulness, I bet youve pulled some blockheaded boners in your day, huh? hed smile that warm, knowing, fatherly smile he has, and then hed wave.He cant hear a word youre saying, up on that balcony.But my point is that if youve ever done anything humiliating, youve probably noticed that your brain never lets you forget it.This is the same brain that never remembers things you should remember.If you were bleeding to death and the emergency-room doctor asked you what blood type you were, youd say: I think its B.Or maybe C.Im pretty sure its a letter.But if your doctor asked you to describe the skirt you were wearing when you were doing the Mashed Potatoes in the ninth-grade dance competition in front of 350 people, and your underwear, which had holes in it, fell to your ankles, youd say, without hesitating for a millisecond, It was gray felt with a pink flocked poodle.

Your brain cherishes embarrassing memories.It likes to take them out and fondle them.This probably explains a lot of unexplained suicides.A successful man with a nice family and a good career will be out on his patio, cooking hamburgers, seemingly without a care in the world, when his brain, rummaging through its humiliating-incident collection, selects an old favorite, which it replays for a zillionth time, and the man is suddenly so overcome by feelings of shame that he stabs himself in the skull with his barbecue fork.At the funeral, people say how shocking it was, a seemingly happy and well-adjusted person choosing to end it all.They assume he must have had a terrible dark secret involving drugs or organized crime or dressing members of the conch family in flimsy undergarments.Little do they know he was thinking about the time in Social Studies class in 1963 when he discovered a hard-to-reach pimple roughly halfway down his back, and he got to working on it, subtly at first, but with gradually increasing intensity, eventually losing track of where he was, until suddenly he realized the room had become silent, and he looked up, with his arm stuck halfway down the back of his shirt, and he saw that everybody in the class, including the teacher, was watching what he was doing, and he knew theyd give him a cruel nickname that would stick like epoxy cement for the rest of his life, such as when he went to his 45th reunion, even if he had been appointed Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, the instant his classmates saw him, theyd shriek: Hey look! Its ZIT!

Everybody has incidents like this.My mother is always reliving the time she lost her car in a shopping-center parking lot, and she was wandering around with several large shopping bags and two small children, looking helpless, and after a while other shoppers took pity on her and offered to help.Its a black Chevrolet, she told them, over and Over.And they searched and searched and searched for it.They were extremely nice.They all agreed that it can be darned easy to lose your car in these big parking lots.They had been there for an hour, some of them, searching for this black Chevrolet, and it was getting dark, when my mother remembered that several days earlier we had bought a new car.Im sorry! she told the people, smiling brightly so they would see what a humorous situation this was.Its not a black Chevrolet!Its a yellow Ford!She kept on smiling as they edged away, keeping their eyes on her.

My own personal brain is forever dredging up the time in 11th grade when I took a girl, a very attractive girl on whom I had a life-threatening crush, to a dance.I was standing in the gym next to her, holding her hand, thinking what a sharp couple we madeSteve Suave and His Gorgeous Datewhen one of my friends sidled up to me and observed that, over on the other side, my date was using her spare hand to hold hands with another guy. This was of course a much better-looking guy.This was Paul Newman, only taller.

Several of my friends gathered to watch.I thought: What am I supposed to do here?Hit the guy?That would have been asking for a lifetime of dental problems.He was a varsity football player; I was on the Dance Committee.I also had to rule out hitting my date.The ideal move would have been to spontaneously burst into flames and die.I have read that this sometimes happens to people.But you never get a break like that when you need it.

Finally I turned to my date, dropped her hand, looked her square in the eye, and said: Um.just like that: Um.My brain absolutely loves to remember this.Way to go, Dave! it shrieks to me, when Im stopped at red lights, 23-1/2 years later.Talk about eloquent!My brain cant get over what a jerk I was.Its always coming up with much better ideas for things I could have said.I should start writing them down, in case we ever develop time travel.Id go back to the gym with a whole Rolodex file filled with remarks, and Id read them to my date over the course of a couple of hours. Wouldnt she feel awful!Ha ha!

It just occurred to me that she may be out there right now, in our reading audience, in which case I wish to state for the record that I am leading an absolutely wonderful life, and I have been on the Johnny Carson show, and I hope things are equally fine with you.

Twice.I was on Carson twice.

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