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To Chelsea Quinn Yarbro for the good vampire Saint Germain, who fears his hunger because he might kill, and reaches out in love for the strength he needs.

To George R. R. Martin for Fevre Dream, and Joshua Yorks struggle to use science to live with his vampirism without killing humans.

To Andre Norton who bought my story, Through the Moon Gate, for her Witch World anthology, and thus let me add a vampire to the Witch World-only on condition that he wasnt evil.

I want to acknowledge a variety of help with this novel.

Jean Lorrah-professor of English, and sometime co-author of my Sime/Gen books as well as creator of the Savage Empire universe-in her review of my first novel, the Sime/Gen novel House of Zeor, called one of my protagonists a vampire in muddy boots-which is true. The primary archetype behind the Sime/ Gen concept is the vampire archetype. After seven Sime/Gen novels, I decided I was ready to try the real thing because it finally struck me that Jean and I both love Star Trek for how it uses one minor component of the vampire archetype-dangerous relationships-with love rather than evil and horror.

Diana Stuart, the romance writer who often deals in fantasy elements such as werewolves, gave me vital technical tips as did Jane Toombs, who works in romantic historicals as well as historical romances.

Claire Gabriel, a consummate professional in the general fiction field who has come to sf/f through Star Trek, returned after a ten-year absence to let a later draft of this manuscript keep her up till 2 A.M.-repeatedly. Since she has a deep aversion to vampire novels but loved this one, and didnt get nightmares, Im most especially pleased.

Judy Segal, science teacher, literary agent, and dear friend, who does not believe in nor enjoy stories about vampires, read and enjoyed a very early draft of this one.

Anne Pinzow, a professional video producer and sometime slush pile reader for publishers and agents, made time to read and comment on a later draft, as did Roberta Klein-Mendelson whose professionalism lies in stagecraft, but who is also writing a vampire novel. Katie Filipowicz, who has been deeply involved in Sime/Gen fanzine production, and has proofed many a manuscript for me, made time to go over this one while running her school library.

Marjorie Robbins, the current head of the Sime/Gen Welcommittee, has worked hard to reduce the workload of mail I handle so Id have time to write this novel. Through the Sime/ Gen fanzines she publishes, Householding Chanel Inquirer and First Transfer, she has kept Sime/Gen fans in touch with the progress of Those of My Blood and kept me aware of how much they are looking forward to my vampire novel.

Susan M. Garrett, publisher of the Vampire Quarterly, has kept fannish interest in vampires alive and well fed.

Victor Schmidt introduced me to Frank Kurt Cylke, the director of the National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped, the division of the Library of Congress that records books and which has recorded some of my novels. I have gained great respect for these people and their high professional standards, but from my readers, I have also gained a deep appreciation of the hunger among the users of the national service for total access to my writing as well as to other Star Trek and sf publications.

As a result of this, Kerry Lindemann-Schaefer, editor and publisher of the Sime/Gen fanzine Ambrov Zeor, Marjorie Robbins, Ellie Miller, and a host of other volunteers energized and organized by Karen Litman, editor and publisher of Companion in Zeor, have run an auction and book sale to raise money for a pair of the special tape recorders needed, and the Sime/Gen fans are now finishing the job of putting all the Sime/ Gen fanzines and many other materials on tape. Victor Schmidt, a quality assurance technician for the national recording service, strives mightily to help us achieve the highest possible standards.

As we have struggled with this task, our admiration for Mr. Cylkes achievements at the National Library Service has grown daily. There is no substitute for the quality product his service turns out, and we can only hope that sighted readers will write their congressmen urging greater appropriations for the recording program. Of the over eight hundred titles in sf/f published last year, they could only record seventy-two, a colossal achievement but far short of adequate.

In another context, I have to thank my chiropractor, Larry Suchoff. Every writer with a bad back knows what Im thanking him for.

For contact with any of the above-mentioned individuals, with Sime/Gen fandom, or its publications, or for current status and availability on Sime/Gen or any of my other novels, send a legal size self-addressed, stamped envelope to: Ambrov Zeor, Dept. B, P.O. Box 290, Monsey, New York 10952.

If this fails to reach me, I may be contacted through any of my publishers or in care of my agent, Russell Galen, at Scott Meredith Literary Agency, 845 Third Ave., New York, N.Y. 10022, who deserves an Award of Valor and the Grankite Order of Tactics Class of Excellence for the heroic efforts he has put forth on behalf of this book.

Stuart Moore, my editor, who had the courage to make a leap of faith, has given me the courage to do what had to be done with this book. I am especially eager to hear from readers of this novel with comments, criticism, or questions because I am now working on a companion volume for this novel, titled Dream Spy.

And now I come to the foundation of all the efforts alluded to above. My husband, Salomon, does what husbands do and it works. Whod dare to ask for more?

Jacqueline Lichtenberg THOSE OF MY BLOOD | Those of my blood | Chapter one